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Math Intervention and Small Group Kit

(55 customer reviews)


This comprehensive math kit will take you through the entire year with hands-on, engaging, effective activities. It will help you get organized and transform your intervention time into something that’s effortless for you AND boost student success in math!This resource is perfect for any 1st or 2nd grade classroom, special education classroom, and/or math intervention time. The materials included can be used for math small groups, centers, interventions, fast-finishers, mini lessons, and even skills practice & review!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This targeted, detailed math intervention is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The games and hands on activities help cement and extend learning while my students are having fun! This is so well thought out and thorough. It is great for students and their teacher alike! – Julie B.


You’ve got data and you’ve grouped your students. But… What do you actually DO in math groups and interventions?! You’re not alone! The small group and intervention math kit is here to save the day! This comprehensive math kit will take you through the entire year with hands-on, engaging, effective activities. It will help you get organized and transform your intervention time into something that’s effortless for you AND boost student success in math!

Still need to figure out where your students are really at? The various assessments and data trackers will support evidence-based student learning. Tired of feeling overwhelmed? The planning sheets, organization pages, and binder supplies will help you get (and stay) organized and run groups easily!

This resource is perfect for any 1st or 2nd grade classroom, special education classroom, and/or math intervention time. The materials included can be used for math small groups, centers, interventions, fast-finishers, mini lessons, and even skills practice & review!

This page explains why the math intervention and small group resource is perfect for your classroom.  Images showing the math intervention and small group kit in action.


  • Everything you need to set up and run effective math small groups and/or interventions
  • Highly engaging charts, manipulatives, games, instructional mats, and activities for every math domain
  • Simple tools to help you & your students assess and track student growth and skill mastery
  • Unique activities like fact searches and mental math warm-ups to take your groups to the next level
  • Resources that only need to be prepped once for countless uses (saving time & trees!)


  • Binder & divider covers
  • Group labels
  • Group expectations anchor charts


  • Lesson templates, planning, & organization pages
  • Anchor chart templates / student-size anchor charts
  • Hands-on interventions kits
  • Scope and sequence – 1st and 2nd grades
  • Mental math warm-ups


  • Math screener / exit tickets for every domain
  • Student data booklet
  • Digital math skills trackers



Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

- Folder, instructional mats, activities

- Interactive partner/small group games

- Vocabulary crossword puzzles

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

- Addition and subtraction folder & instructional mats

- Interactive partner/small group games

- Math fact searches

- Vocabulary crossword puzzles

Measurement, Time, Money & Data

- Measurement folder & instructional mats

- Money folder & instructional mats

- Time folder & instructional mats

- Interactive partner games

- Vocabulary crossword puzzles


- Geometry folder & instructional mats

- Interactive partner games

- Vocabulary crossword puzzles

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

“This small group math kit is just what I need this year. It has so many engaging games and varies in level so I can reach every student in my classroom. It includes so many skills my students can practice all year!!” -Amanda

“The survey is amazing! I love that it gives next steps for students. This is something I use with my struggling students during intervention or small group time to help reinforce those skills. The activities can help practice those specific skills of need and the games can help reteaching while having fun!!!” -Melanie

“The kit is very flexible, in that it can be used for various levels of student need and support. The NYC department of education uses MTSS, and everything included in this pack can be used for intensive small groups, targeted instruction and even used during whole class lessons. Also, the games are super engaging and a big motivator. I can totally see using some of these activities for morning tubs, or “fun Friday” activities.” - Stacy

I can’t wait to hear how this math kit transforms your math block! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching!


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55 reviews for Math Intervention and Small Group Kit

  1. Teaching Little Phoenix

    This is an amazing resource full of great activities to support student learning! We use it daily in my classroom and I find that most of the activities that I have used are easily differentiated to meet students where they are!

  2. Tiffany C.

    So helpful with getting Guided Math started in my classroom! Helps me stay organized and keep notes on each of my students in my groups. Also use some of the resources as centers while I have my teacher table.

  3. Julie B.

    This targeted, detailed math intervention is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The games and hands on activities help cement and extend learning while my students are having fun! This is so well thought out and thorough. It is great for students and their teacher alike!

  4. Laura D.

    This is such a great resource and I am excited to continue to use it with my students. The assessment tools are wonderful and are very insightful to see what students know and don’t know. Once I am done having the students take the assessment, I will be using the results to help restructure my math groups for the students on my caseload.

  5. Lindsay Bock

    Perfect fit for SpEd teachers… helps bring students back up to ‘speed’, who are suffering from a learning loss during this time. Amazing supplement to have on hand for like ability groups/small groups. Anything the is hands-on (multi-modal) is 1 of the best ways to teach and reinforce these math skills.

