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Classroom Decor Bundle | Classroom Calendar Set | Birthday Bulletin Board

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1000+ pages

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This classroom set-up, organization, & decor MEGA GROWING BUNDLE includes everything you need to design, decorate, set-up, organize, and run a classroom! This resource is intentionally designed to help you create a classroom environment that is perfect for your students’ needs and allow you to focus on teaching and learning. It is extremely customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and not overwhelming or overstimulating to students (or adults).

Need decor that is timeless and usable with any theme or color scheme?

The images and fonts on the decor and labels are modern and simple, which will help create a calm atmosphere in your classroom.

Want to be able to edit and customize?

All of the materials include an editable version so you can word things the way you like. Everything can be printed on any color paper, meaning you get to choose the exact color scheme for your room!

Looking for all the other teaching essentials beyond the decor?

From student information sheets to a classroom job system, this mega bundle is your ticket to having a successful year without breaking a sweat (or the bank)!


  • Calendar display pack - calendar template, monthly headers, weather, & more
  • Labels galore pack - classroom library/book bin labels, supply labels, folder labels, & more
  • Class library book bins pack - book bin labels, stickers for each book
  • Classroom jobs system - two different display options, job application, & more
  • Student birthdays pack  - several birthday display options, certificates, home letters, & student poster
  • Classroom schedule pack  - time cards, subject cards, & individual schedules
  • Classroom visuals pack - posters, charts, desk name plates & more
  • Open House pack - forms, brochure, stations, & more
  • Bulletin board / door decor pack - door banner, affirmation station, math board, ELA board & more
  • Gift tags pack - tags for students and staff all year
  • I Can statements pack - 1st grade AND 2nd grade I Can statements & focus wall for grammar, reading, writing, phonics, and math
  • Back to school templates - Editable classroom newsletter templates and back to school forms

*Want to take a look inside this resource? Download the preview file to check it out!*


  • Classroom calendar background
  • Date/number cards
  • Holiday & special event cards
  • Monthly headers
  • Today is / yesterday was / tomorrow will be
  • Number of days in school
  • Today’s date flip calendar
  • Student calendar template


  • Supply bin labels
  • Student folder & notebook labels
  • Teacher toolbox labels
  • Drawer tower labels
  • Mailbox labels
  • Binder covers and spines labels


  • 200+ book bin labels in 3 different sizes
  • Matching stickers to put on the books


  • Student job card display with 35 jobs to choose from (2 versions)
  • Job application


  • Bulletin board display headers - small & large
  • Month posters - small & large, pendants, & cupcakes
  • Name cards - rectangles, candles
  • Extras - birthday certificates, home letters, All About Me poster


  • Bulletin board display header
  • Small subject cards (8” x 2”
  • Large subject cards (10.7” x 2.6”)
  • Small time cards
  • Large time cards
  • Analog & digital times
  • Individual student schedules


  • Class Rule Posters & student booklets 2 sets of 5 *editable* rules
  • Alphabet Posters - 3 different styles included
  • Number Posters - each number 1-20, intervals of ten 30-90, intervals of a hundred 100-1000
  • Voice Level Chart
  • Class Dismissal Chart
  • Lunch Choice Chart
  • ASL Hand Signals posters
  • Classroom number line & student number lines
  • Student partner cards & grouping posters
  • Student desk name plates


  • Postcard template
  • Student gift tags
  • Volunteer sign-up forms
  • Transportation form
  • Classroom wish list forms
  • Parent sign-in form
  • Meet the teacher letter template
  • Photo and social media release forms
  • Student information forms
  • Meet the teacher checklist
  • Open house station signs (small & large sizes)


  • Back to school bulletin board kit - “We are better together” display
  • “In this classroom” door banner (2’ x 6’) - PDF and SVG files included
  • Affirmation station
  • ELA bulletin board kit
  • Math bulletin board kit


  • Back to School Student Gift Tags
  • End of the Year Gift Tags
  • Birthday Gift Tags
  • Parent Gift Tags
  • Teacher Appreciation Tags
  • Teammate Gift Tags


  • Focus wall headers for bulletin board and pocket chart
  • Grammar objectives page
  • Phonics objectives page
  • Math objectives page
  • Reading comprehension objectives page
  • Writing objectives page
  • Scope and sequence for 1st & 2nd grades
  • Math I Can statements
  • Writing I Can statements
  • Reading comprehension I Can statements
  • Grammar I Can statements
  • Phonics I Can statements
  • Editable / blank I Can statement cards to add your own


  • Editable classroom newsletters for each month
  • Back to school teacher binder or folder cover & spine label
  • Back to school teacher checklist
  • Procedures to teach checklist
  • Back to school read aloud book list
  • First day of school ideas list
  • Blank editable lesson plans templates
  • Daily Google Slides™ template
  • Parent contact log
  • Absent folder covers and templates
  • Reminder note template
  • Desk fairy notes / desk monster notes
  • Behavior punch cards
  • Behavior reward coupons
  • Class names word search template
  • Student name doodle pages (autofill)

I can’t wait to hear how these resources help you organize, setup, and decorate the classroom of your dreams! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it goes! Happy teaching!


