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2nd Grade Decodable Passages Bundle

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Phonics reading passages, or Phonics Mats, are the perfect no-prep, print and go resource to help students turn isolated phonics skills into reading text! Students practice isolated phonics skills, decoding, fluency, and comprehension all in one resource.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These are great for me to use in small group, especially for my learners who are approaching grade-level. I love that the phonics skills are explicitly scattered throughout so I can really reinforce a particular skill while reading through a passage. Works great for us! – Kiersten W.

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Decodable passages, or Phonics Mats, are the perfect no-prep, print and go resource to help students turn isolated phonics skills into reading text! Students practice isolated phonics skills, decoding, fluency, and comprehension all in one resource. These phonics mats have decodable passages, comprehension questions, word writing practice, and a warm-up page for each skill.

Need phonics-based and/or decodable passages for students to read?
With over 130 phonics skills included, there is a passage for every pattern you teach!

Looking for no-prep, effective reading activities?
Print and go! Each page has a short passage with words that follow the targeted phonics pattern, comprehension questions, and word writing.

Does your curriculum lack phonics review?
These phonics mats are perfect for morning work, centers, homework, small group instruction and more!

134+ printable original (2017) phonics mats with passages & activities
134+ digital original phonics mats
180+ printable updated (2022) phonics mats with decodable passages & activities
180+ warm-up pages that correspond with the updated phonics mats
180+ digital updated phonics mats
Cover page for each set of skills and the bundle
Answer key for every passage, both versions

Classroom teachers are loving this resource!

So easy to prep and use! My students really enjoyed the variety of stories and I liked how each sheet focused on a particular phonics pattern. I also used this resource to supplement my RtI instruction.” – Wendy N.

These were a great supplement to our phonics lessons. My students always had fun reading the story and completing the page. Lots of great skill work packed into each page. This was a wonderful resource that made my school year easier. “ – Amy B.

I have used these in my classroom with my four lowest learners for the past few weeks and out of everything I have tried with them this year, these phonics mats seem to be making a difference. The students love the way the mats are laid out and the consistency helps them feel successful. I will be using this product for years to come! Thank you, Lucky Little Learners!“ – Ashley M.

I can’t wait to hear how you are able to use these phonics mats with your students! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching! - Angie

>>> Read about decodable text: how and when to use it.

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69 reviews for 2nd Grade Decodable Passages Bundle

  1. Carolyn J.

    I have started using Secret Stories in my classroom this year and these new phonics mats are perfect to reinforce everything students are learning. I love the new design in booklet format and how the activities are laid out. I also love all the extras which stretch their use so much more!

  2. Amber B.

    A student that I tutor had these from her classroom teacher. I was so impressed that I knew I needed to buy them for my classroom. I love the engaging stories and the additional activities make it an easy worksheet that they can complete on their own once they understand the process.

  3. Jennifer R.

    This was such an easy way to plan for small groups. It gives many opportunities for students to practice before given a text. This quickly put my kiddos at ease. Also, it was AMAZING for parents who asked for at home practice.

  4. Michelle L.

    I really do love this resource for small groups! It is super helpful and helps me keep track of my students learning. Thank you!

  5. Leslie N.

    I love this package – I like that it’s a print & go. I can assign it as independent work or use it in centers or small group. Great resource.

  6. Amanda A.

    These passages have been great for my small group reading. The students really enjoy the routine of the passages. I use these to work on reading fluency and comprehension.

  7. A Cup Full of Creativity

    I love this resource! I’m been using it consistently with my small groups to target specific phonics skills. The passages are fun, and the students love getting to answer the questions at the end of the week. I really appreciate how targeted the passages are.

  8. The Coaching Cottage

    I have only had these about a week and I have used this set with my 2nd grade and 3rd grade small groups. it works for on-level and tier 2 intervention. Quick and easy lesson. The 1st grade set is amazing, too.

  9. Kiersten Wyatt

    These are great for me to use in small group, especially for my learners who are approaching grade-level. I love that the phonics skills are explicitly scattered throughout so I can really reinforce a particular skill while reading through a passage. Works great for us!

  10. Aubrey Thompson

    Fluency is a concern area for my class. These passages are perfect for fluency checks as well as story comprehension. I have my students record themselves reading on an iPad so I can listen back to it. They are enjoying it and so am I!

  11. Ashley C.

    This is perfect for use in my small groups for reading! The passages are easy to read and help my students (especially those who are struggling readers) feel successful with the decodable texts

  12. Maria P.

    These are perfect for small groups. They are great for me to use to review phonics skills I have taught. My students are engaged and I am able to see what I need to reteach

  13. A LLAMA Fun in 1st

    This is a great resource for small-group instruction or reading intervention to help students master specific phonics patterns. It’s structured in a way that provides quick and easy practice for each phonics pattern and fluency

  14. Willa B.

    My students really enjoyed reading the passages. They also loved being investigators to find the words with the clues. My students were able to work on their vocabulary with the word families.

