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2nd Grade Phonics Centers

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2nd grade phonics centers are perfect for independent work, reading groups, independent activities, intervention, reader’s or writer’s workshop, and fast finishers. These centers will keep your students practicing their phonics skills with meaningful and purposeful activities. These are engaging, rigorous, and hands-on activities that your students will be sure to love.
Are you tired of searching for engaging and effective literacy centers?
This phonics bundle is your answer!
This 2nd grade resource is so versatile – it works perfectly for independent ELA centers, reading groups, ELA skill groups, independent activities, intervention groups, reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop, and fast finishers. It can easily be implemented with any existing ELA curriculum or program.
This center bundle is perfect for your classroom if you want to:
- Provide standard-aligned and engaging ELA activities for your students during centers.
- Encourage independent thinkers with direction signs.
- Check student understanding and ensure accountability with recording sheets and answer keys.
- Have centers that are organized by skill/standard rather than season or holiday theme.
- Motivate student on-task behavior through fun activities.
- Print centers in full color OR black and white.
- Simplify center prep with simple cutting and assembly.
- Have options for digital and printable centers.
What’s Included in the Phonics Centers and Activities BUNDLE:
- 40+ Phonics Centers - printable and digital
- Common Core aligned
- Kid-friendly themes and clipart
- Full color or black & white pages
- Direction signs for each center
- Recording sheet and answer keys for each center
Phonics Centers Skills:
- Short Vowel Words (RF 2.3 A)
- Multisyllabic Short Vowel Words (RF 2.3 A)
- Long or Short Vowels (RF 2.3 A)
- Silent E Words (RF 2.3 A)
- Long A Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)
- Long E Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)
- Long I Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)
- Long O Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)
- Long U Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 B)
- Variant Vowels (RF 2.3 B)
- Short and Long OO (RF 2.3 B)
- Diphthongs with OI and OY (RF 2.3 B)
- Diphthongs with OU and OW (RF 2.3 B)
- Mixed Diphthongs (RF 2.3 B)
- Multisyllabic Silent E Words (RF 2.3 C)
- Multisyllabic Vowel Teams (RF 2.3 C)
- Multisyllabic Words (RF 2.3 C)
- Open Syllables (RF 2.3 C)
- Two Syllable Long Vowel Words (RF 2.3 C)
- Prefixes (RF 2.3 D)
- Suffixes (RF 2.3 D)
- Inconsistent Spelling Patterns (RF 2.3 E)
- Silent Letters (RF 2.3 E)
- Comparative Endings (RF 2.3)
- Complex Vowels (RF 2.3)
- Consonant Digraphs (RF 2.3)
- Consonant L Blends (RF 2.3)
- Consonant R Blends (RF 2.3)
- Consonant S Blends (RF 2.3)
- Contractions (RF 2.3)
- Compound Words (RF 2.3)
- Final Blends (RF 2.3)
- Final Stable Syllables (RF 2.3)
- Hard and Soft C and G (RF 2.3)
- Inflectional Endings Without Spelling Changes (RF 2.3)
- Inflectional Endings With Spelling Changes (RF 2.3)
- R-controlled AR (RF 2.3)
- R-controlled ARE, AIR, EAR (RF 2.3)
- R-controlled ER, IR, UR (RF 2.3)
- R-controlled OAR, ORE, OR (RF 2.3)
- Mixed R-controlled Vowels (RF 2.3)
- Three-Letter Blends (RF 2.3)
Copyright © Lucky Little Learners, LLC.
All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.
Not for public display.
If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

75 reviews for 2nd Grade Phonics Centers

  1. Jessica A.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource!! This has made all the difference this week! We unexpectedly went virtual on Monday! This was so awesome to be able to use this week! Super fun for the students!

  2. Mikalah C.

    I really like that this is not just a distant learning activity and that there is a paper version that I can use when we we go back to normal, whenever that may be! The activities are fun and the children really enjoy the ones we’ve done so far.

  3. Sara L.

    Tons of resources to support phonics. I can find a digital lesson that goes along with each skill we are working on for the week! Huge help with current times.