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46 reviews for Classroom Decor Bundle | Classroom Calendar Set | Birthday Bulletin Board

  1. Laura C.

    I love this resource for it’s versatility and variety. I can use it alone or I can combine it with other themes and use it year after year! Thank you!

  2. Karen Bippus

    I’m so excited to get this resource. I have been updating some of the things In my classroom for the upcoming year. The resources included have given me so many options to fit my decor.

  3. Lauren R.

    My classroom is full of these resources. It is very helpful to have very clear resources on display for my students with different abilities and SPED.

  4. Jess R.

    This bundle has it all! I initially purchased it to help organize my classroom library, and have been delighted by each addition! (I think the bundle is full now.) I love the fonts and clean look of everything I’ve printed so far and I look forward to using this resource for many years.

  5. Stephanie E.

    Love this resource for my classroom! Being able to change the color theme without purchasing a new product each time is great.

  6. Jordan Margerum

    WOW! This resource had even more included then I realized. There is everything you need to begin your school year and get your classroom ready. Can’t wait to get started after seeing everything in this bundle!

  7. Laura K.

    This resource is a one stop shop for everything you need to decorate your classroom! I love that you can print using just black ink and can print on any color of paper you choose to match your theme.

  8. Leane V.

    This resource is fabulous! I have wanted to update so many things in my classroom and this has everything I could have imagined…and so many options. Things are simple, yet very cute. I love that I can use my choice of colors. It’s perfect for my type-A personality and actually has gotten me excited about getting ready to go back to school. Thank you so much!!

  9. Jenelle B.

    This is an AMAZING resource! I have spent a lot of time trying to find a classroom bundle and nothing else has even compared to the amount of resources that are loaded in this one. I still keep finding more and more resources. This is so valuable and going to get me so organized, THANK YOU!

  10. Shelly K.

    This is such an awesome resource bundle. It is helping me feel so much more organized and ready for the school year. I like the resources in this bundle so much that it made me decide to sign-up for the All Access.

  11. BrieAnna R.

    Such a great idea to make a bundle thar can be printed on any paper! It’s very inclusive with so many decor and important things you need in your classroom throughout the day to stay organized and engaging.

  12. Kidd Kreations

    I like that I have one resource that has a common uniform appearance that hits all of the important things that a teacher needs from “Meet the Teacher”, Beginning of the Year, and student managerial materials. You get a lot of materials for the price.
    This has already and will continue to save me precious time this school year.

  13. Helen E.

    Excellent bundle ! Best value on TPT ! Such a great resource for your classroom decor and more. I love that it is easy to download and that I can used colored paper, which is cost effective. Super cute and there is everything you could think of for the classroom and the new school year. I love that it’s a growing bundle. Would totally recommend !

  14. Steggie’s Student

    I’ve already started printing materials from this bundle! Everything is organized so nicely and I love that there are several versions for many of the items so that I can choose what works best for my classroom! There’s color options and black and white options for printing on colored paper for many of the pieces in this bundle! Well worth the money and I’m excited that I’ll have this resource for a very long time!

  15. Danielle H.

    This resource has it all! This has made organizing my classroom FUN and will be beneficial in the long run. I love that it is editable, so I am able to add labels that my science classroom needs. I can not say enough good things about this entire resource.

  16. Laura W.

    This is such a GREAT resource for teachers who want to be more organized and have a classroom set up! SO many things in this bundle that are awesome and I love that they are editable!

  17. Holly Johnson

    I absolutely love this resource!! This is exactly what I was looking for! A way to organize my classroom and choose the colors that match! Thank you so much!

  18. Amber W.

    I love to be organized and this is helping me prepare for the upcoming school year. I love the classroom helpers and the birthday display.

  19. Khristina B.

    This is the best resource ever for organizing the classroom. I have already printed book bin labels, schedule cards, and supply labels. My favorite part is that I only need colored paper to print the materials. It has saved me time and ink!