  15. Toni E.

    I have used these in 2nd and 3rd grade and the students love them. I love the updated version! Being able to align them with the skill each week is great as well.

  16. Carrie Anne S.

    I use this as homework and parents find it very easy to work with their child and have said it helps them better understand where their child is in reading and hiw to help them progress. Student also love it because they have the strategies to be and feel more successful.

  17. Madison W.

    This is an AMAZING resource! Our school runs a phonics based reading program and these supplement it perfectly. I have my more independent readers work on one each day during reading groups and I know that the text will perfectly fit their reading level. Its also great to have so many options to choose from! Thanks again!

  18. Stacie S.

    Thank you so much! I love everything about these! My students enjoy reading the stories and the comprehension work is not overwhelming to them!!

  19. Bonnie S.

    These are great for independent work during our RTI time. I like that there are only 2 questions and I like that they have to find the words in the passage. I also used the other piece with the word lists for my RTI groups.

  20. Jessica A.

    This resource has worked very well at helping me differentiate decodable reading passages for my students. It’s exactly what I was needing!

  21. Natalie H.

    I was able to use these as practice for the specific skill we were working on in small groups. They are also great for third graders who need extra decodable practice.

  22. Catherine S.

    I am OBSESSED with this resource!! It is fantastic practice for targeted phonics skills. It has been a lifesaver to be able to provide practice for my students and to supplement our lacking curriculum. I also love that they are seeing the phonics skills in context of a passage.

  23. Wendy N.

    So easy to prep and use! My students really enjoyed the variety of stories and I liked how each sheet focused on a particular phonics pattern. I also used this resource to supplement my RtI instruction.

  24. Amy B.

    These were a great supplement to our phonics lessons. My students always had fun reading the story and completing the page. Lots of great skill work packed into each page. This was a wonderful resource that made my school year easier.

  25. Alison F.

    My students and I love these! There are so many ways to use them. They are perfect for getting students started at their level and being able to build upon the repetition of the activity.

  26. Whitney L.

    These are by far my favorite passages. I use these each week in my small group lessons and my students LOVE them. I love how quick and easy the prep is as well!

  27. Shannon D.

    These are great passages that we use in class to reinforce the phonics skill(s) that we are working on. Great for grade 2s and I’ve also used them to provide enrichment for my super grade 1 readers.

  28. Mrs The Murph

    I first started to using these for intervention for my second graders. These passages really helped to improve their reading and their decoding. I recently printed some for a third grader to help her become more fluent and confident in her reading. I also like how there is a “warm-up” page to help students decode/read words in isolation along with practicing important high frequency words before diving into the passage. The word work on the page is great too!

  29. Victoria Johnson

    This resource saved my reading groups and helped my students to make so much improvement. They are a quick way to add some practice with phonics each day without too much preparation. The kids got the hang of them quickly and love them too!

  30. Rachel C.

    Love this resource as morning work. Students are able to apply previously taught skills to reinforce what they have already learned. Thanks for this resource!

  31. Charity W.

    This resource is a lifesaver!!! My struggling readers really benefit from the picture visuals. My advance readers really benefit from finding the phonics rule in the passage. This a great resource!!!

  32. Savannah B.

    These were great for supplementing my phonics lessons that I have had to build from scratch. Also wonderful to use in stations/morning work.

  33. Julie H.

    Love these! We use Orton Gillingham for our phonics and spelling and it is the perfect supplement to throw in when we do Centers. Its a great way to hear students read that aligns with the pattern for the week. I have them use this independently or in small groups. Covers every pattern!!

  34. Heather L G.

    I use these with my students who are reading at or just below grade level. They enjoy the accessibility of them while being able to practice their reading fluency. They structure is simple and clear. We use highlighters to highlight each words that shows the sound being worked on and this adds an extra element of depth. So satisfied.

  35. Danielle Whitlock

    My students love this resource and so do I. I teach adults English. This resource is their homework. Many students want to study outside of class so I needed something that they could decode, not have too much unknown vocabulary, and that was following the phonics rules I was teaching. This matched that perfectly!

  36. MsKennyy11

    My students loved using this resource for our in-class review during our holiday week. It even challenged some of my students who needed it! Well done and I highly recommend it. My ESL students were also able to complete it with my help but make great for small-group instruction.

  37. Tiahra Adderley

    I use this for partner reading with some of my stronger readers in my intervention centers. They love working with one another on the questions and reading the passages to each other.

  38. Catherine S.

    These are fantastic! These are an important part of my phonics routine. The passages are real and give students great practice. Thank you!

  39. Allison G.

    I love using this resource for guided reading and homework because it is a great reinforcer of the skills we have been working on in class. I highly recommend this resource because it is engaging, and differentiated and continues to build phonics skills.

  40. smithandlessons

    I teach K-3 and it is so reassuring that I can get quality products to meet the needs of my students. This is an easy-to-use resource and fun for my students, too. Thank you.

