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Brag Tags Bundle #4


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Included in this bundle:

School Ready Brag Tags
*Field Trip Behavior
*Brain Workout
*Raising Your Hand
*Super Manners
*Shout Out
*Rad Researcher
*iPad Expert
*Tech Guru
*Teacher’s Helper
*This Tag Belongs To
*Organization Wizard
*Happy Helper
*Perfectly Polite
*Stellar Stamina
*Bucket Filler
*On Task
*Problem Solver
*Really Respectful
*Clean Work Area
*Moved Up a Reading Level
*On Time
*Growth Mindset
*Clean Locker
*Pencil Champion
*Random Act of Kindness
*Magnificent Manners
*Doing Your Best
*Daily 5 Rockstar
*Happy ½ Birthday
*Happy Birthday
*Trash Patrol
*Class Compliment
*Great Digital Citizen
*Helping a Friend (without being asked)
*Helping a Teacher (without being asked)
*Positive Attitude
*Managed Big Feelings
*Excellent Effort
*Shoe Tying Champ
*Super Partners

Food Puns Brag Tags
*Orange You Proud Of Your Work (orange)
*My Grades Are Poppin’ (popcorn)
*We Made it to Fry-Day (fries)
*Awesome to the Core (apple)
*Caught Being a Sweetie (candy)
*You Are One In A Melon (watermelon)
*Donut Doubt Yourself (doughnuts)
*Squeezing Out Great Work (lemons)
*Icing on the Cake (cake)
*Going Bananas Over Your Effort (bananas)
*Berry Proud of You (raspberry)
*Hotdog, this is great work (hotdog)
*Show Me S’more of Your Great Work (s’more)
*I’m Loving It (fries)
*What a Great Pizza Work (pizza)
*I Like You a Waffle Lot (waffles)
*One Smart Cookie (cookies)
*Awesome Sauce (applesauce)
*Peas Keep Working Hard (peas)
*I’m Nuts About Your Behavior (nuts)
*Eggcelent Writing (eggs)
*Your Work is Getting Butter & Butter Every Day (butter)
*You’re Bacon Me One Happy Teacher (bacon)
*You’re On a Roll (cinnamon roll)
*Soda-lighted in Your Work (soda)
*Cool Effort (ice cream)
*Soup-er Job (soup)

Animal Compliments Brag Tags
*Excellent as an Elephant
*Fantastic as a Flamingo
*Great as a Gazelle
*Generous as a Giraffe
*Happy as a Hippo
*Lovely as a Lion
*Obedient as an Ostrich
*Rockin’ like a Rhino
*Terrific as a Turtle
*Zesty as a Zebra
*Brave as a Butterfly
*Cool as a Crocodile
*Fantastic as a Frog
*Cheerful as a Cheetah
*Marvelous as a Monkey
*Talented as a Toucan
*Brilliant as a Bear
*Fabulous like a Fox
*Mannerly as a Moose
*Organized like an Owl
*Patient as a Porcupine
*Polite as a Pig
*Ready as a Rabbit
*Smart as a Snake
*Magnificent as a Mouse



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