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Back to School Bulletin Board | Math Bulletin Board | Positive Affirmation Station



This classroom bulletin board & door decor pack includes several kits to help you decorate your bulletin boards and classroom door in a welcoming way! This resource is editable, customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and not overwhelming or overstimulating. It will help you decorate your classroom in a cost-effective way that promotes student well-being and academic success.

WAIT! This resource is part of our basic or bright CLASSROOM SET UP BUNDLE! Take a look to save money and have a consistent design throughout your classroom.

Need bulletin board displays that will match your classroom colors? 

The bulletin board kits included can be printed on any paper color(s) you wish. White, brights, neutrals, pastels, boho colors, and more! 

Want a variety of displays that are easy to customize?

This resource includes editable versions so that you can get the wording perfect for your classroom. The math and literacy bulletin boards can be used all year; just swap out the content in each section to match the current skill focus.

Looking for an easy way to decorate your classroom door?

The door banner and affirmation station are easy to set up, timeless, and promote feelings of belonging and confidence for your students.

NOTE: Editable versions are included in the download. Instructions are also included!

*Want to take a look inside this resource and see each component? Download the preview file to check it out!*

Back to school bulletin board kit
  • “We are better together” display
“In this classroom” door banner
  • (2’ x 6’) - PDF and SVG files included
Affirmation station 
  • Headers
  • 42 positive affirmation cards
ELA/Literacy bulletin board kit
  • Bulletin board title/banner header
  • Section headers 
    • Learning focus, our focus, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, grammar, writing, what we are reading, bookshelf, reading strategies, reading comprehension
  • 3 large reading quotes
    • Reading is an adventure
    • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader
    • 10 ways to become a better reader
  • Reading comprehension strategy posters
    • Visualize, predict, connect, infer, question, determine importance, synthesize, monitor
  • Vocabulary cards
    • 140 vocabulary cards for grades 1-3
  • Grammar skill posters 
    • 22 parts of speech (noun, verb, etc)
  • Book spines for “what we are reading” 
  • Phoneme phonics posters
    • 46 phoneme posters with mouth formation and keywords
  • Writing checklist posters
    • Opinion, narrative, informative, how to, letter
  • Spelling list template
Math bulletin board kit
  • Bulletin board title/banner
  • Section headers
    • Objectives, vocabulary, strategies, centers, stations, learning focus, our focus, math talk, hundreds chart, tools
  • MATH centers/rotation cards
    • Math with teacher, At your seat work, Technology station, Hands-on activity
  • Math talk sentence starters
    • 12 sentence starter speech bubbles
  • Anchor chart templates
    • Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, partition, fractions, coins, length, time, graphs
  • Number words posters
    • Number words 1-100
  • Number of the day templates
  • Vocabulary words
    • 20 math vocabulary words for grades 1-3
  • Addition and subtraction strategy cards
  • Hundreds chart

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

—--I'm so excited to get this resource. I have been updating some of the things In my classroom for the upcoming year. The resources included have given me so many options to fit my decor. - Karen B.

—--This is so versatile. I love how you can personalize to fit your classroom.  There is so much in this bundle and I am excited to use this when I set up my classroom this year.  I have many calendars and charts from all over.(hand me downs, freebies,etc.) I can't wait to have everything match. Thanks for creating this resource. - Tamara B.

—-I love that this can be used with any color and that I don't have to use color ink to print it.  It's a classy look for a classroom and just what I was looking for.  - Laura G.

I can’t wait to hear how this classroom bulletin & door decor pack helps you design and decorate the classroom of your dreams! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it went. Happy teaching!


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