    I was super excited to hear there was going to be a Math Intervention Kit, as I purchased the ELAR/Lit Kit and it has been a life saver for progress tracking student goals and objectives!

  6. Sharp Simplicity

    I was so excited for this to become available and purchased it as soon as it was. We have done a couple of the activities and my students are already in love. Even my students who don’t need intervention are wanting to go to intervention in order to do the activity. It’s engagin and hands on…exactly what my 2nd graders need.

  7. Michelle A.

    This was exactly what I needed this year! I started a new position as the Math Interventionist at my school and have been struggling to find resources.

  8. Samantha S.

    My students have loved the first game I have printed and used. I cannot wait to use this in center rotations and at my small group table.

  9. Reading Roads, LLC

    I’m absolutely thrilled. I personally struggle with math, so sometimes I wonder if I’m explaining things correctly to my students or overall doing the right things with them. With this thorough resource, I feel like my kids are getting quality math instruction. My kids love the games especially, and I appreciate the routine built into the flow of the kit. All of my students who have been engaged with this resource are currently at or above grade level — and more importantly, they ENJOY math. There’s a fair amount of prep, but it is so worthwhile because this is good stuff that I will use in years to come. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping me help my kids learn math.

  10. Catheryn H.

    These activities are great! My students have really enjoyed using them during our math rotations. They are great for my higher kids (1st graders) who need a bit more of a challenge. Thanks so much!

  11. Jill S.

    My students enjoy the games. I appreciate the quick and easy assessments to help determine the needs of my students. Great resource.

  12. Heather G.

    This resource is like liquid gold. I use it every time I take my intervention group and they love it! The have all seen great improvements in their math and enjoy using these resources.

  13. Kylah Benson

    I am an intervention teacher this year, and this kit is such a great help for my students. It is also very fun and engaging!

  14. Rebecca H.

    I have returned to this resources time and time again. My students that need hands-on stimulation love it. Parents have told me their child has enjoyed using the folder at home just for fun. I love that it also gives a resource to parents they can use beyond our class.

  15. Brenda G.

    My students look forward to coming to my table during math intervention, the games in this resource are so engaging! What I personally love is the little prep that is required for the activities.

  16. Cook’s Creative Classroom

    My students love these activities. They can’t seem to get enough of them. I love how they review taught skills and keep students engaged in their learning. Thanks so much!

  17. Kelsie W.

    I really like this intervention. It works with students who lack foundational skills as well as upper skills. The only part that I find difficult is putting it all together in the various folders. There is a lot of prep work to get the kits up and running- Once that part is done, it’s lovely to just pull and run. Overall, it’s a great set up and supports a great range for necessary K-2nd skills.

  18. Kristy H.

    This makes prepping math groups a breeze! There are so many fun activities to choose from too. Students are always engaged and excited as they work through each activity.

  19. TeachTinies

    My students absolutely love using these during small groups! They are super engaging and great for them to use both independently and at teacher table with me. I have the literacy bundle as well so I couldn’t wait to buy and try the math bundle. Very happy with this resource 🙂

  20. Jennifer S.

    This kit is incredible! It includes soooo many activities that are engaging and great practice, and includes so much to help you carry out each one with directions and additional resources. This has made a big difference in my math class for centers!

  21. Nicole G.

    We are now using centers 3-4 times a week in math so this is a great resource to be able to plan ahead. It offers a variety of options so that students aren’t just doing a work sheet or the same thing every time.

  22. Nicole P.

    I have loved every single resource I’ve ever purchased from Lucky Little Learners! They do such an amazing job of creating resources that are rigorous in content, but are presented in ways that are fun and engaging for students!

  23. Tina L.

    This resource was a life saver! It helped me to pin point what my 2nd graders needed in math and helped me plan their next steps. If you have students at varying levels in math, this resource is for you!

  24. Jenifer Philipchuk

    I love this resource! The students are very engaged and it has helped with my students that need extra time to understand a concept completely.

  25. Krystle Meglio

    This high-quality resource will get plenty of use for years to come! There are so many engaging activities that make running small groups easy (and more fun!). Thank you so much!

  26. Brenda Winking

    This resource helped me provide extra support for the students that needed it! The materials were different enough from my core curriculum that the extra practice seemed fresh and fun.

  27. Kristina W.

    There are so many amazing resources in this download! The kids loved them all. It was perfect for math intervention. I am excited to use them again this year!

  28. Laura M.

    this may be my most favorite item i’ve purchased from LLL! I love every single component of it. I used it for a short amount of time at the end of the year and was amazed how much my kids grew and loved it. I am prepping for the upcoming school year and i’m so excited to use it for the entire school year!

  29. Lisa R.

    Amazing resource! There is so much in this bundle! Everything you need to help students better understand and practice concepts!

