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Classroom Transformation Growing Bundle | Restaurant Beach Camping Theme



This classroom transformation GROWING BUNDLE includes a variety of themed activities to support several amazingly fun days of learning! We’ve done the heavy lifting and included everything you need for each theme day – from a parent note template to a student completion certificate, and all the fun activities in between!

Need a fun way to end the school year?

Theme days are a fun change from the routine. With this pack, it will be quick and easy to implement with simple prep!

Want motivating skill review activities?

All of the activities are tied to standards and designed with second grade skill review in mind! Students won’t even know they are learning and reviewing because it’s fun!

Looking for an affordable celebration?

Between this pack and a trip to the dollar store, you’ll have an exciting celebration that isn’t rough on your wallet.


  • Restaurant transformation pack (300+ pages)
  • Beach transformation pack (300+ pages)
  • Camping transformation pack (200+ pages)
    • Snow Globe transformation pack - coming November 2022 
    • Garden transformation pack -  coming February 2023
    • Game Day transformation pack - coming May 2023 

*Want to see what each transformation looks like? Download the preview file to check out the fun!*


Morning Work

  • Placemat activity page

Read aloud – Pizza at Sally’s

  • Comprehension questions
  • Worksheet options: Character traits, sequencing, verbs, compare & contrast

Small Group

  • Cooking up partner game – nouns/verbs
  • Restaurant grammar Toothy cards & mats

Literacy Centers

  • Common & proper nouns food pairs center
  • Book tasting – setting
  • Describing diner

Brain Break

  • Pizza brain break videos – QR codes
  • Conversation cards

Math Lesson

  • Math cook-off 1 & 2 – math review
  • Build your own fraction pizza

Math Centers

  • Money menu center
  • Pizza fractions center
  • Worksheet options: sushi subtraction, taco ‘bout time, food truck addition


  • Food groups mini book
  • Food groups place setting
  • Food groups I spy & graphing

Social studies

  • Restaurant economics flip book


  • Recipe card writing
  • How to writing – make a taco, do the dishes, set the table

Extras & Management

  • Chef hat and name tags
  • Bingo game
  • Posters and signs, banners, decoration ideas
  • Parent note, certificate, brag tag, snack note
  • Pizza behavior system


Morning Work

  • Beach I Spy & graphing page

Read Aloud: Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach

  • Comprehension questions
  • Worksheet options: Character traits, sequencing, making connections, collective nouns, compare & contrast, “how to” writing prompts

Small Group activities

  • Vowel team and r-controlled partner games
  • Beach mini book

Literacy Centers

  • Crabs on the beach center – multisyllabic words
  • Sandcastles center – synonyms
  • Popsicle puzzles – diphthongs
  • Scuba dive center – expanding sentences
  • Sequencing center – sea turtles

Brain Break

  • Ocean animal movement cards

Math Lesson

  • Marina measuring
  • Arrays of sunshine
  • Seaside subtraction - 2-digit with regrouping

Math Centers

  • Beach logic puzzles
  • Ocean animal Toothy – word problems
  • Worksheet options: shell shapes, flip flop fractions, beach day basics (money)


  • Jellyfish passage, report booklet, QR code videos
  • Seashell investigation


  • Beach vacation postcard


  • Rainbow scales – celery stamping
  • Directed drawings

Extras & Management

  • Beach bingo activity
  • Beach decorations idea list, banners
  • Certificate, parent note, brag tag, snack tag
  • Posters and checklist
  • Palm tree behavior system


Morning Work

  • Camping warm ups

Read Aloud - A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

  • "What Good Readers Do” anchor chart
  • Comprehension questions
  • Worksheet options: Spin a verb tense, camper cause & effect, vocabulary crossword, sequencing, story elements organizer, my camping trip writing prompt, multiple meanings word search

Small Group

  • Reading buddy questions

Literacy Centers

  • Bookmarks
  • Write the room camping words
  • Build a word

Brain Break

  • Camping would you rather exercises

Math Lesson

  • Outdoor and indoor measurement activities 

Math Centers

  • Camping addition task cards
  • Camp trading post money cards
  • Telling time scoot
  • Worksheet options - camp graphing

Science/Social Studies

  • Animal Tracks activity
  • Campsite map skills


  • Design your own campsite


  • How to writing - make a s’more, set up a tent
  • Camp memories prompt

Extras & Management

  • Brag tags, snack tag, certificate, bingo
  • Reading camp posters, checklist, rules poster, wooden name plates
  • Camping decoration idea list, banners
  • Firefly behavior


November 2022  - Snow Globe

February 2023 - Garden

May 2023 - Game Day

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

“OMG! This restaurant pack is nothing short of amazing!! I absolutely LOVE all the variety of activities!” - Lynda

“BIG WOW on the beach day activities! I'm thinking this may extend to the whole week before our four day Easter break!” - Alyssa

I can’t wait to hear how these room transformations go with your students! Send me a message after you download and let me know about your special days. Happy teaching!


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