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Brag Tags (Set #2)


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In this product you will receive a variety of BRAG TAGS to use throughout the school year. Most BRAG TAGS have a colorful version and a colored ink friendly version.

The different BRAG TAGS that are included in this product are:
*Welcome Back
*Good Listening
*Top Notch Behavior
*Super Job
*Sight Word Star
*Outstanding Behavior
*Rad Reader
*Fab Focus
*Lost My Tooth
*Super Strider
*Quiet in the Hallway
*Star Student
*Best Selling Author
*Writing Wizard
*Super Hero
*AR Super Hero
*Top Dog
*Magnificent Manners
*Look Who's in ____ Grade (kindergarten-6th grade)
*BEEing a Friend
*I Am Responsible
*My Teacher is Proud of Me



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