  30. Kelly K.

    Another AMAZING resource from you! I LOVE this! Just what I needed! This is great to have all of these resources all in one place. Thank you so much!

  31. School with Mrs Sexton

    I can not say enough good things about this set. It includes everything you need to get your rotations started. I absolutely love the data tracking google sheet as it helps me really see keep up with which students need help in what areas. I would recommend this to anyone!

  32. Victoria O.

    This intervention kit was a lifesaver this spring when we switched to flexible groups. I loved the activities and so did my kids. I’m moving up to 5th grade but still hanging on to this kit because I know it will still come in handy for our tier 2 students.

  33. Rachel S.

    I love the amount of activities that came with this resource! My students really loved the candy land type game, and it was used for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction depending on student need!

  34. Morgan W.

    Planning and organizing math small groups has been so stressful for me. This resource has helped me know exactly what to do with my students and keep track of their growth!

  35. Trudi G.

    Thank you very much for this resource!!! I purchased this specifically to help some of my kiddos who were struggling with certain concepts. I have definitely seen improvement! Thank you again.

  36. Nancy P.

    3rd grade products are my favorite. There are lots of things in here that my kids enjoyed. Thanks for a quality product!

  37. Crystal Tomala

    There are so many parts to this amazing resource. I have used the games and word find with my whole class. I also have used the anchor chart sheets. I am planning on creating the small group kits. They are laminated and ready to go! There are so many uses for the materials in this resource. Games, assessment, intervention, reteach, extra practice…. it is just amazing!

  38. Janice B.

    I really LOVE this bundle, especially the board games! They are so cute, and my firsties really enjoy the Candy Land game. They’re not quite ready for the Telling Time game, but maybe they can use it over the summer. Last year, I made some board games for my students to use over the summer with their families, and it was a big hit, so maybe I’ll make the time game for that! Thanks for a great bundle!

  39. Mary E.

    I love these centers!!! They are super easy to put together and the kids really love them! It’s great for working on during the skill you are covering or for reviewing at the end of the year!

  40. Dena A.

    Finally! A resource that you really can simply print and go! My students LOVED the money practice in which they got to use the spiners and place play money on the piggy banks! For those few resources alone, this purchase was totally worth it! I cannot wait to dig further into the rest of the resources- and there are a TON of them in here! Thank you so much!

  41. Kati S.

    So far I’ve only used parts of this resources since we’re so far through the school year. I really like what I have used and am super excited to use the whole thing right away next school year! It is super engaging and great for small group, whole group, or independent work!

  42. Laura Stegmann

    This has been a great resource for me to use this year with my students who need additional help! It has helped me to be more focused with my planning and more intentional!

  43. Miss Medinas Firsties

    Excellent resource. It has everything I need for math small groups. I love the screener, it has been very helpful. Thank you for the great resource!

  44. Julie Z.

    Another amazing resource. There are so many resources included. Every time I open this, I find something else that I can use with my class.

  45. Cindy C.

    As a SPED teacher in a Learning Support 3-5 classroom, I needed materials that would suit my diverse learners. These were extremely helpful and well worth the investment. Thank you for the wonderful resources.

  46. Ashley S.

    This has been such a helpful intervention kit. My focus students are doing so much better after starting this morning intervention. They love the games too. Thank you for creating this engaging, ready to go, resource.

  47. Rachel D.

    I love this resource! The games are perfect for small group instruction. My students LOVE the money slides and ladders game! I am so glad I bought this product, it was well worth the money!

  48. Megan P.

    Such a wonderful resource! I’ve only been using it for a few days, but my students love it and so do I! It’s easy to use and follow and works great with all of my small groups.

  49. parachutesinprimary

    I had purchased the literacy kit and loved it so I also got the math kit! It has so many activities to support students and differentiate learning. My students love all the board games that are included and I use them during Daily 5 time.

  50. Second with Serena

    WOW!! This is jam packed full of math games and activities!! Perfect for centers and small groups!! My kids loved seeing all the new math games!

  51. Sue G.

    It has a lot of resources so it’s taken me awhile to get to know everything. Lots to help with all levels of math skills.

  52. Sarah Turgeon

    Thank you so much for this great resource! My kids have enjoyed what we have used so far, and I am looking forward to using it for years to come!

  53. Nancy L.

    There are so many activities to choose from! It isn’t too bad prepping the activities for the kids either. These are great to review concepts and for afternoon center choices.

  54. Araceli G.

    Awesome hands on learning fun! My students love these engaging activities that they can use to practice their math skills!

  55. Marissa E.

    This resource is so extensive, and has something for every student. Especially with the pandemic, students have a larger variety of gaps than ever. In order to target all of those gaps and not spend hours finding different resources from different places I purchased this resource. It has been amazing!

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