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2nd Grade Digital Science Toothy ® Task Cards Bundle | Distance Learning Games



Digital Toothy ® Task Cards – an original idea from Angie Olson at Lucky Little Learners, LLC.
Digital Toothy ® Task Cards are highly engaging digital activities that allow students to practice skills and answer questions in a fun, motivating way. The digital task cards are self-paced and self-correcting. Digital Toothy® Task Cards are a great option for your students to use as virtual and remote assignments, centers, early finishers, morning work, and even whole group activities.
Digital Toothy® is compatible with iPads™, Chromebooks™, laptops, and desktop computers. This resource includes two digital versions: Google Slides and PowerPoint.
There are 35 different science sets included in this bundle. Students read a question on a digital task card. Then they choose the answer from two or three choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, they go back to the problem to solve again.
Digital Toothy® does not require student Google accounts, and you can assign the activity through ANY platform including Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, Class Dojo, and more. Step by step video and printed directions are included inside the product.
What are teachers saying about Digital Toothy®?
"Digital Toothy is AMAZING! My students are so engaged no matter what skill we are working on. I love how I can use it as a whole group to quickly assess each student's understanding of a concept. I have used it to review and as a reward, teaming students up to compete in a competition. It really motivated the kids to focus their attention and join in on the fun! Thank you SO, SO much!" - Kristina
"My students are OBSESSED with this product. My students are engaged and begging to go on at home too- LOL. Even though I use iPads, I found it easier to use a gmail account and use the "docs" app instead of powerpoint. It was SO easy. This is a great resource to reinforce low areas for students! I love this!" - Caroline
"My students loved digital toothy! We recently started using google classroom and these are perfect for centers. They are engaging and I love the variety of content that is provided! I love that I can differentiate learning! Thank you Angie for creating and sharing such AMAZING resources!!! You're the best!" - Briana
  1. Animal Adaptations
  2. Animal Classification
  3. Body Systems
  4. Chemical & Physical Change
  5. Constellations
  6. Ecosystems & Biomes
  7. Energy
  8. Engineering & Design
  9. Food Chains
  10. Force and Motion
  11. Habitats
  12. Insects
  13. Inventors
  14. Landforms
  15. Life Cycles
  16. Living vs. Nonliving
  17. Magnets
  18. Matter
  19. The Moon
  20. Natural vs. Manmade Resources
  21. Plants
  22. Recycling
  23. Rock Cycle
  24. Safety & Science Tools
  25. Scientific Method
  26. Seasons & Day/Night
  27. Simple Machines
  28. Soil
  29. Solar System
  30. Sound Waves & Vibrations
  31. STEM
  32. The Sun
  33. Water Cycle
  34. Water Erosion
  35. Weather
If you’d prefer to use the printable version of these task cards, we have them for a wide range of grade levels and concepts.
Here are our Digital Toothy Bundles:
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