  41. Amy A.

    My third grade students that have learning difficulties felt encouraged and gained self confidence when we worked on these reading passages. They learned, yet is wasn’t over challenging.

  42. Kelsey B.

    This was a great activity for my students to use and for me to see what students were needing help with and what they knew. Most students were able to read the words but some of the stories were trickier for less experienced readers.

  43. Jennifer L.

    Love this resource as a way to challenge some of my higher first grade students. Enjoyable content and an excellent supplement to phonics skills.

  44. Daneka R.

    I used this product with my students in my special education classroom. I am a special education teacher who has a variety of ages, grade levels, and needs to support. I used this with a couple of my small groups and it went wonderful! It was a great resource to supplement my lessons with. This classroom material was fun, engaging, and the students expressed how much they enjoyed this activity! I would recommend this resource!


    As an instructional coach I used this resource with students that I worked with from first and second grade. I liked that the passages were short and that students were held accountable for their comprehension through answering questions. This was an especiall great resource for me to use during covid/remote learning.

  46. Jordan S.

    This really helped my students with reading comprehension difficulties! Made them slow down and learn how to go back and find the answers.

  47. Meghan D.

    I love using this with my guided reading groups! They have passages for every type of spelling pattern and they are a great way to help my students with applying their knowledge! I love them!

  48. Mika F.

    I love these phonics passages! They are super engaging and fun to use during whole group or small group instruction. They are even great to send home for extra practice!

  49. Evelyn H.

    I am using this resource in small reading groups. It is easy to run these off as a supplement to other phonics pages we’re doing. These keep the students engaged for the time we’re in groups.

  50. Amber L.

    My students loved this! I love how the teaching community comes together and helps out. I am so thankful for you and helping out with learning resources. I love these little things that make learning so fun for the students.

  51. YellowRose1922

    These passages are great to use in small groups. Students can work together or individually. The passages were simple and easy to read. Thank you.

  52. Megan Haney

    This was a great resource to use for some of my students that needed additional help with fluency. I sent these as homework pages.

  53. Jeffrey E.

    We are team teaching and these are great for individual and small groups, love the error analysis and task cards, and the problem solving graphic organizers!

    ♥ I loved this packet. I’m new to teaching 7th-grade English. This packet has made my life easier. Thank you!

  54. Lori M.

    Another quality resource! Thank you so much for providing these fun and engaging activities. I use them every week with my small groups. Keep up the good work!

  55. Kristen B.

    I used these as practice and formative assessments. It was a great resource for going back into the story to underline answers. Thank you!!

  56. Maureen D.

    These were a great way to give our students extra practice in a fun and engaging way. We were able to use the resource for both in person and distance learners and they enjoyed it equally.

  57. Whitney Winn

    I am required to do Guided Reading, but wanted it to be more SOR aligned. I was searching for a while for some decodable passages that would be easy to incorporate into my Guided Reading groups, and found these. These have been a great addition to my routine!

  58. Kimberly A.

    This was an amazing resource. I’m just starting to use decodable text. I love how there’s a warm up with passages. Extremely beneficial for the range of students I have in resource room.

  59. Missy D.

    This has been great practice for my students. We have also been able to expand on this and work on writing complete sentences with answers. Love this!

  60. Kelsey H.

    This is going to be a great resource for me to use during small group lessons. I am excited that it has so many adoptable ideas, and I can use it with all of my students depending on their levels. Thank you!

  61. Kimberly W.

    We started using the 2022 digital version in our homeschool today! My little loves the stories and didn’t find doing the work “boring”! Thanks

  62. Jonelle S.

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’ve already used them in my classroom for both centers (mats) and passages in groups. My 2nd graders have liked the topics so far.

  63. Ariana C.

    This is an amazing resource for second grade. I love having it as an addition to my classroom! My students found this resource to be very engaging and fun. Great for homework!

  64. Sandra L.

    I loved using this resource with my students in a small group setting (intervention/Special Education Resource Room)! The students found this engaging, will definitely use it again in future years! Thank you for creating and sharing :o)

  65. Paula R.

    I am using these with my lowest 2 reading groups in third grade. My curriculum does not provide adequate below grade level passages to use with my struggling readers and these passages are perfect. They also help me with my ESE kids. I use them as frequently as I can including during tier 2 intervention and pulling kids during morning work time!

  66. Desiree Graetz

    This was a great resource for my kids who need a review of foundational skills. I used it during RTI and it was so easy to prep. the kids could easily follow and complete it.

  67. Sara S.

    These phonics mats were perfect for my second graders, they really helped my students to comprehend the phonics skill we were learning for the week.

  68. Jezarae K.

    I tried these out with my summer school students. They loved them. Can’t wait to use them this coming school year. Love LLL!

  69. Fernanda T.

    Amazing resource! I used it with my small group during intensive reading on Fridays to get a break from our district intervention program. My students loved it!

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