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Classroom Visuals | Alphabet & Number Posters | Student Desk Plates and MORE



This pack of classroom visuals includes a variety of visuals, posters, charts, and more to display in your classroom and support student learning and routines. This resource is editable, customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and not overwhelming or overstimulating. It is easy to assemble and kid-friendly!

WAIT! This resource is part of our basic or bright CLASSROOM SET UP BUNDLE! Take a look to save money and have a consistent design throughout your classroom.

Need classroom visuals that match your colors?

The posters and charts included can be printed on any paper color(s) you wish! Brights, neutrals, pastels, boho colors, and more!

Want a variety of visuals that are easy to customize?

This resource includes editable versions so that you can get the wording perfect for your students, and have visuals that support the learning your students need.

Looking for cost-effective classroom posters and resources?

This pack is jam-packed with all kinds of visuals for your classroom so you don’t have to buy each one individually! Alphabet posters, number posters, lunch chart, voice level chart, dismissal chart, sign language posters, and so much more!

NOTE: Editable versions are included in the download. Instructions are also included!

*Want to take a look inside this resource and see each component? Download the preview file to check it out!*


  • Class Rule Posters
    • 2 sets of 5 *editable* rules
    • Student rule booklets
  • Alphabet Posters
    • 3 different styles included
    • Showcases upper and lower case on each poster with a keyword image
  • Number Posters
    • Each number 1-20
    • Intervals of ten 30-90
    • Intervals of a hundred 100-1000
  • Voice Level Chart
    • Voice level chart header
    • Cards for: Levels 1-5
  • Class Dismissal Chart
    • Headers: Ways we get home, dismissal
    • Cards for: Car, bus, walk, scooter, daycare, and bike
  • Lunch Choice Chart
    • Headers for: Home lunch, school lunch, choice 1-4, hot lunch, cold lunch, pizza, salad, milk
    • 3 styles of student number cards 
  • ASL Hand Signals
    • 20 different signals with request phrases
  • Classroom number line & student number lines
    • Classroom number line to 100 or 120
    • Student number lines to 20 and 100
  • Student partner cards & grouping posters
    • Animal partner cards
    • Food partner cards
    • Household items partners cards
    • Groupings for each set
  • Student desk name plates
    • Editable to type on student names
    • Versions for K-6
    • Print & cursive versions

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

—--I'm so excited to get this resource. I have been updating some of the things In my classroom for the upcoming year. The resources included have given me so many options to fit my decor. - Karen B.

—--This is so versatile. I love how you can personalize to fit your classroom.  There is so much in this bundle and I am excited to use this when I set up my classroom this year.  I have many calendars and charts from all over.(hand me downs, freebies,etc.) I can't wait to have everything match. Thanks for creating this resource. - Tamara B.

—-I love that this can be used with any color and that I don't have to use color ink to print it.  It's a classy look for a classroom and just what I was looking for.  - Laura G.I can’t wait to hear how this classroom visuals pack helps you set up the classroom of your dreams and support student learning and routines in your class! Send me a message after you download and let me know about your set-up. Happy teaching!


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