  4. Little Red Parker

    Tons of resources to support phonics. I can find a digital lesson that goes along with each skill we are working on for the week! Huge help with current times.

  5. Christal A.

    This resource was excellent for my students. I was able to utilize it over and over again. It prompted success with my students.

  6. Samantha G.

    I love everything by this seller!! I have these centers but the grammar version already and love them so I decided to get the phonics ones too. I do not regret it. They are great for kids to do them as independent centers, in small group with you, or could even do one as a whole class!

  7. Melissa Davies

    My class has enjoyed all the different types of centers! It makes each child focus and accountable for completing the center by writing out their answers. They enjoy that all the centers are different and they do not know what they will be working on next! Thank you!

  8. Jill R.

    This is a great phonics resource to use because it provides hands on activities that engage students. This resource is easy to use and provides a lot of information.

  9. Dena D.

    There are such cute little games to help kids practice phonics skills. I like the variety of skill choices and the ability to differentiate for all my learners.

  10. Alison B

    Learning phonics was more enjoyable when they were able to use what they have learned in these centers. It was very engaging!

  11. Lisa Brandt

    A great resource to use for your below level readers to use independently, especially if you do group rotations or centers.

  12. Joshua F.

    I use this as independent bell work for my modified core class for phonics practice. I enjoy it and it works well for my purposes!

  13. Jonattan D.

    These centers have made planning my phonics center so much easier. I know that there is at least one center that is aligned with what skill my class is focusing on that week.

  14. Miss Nealon

    I used this product with my first grade students. As a first year teacher, this product made my life so much easier. I was happy because I didn’t have to much work (just print and cut) and my students were happy because they got to play games. Win-win.

  15. Alex S.

    LOVED THIS! Gave me so many resources to supplement into my day! I cannot wait to use this next year as I move into a new school and I have no idea what phonics curriculum they have!

  16. Laurie L.

    This resource is well worth the money. I created several learning stations around the classroom. I allowed students 20 minutes at each station. We used four different long and short vowels sound activities. I worked with my low students, and the rest of the students worked independently. It went well. I cannot wait to try all of the different phonic lessons. Thanks so much.

  17. Faithful Followers

    Thank you! I was looking for easy centers to print and use in my classroom for phonics. I am a big fan of play based learning, and these will be a great review for some of my 3rd grade students! Thank you!

  18. Tidy Tools

    I can’t love this resource enough! It provides engaging activities for stations. Angie and her team thought of everything when putting this set together. Thank you!!

  19. Fawn J.

    I absolutely love this resource. So amazing for my students bright engaging games for skill centers to work on Word Work and phonics extra instruction.

  20. Wids World

    LOVE THESE!!!! i wish I would have bought the bundle!!! My most reluctant students had so much fun. It does take time to prep, but it’s so worth it. Thanks for sharing your hard work. =)

  21. Tyeshia Deas

    I love all of your resources! My students did a great job completing the activities. Thank you for also including Seesaw links!

  22. Monica M.

    My students enjoy these activities! It’s a great resource that allows them to practice their phonics in a fun and engaging way.

  23. Teaching is Life

    Great resource for my students. This was something different and fun for them. I’m so glad I got this for them. We use it a lot in small groups!

  24. Mrs L’s Learners

    I absolutely love this!! I am so impressed with how these are aligned with the standards and with my phonics program I use at my school. My students love them and they are so engaging and easy to use. I am a big fan of them and I know my students are as well!

  25. Valeri W.

    I love assigning these to my kids in Google Classroom. I can easily pick and choose which skill/pattern they need to practice. Thank you!

  26. Phun Phonics

    I’ve used these in my centers. The kids love the “game” aspect. Sometimes they find the background picture behind the actual picture distracting, but 7 year olds find a lot of things distracting. Such high quality and I’m exited that it works both for in person teaching and online. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  27. Hands on Teach on

    These centers are amazing for independent practice- they are engaging and easy to prep!

