Frequently Asked Questions

How does LLL All Access work?
LLL All Access is a teacher subscription that grants teachers access to all current and future Lucky Little Learners resources. Teachers pay a monthly or yearly fee and they can download anything that they want. Bonus: Our packs and bundles are all split apart into individual downloads so teachers can search and find activity options to match the skill being taught. Our advanced search and filters make finding what you need quick as a snap!
Are downloads really unlimited?
Yes, as a paying member, you can download as many teaching resources as you need. Remember that subscriptions only cover a single user and are only available for the duration of the subscription.
Is there a scope and sequence?

You can download the scope and sequence inside of All Access.  You can also sign up to receive it straight to your email for free.  Click here for 1st grade.  Click here for 2nd grade.   Inside All Access you will find printables to teach every single skill found on the scope and sequence.

Can I differentiate with these printables?

Yes. As a 1st or 2nd grade teacher, you will have access to materials that are one year below and above grade level to help provide opportunities for differentiated practice.

I’ve purchased your resources in your Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Will LLL All Access still be worth it for me?

100%, yes! A huge benefit to All Access is that it's a quick tool for you to find the exact download that you need. The activities inside the subscription are listed by activity (not bundles). This is a benefit to you because you can find exactly what you need. Just click to download. We will also be adding exclusive activities that won't be found in our TPT store.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes we do. Click here to submit a purchase order.

Do you offer refunds?

The materials are delivered to you electronically. For that reason, I do not offer refunds. However, if you join the subscription and find it’s not a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged again.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, just change your subscription service from Paid to Free in your account. You will be able to access all of our resources only for the remainder of your billing period. Easy to cancel.