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3rd Grade Spiral Math Review – 1st Quarter Only

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This 3rd grade resource is perfect for morning work, homework, daily math review, and independent math centers.

This resource is available in a full-year bundle here! Save money by grabbing the bundle!

3rd grade spiral math review for first quarter includes 10 weeks of spiral math sheets with 3 differentiated levels and answer keys.

*UPDATE as of 9/8/20: Digital spiral math assignments are now included in this bundle! All three levels of differentiated assignments are now available as a Google Form. These can be assigned to your students on all platforms including Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Class Dojo, Remind, Email, Canvas, and more!

What's Included in 1st Quarter Spiral Math Review Sheets:

►At A Glance Sheet

►10 Weeks of Spiral Math Review Sheets

►10 Weeks of Answer Keys

►3 Levels of Differentiation: BELOW, AT, and ABOVE GRADE LEVEL

►Common Core aligned

►Detailed explanation of how to use the resource

►Optional blank template to copy to back for additional work space

Skills included in 1st Quarter Spiral Math Review Sheets

►2nd Grade Review (4 weeks)

►Round to Nearest 10 and 100

►Add & Subtract within 1000

►Two Step Word Problems (Addition & Subtraction)

►Multiples of 10

►Multiplication Strategies

►Mixed Review of 1st Quarter Concepts


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All rights reserved by author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.

Not for public display.

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28 reviews for 3rd Grade Spiral Math Review – 1st Quarter Only

  1. Katie Jorgensen

    This has been a great way to “warm up” as we dive into our math block. Students aren’t wasting time as I set up the lesson. I love that it is differentiated and easy to see which papers go to which kids quickly.

  2. Kristen Heinsen

    This is a wonderful resource to use for morning work or homework! We use this 3rd grade resource for our accelerated students.

  3. Samantha F.

    his has been a great after school or weekend activity for my sister to practice her math skills. She enjoys that she can choose to do one day at a time or finish in one sitting. I am very appreciative of the answer sheet which allows me to see where my sister struggles in her math skills!

  4. Brooke F.

    I use this as extra practice for my homeschooler to supplement our spiral curriculum. We used the 2nd grade packet last year and when I felt the need for some extra review this was the first place I came. Thanks for the great resource!

  5. Heather L.

    I have been using this as morning work for my students as they trickle in over a 20 minute period. Students find it challenging (which I love) and it is forcing them to use math terminology and skills in context. The mixed practice is great. The small number of problems means that most can finish within a relatively short period of time. It is showing where holes in their knowledge are so I can reteach/preteach as we go into new topics.

  6. Amber B.

    I have all of these for the entire year. I use them as pretest and post test assessments to see where students are and how well they are grasping the taught concepts.

  7. Nora D.

    I have all of these for the entire year. I use them as pretest and post test assessments to see where students are and how well they are grasping the taught concepts.

  8. Taylor Donovan

    Love these spiral math review sheets! It makes for a quick and easy morning work for my students to review their math skills!

  9. Sarah L.

    Loved the ability to cater for my lower, middle and upper students – students could self select which level they wanted to challenge themselves on. Great easy way to start or maths lessons each day.

  10. Shantay Roberts

    Teaching during this pandemic has been stressful and tough. Thank you for making it easier for me by creating this excellent resource.

  11. Melissa B.

    The spiral review gave my students what they needed – extra practice on previously learned standards – and what I needed – quick, easy to use resource that lets me see what my kids retain or need extra help with.

  12. Stephanie H.

    LOVE THESE for homework! Its just the right amount with out being overwhelming. I sometimes add anchor charts on the back of these to assist students at home as well.

  13. Malia F.

    Great to use for a math warm up or your morning work.

  14. Jennifer W.

    Excel resource for classroom instruction yo support classroom instruction!

  15. Monica D.

    This is great for me to use to challenge my students that are above grade level.

  16. Victoria O.

    This was a great resource for test prep and fact practice! Absolutely love it!

  17. Sarah F.

    This was a perfect resource to review with my students at the beginning of the year.

  18. Caroll B.

    I love how you differentiated this.

  19. Julie S.

    Fantastic resource to practice and maintain past and current math concepts.

  20. Vicki J.

    My students do morning work every morning. This is great! Thanks for creating it:)

  21. Ellie S.

    Loved the ability to cater for my lower, middle and upper students. Great easy way to start our math lessons each day.

  22. Connie Knighten

    Students love them…can’t wait for the next week’s lessons!!!

  23. Jessica F.

    This resource provided a quick spiral review opportunity for students each day.

  24. Brittan O.

    Both my in class and virtual kiddos were able to use this! I used it for morning work and it worked well!

  25. Lilia T.

    Very helpful in varying independent work for my special education resource room. Thank you!

  26. Mary Y.

    I use this resource during Math RTI. It keeps the skills in front of the students all year.

  27. Christina B.

    Love using these for extra practice and homework. The differentiation aspect is so helpful as well!

  28. Mary Lentz

    Print and go….this resource is perfect for morning work or homework. It reviews and introduces many math skills.

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