  20. Amy G.

    I am loving this resource to help me keep organized and on task to get the school year started. I am a veteran teacher (20 years) and still end up forgetting something. This resource lays it out visually and gives enough choice so as not to be overwhelmed with getting the school year ready!

  21. Kimberly M.

    Loved going thorugh all of the different options!! I just created a new classroom job bulletin board. I absolutely love it!! Thank you!

  22. Diana Greenstein

    There are so many wonderful and fun resources in this bundle. I can’t wait to explore it in even more depth. Love your products! Xo

  23. Jasmyne S.

    I am BEYOND excited to use this new classroom decor bundle. I have been looking to switch up my classroom jobs poster and area. Angie never disappoints!

  24. Jo-Anne W.

    Love that I can print class organization materials on colored cardstock without tapping into my colored ink supply. The library options are neat, too. Another high quality set of resources from LLL. 🙂

  25. Meshia Horn

    I’m so glad I have this resource. There are so many items included to help you be prepared. I’m looking forward to see what other updates are to come.

  26. Tamara B.

    This is so versatile. I love how you can personalize to fit your classroom. There is so much in this bundle and I am excited to use this when I set up my classroom this year. I have many calendars and charts from all over.(hand me downs, freebies,etc.) I can’t wait to have everything match. Thanks for creating this resource.

  27. Kristen M.

    I really excited to see all the resources that will be added to this bundle. Im glad I purchased it for my classroom this year!

  28. Andrea S.

    I love this set! What a brilliant idea to have a full classroom set that is consistent but allows us to customize colors. I’ve used some things to fill in where other packs are missing something, and I’ve used some pieces in their entirety. Thank you!!

  29. Laura G.

    I love that this can be used with any color and that I don’t have to use color ink to print it. It’s a classy look for a classroom and just what I was looking for.

  30. Laura D.

    I love all of your resources! I am excited to begin to use this in the new school year. Thank you, for creating this wonderful resource because all items are already being planned on how to use them in the new school year.

  31. Sarah B.

    I love all of your resources! I am excited to begin to use this in the new school year. Thank you, for creating this wonderful resource because all items are already being planned on how to use them in the new school year.

  32. Leanne H.

    I love the simplistic nature of the all the labels… it lends itself to a more cohesive looking, and calm room than all the other things in the classroom I have purchased for organization.

  33. Jenn C

    This is exactly what I was looking for and the options are endless! I love the fact that I can choose my own color scheme. I was getting tired of themes and wanted to simplify the decor in my classroom and the very next day I came across this. Thank you!!

  34. Jessica L.

    Excellent resource. Very helpful and easy to use. This was exactly what I was looking for to use. Thank you for making this.

  35. Angela D.

    So much fun and such a colorful set to decorate the classroom. My students love the colors, and my classroom looks amazing.

  36. Kristi Washburn

    This has been a colorful addition to my classroom. The students love to see what colors I will use on the next classroom display.

  37. Kelly B.

    This made setting up a classroom at the beginning of the year so easy. I love that I can just print on colored paper that matches my room. This is a great resource!

  38. Lucia D.

    This bundle has saved my life as a first-year teacher! I had to set up my classroom from scratch and this kept me from being totally overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. There are just so many systems and resources included, it really is an ultimate classroom “starter pack” for any elementary teacher. The best part is that everything is black-and-white so I can print onto my own colored cardstock or colored paper.

  39. Shari F.

    This bundle has been wonderful for my combined grade 1 and 2 class! It is filled with very useful, and very user-friendly materials to help with classroom routines like jobs, calendar and birthdays. My students and I all enjoy using it!

  40. Learning with Lail

    This was the best purchase I have made by far!! I love all of the resources and the fact that I can make it match any theme or color scheme I choose to go with in my classroom. Thank you for such an easy to use, versitle product.

  41. Sarah B.

    I am extremely happy I bought this. It’s saved me time creating so many different resources for my classroom. I printed them out on bright paper and laminated them.

  42. Dinah Zoufai

    These looked great in the room. Everything was easy to use. They kept everything organized and easy to see on the walls.

  43. Katie Fink

    Love it! Such a great resource! My students love the jobs and the job application! I love the bulletin board stuff, takes some of the thinking out of it.

  44. Jennifer J.

    So many resources in this bundle! I was able to fill in many gaps in my classroom based on the ideas that are included in this bundle. Thank you so much!

  45. Melissa S.

    This resource is so INCREDIBLE! I love how everything coordinates and doesn’t require color ink! I am sooooooooooo glad I purchased this bundle! So worth it!

  46. Heather C.

    I decided that it was time for a classroom theme change this year and this has helped to make those changes easier. It saved me so much time and I’ve used it multiple times already!

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