  28. Isabel G.

    Great practice! Students enjoyed the activity. Will use again in the future.

  29. Moving Mountains

    I love this resource and will definitely be back for more resources!

  30. Sunny in Second Grade

    This was a great resource for my classroom! Thank you!

  31. Tonya S.

    Such a great resource for independent centers and teacher table. Love the variety!

  32. Stefanie K.

    This resource has so many great games/activities to practice phonics skills.

  33. Keri Beth T.

    Great resource! Loved using with my second grade students!

  34. Catina P.

    Great center for students to use to support comprehension and mastery of the skill.

  35. Michelle G.

    Love it! This was a great low-prep way to engage reading centers.

  36. Megan H.

    This is a great tool to use during small literacy groups. It helps to reinforce the skills that we’ve worked on.

  37. Lauren Sierocuk

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  38. Holly M.

    Great for word work activities.

  39. Brittany C.

    Wonderful resource to use in a word work center!

  40. Amanda M.

    These phonics centers are super engaging for the kids. It was their favorite center!

  41. Mia R.

    I enjoyed using the resource and plan to use it again.

  42. Dana A.

    I love this resource! It is a great activity for students to use during reading workshop!

  43. Genna F.

    Loved using this for small groups and introducing/ reinforcing new skills.

  44. Brittany H.

    Awesome activities! Very engaging!

  45. Chelsea Esbrandt

    This resource has helped my students so much!

  46. Debra F.

    My students enjoy anything that lets them practice skills that don’t involve worksheets. Thank you!


    Just what I was looking for, thank you!

  48. Karissa N.

    Such great practice of all skills during literacy rotations!

  49. Kristy M.

    Amazing resource for my literacy rotations!

  50. Ruffer’s Right Way

    Thank you for such a great resource. If you create more I will be the first to purchase!

  51. Donna C.

    I love Angie’s products and have quite of few of her resources. This one is awesome for my small group work.

  52. Kristen J.

    Great activities for my small groups. Students love using these during RTI time.

  53. Heather P.

    Tons of great stations to reinforce concepts.

  54. Katherine A.

    Love the different games and activities included in this pack. My kids have enjoyed them all!

  55. Lisa E.

    Great resource! My students were engaged the whole time!

  56. Wendy DeRee

    My students have loved using this resource in small group!

  57. Kiersten Winter

    Easy to use! My students enjoyed playing these games both individually and with partners.

  58. Amanda H.

    I use this resource for student centers. I can evaluate their progress and pull for individualize specific lessons

  59. Kelly M.

    I use this resource for student centers. I can evaluate their progress and pull for individualize specific lessons

  60. Glynis T.

    Great resource to go along with my curriculum and as a review for students who are struggling.

  61. Lisa Wittek

    So helpful to find exactly what I needed to use with my students!

  62. Jacqueline M.

    Love the digital activities based around phonics.

  63. Kinderiffic

    Helpful resource for my distance learning classroom. Thank you!

  64. Sue C.

    I love love love this resource!!!!!

  65. Teaching with Morgan Nicole

    Used these for my small groups/daily 5 and it was amazing. The kiddos were engaged and focused the whole time!

  66. Leanne A.

    Love anything from Lucky little learners!!

  67. Bobbie Sliker

    My students love these fun and engaging centers. I love that there are so many skills in this one resource.

  68. Cori B.

    My students love these activities. They are very engaging! Thank you.

  69. Hannah P.

    My kids really liked this resource as a center for reading rotations!

  70. Kristin D.

    These are all well thought out and very cute. The kids love them!

  71. Mrs B Kindergarten

    Using these in my Word Work center. The kiddos love them!

  72. Taylor E.

    My students love all the resources from your page!

  73. Melissa S.

    Such a great set of activities. My students love these.

  74. Andrea G.

    You truly think of everything! I feel like your resources are a 2nd grade teacher’s dream! Our personal classroom genie with all the answers!!
    These are perfect for my centers! My students have been SO engaged!

  75. Candace Hammond

    I am so excited to use this resources! I needed something to change up my centers and this is perfect!

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