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*EDITABLE & AUTOFILL* End of the Year Awards

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End of year awards allow you to recognize & celebrate your students’ strengths and accomplishments! The certificates, lanyards, and brag tags allow students to show off their award in various ways!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Loved the variety and how they were editable! Made the end of the year celebration so much more fun and very easy to prepare for. I will definitely be using them again this year! – Sierra D.

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End of year awards allow you to recognize & celebrate your students’ strengths and accomplishments! The certificates, lanyards, and brag tags allow students to show off their award in various ways!

Looking for new & creative awards?

With 75+ different awards included PLUS editable, each student can have their own unique award.

Need different options for awards?

This product comes with editable, digital, and printable awards. It also includes certificates, brag tags, and lanyards so it will work for years to come!

Wanting an easy-to-use resource?

With the autofill version included, have personalized awards for your students in just a few moments!

What's included:

  • 75 End of the Year Award Certificates (with autofill option!)
  • 75 End of the Year Award Lanyards
  • 75 End of the Year Award Brag Tags
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Certificates
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Lanyards
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Brag Tags
  • 75 DIGITAL End of the Year Award Certificates

These End of the Year Awards include the following 75 different awards:

  1. Positive Pal
  2. Cursive Master
  3. Lunchroom Leader
  4. Smile Maker
  5. Excellent Effort
  6. Impeccable Improvement
  7. Super Reader
  8. Attentive Listener
  9. Observant Scientist
  10. Miss Manners
  11. Mr. Manners
  12. Most Improved
  13. Super Stamina
  14. Never Gives Up
  15. Classroom Leader
  16. Class Clown
  17. Bright Bookworm
  18. Rockin' Reader
  19. Handy Helper
  20. Future Teacher
  21. Math Wizard
  22. Geometry Guru
  23. Math Fact Master
  24. Phonics Fanatic
  25. Amazing Artist
  26. Master Musician
  27. Fabulous Friend
  28. Terrific Teammate
  29. Wonderful Writer
  30. STEM Genius
  31. Math Maniac
  32. Friendliest Friend
  33. Colorful & Creative
  34. Social Butterfly
  35. Giggle Box
  36. Creative Kid
  37. Class Actress
  38. Future Actor
  39. Compassionate & Kind
  40. Helping Hero
  41. Budding Artist
  42. Red Hot Reader
  43. Best Buddy
  44. Sight Word Master
  45. Spectacular Helper
  46. AR Queen
  47. AR King
  48. Totally Trustworthy
  49. Terrific Tutor
  50. Amazing Attitude
  51. Energy Saver
  52. Earth Hugger
  53. No Tardy Smartie
  54. Goes the Extra Mile
  55. Leaps & Bounds
  56. Perseverance Power
  57. Really Reliable
  58. Teamwork Top Dog
  59. Growth Mindset
  60. Tech Wizard
  61. Filled with Integrity
  62. Most Curious
  63. Stands Up For What Is Right
  64. Awesome During Assemblies
  65. Energy to Learn
  66. Thinks Outside the Box
  67. Organization Guru
  68. Amazing Handwriting
  69. Caring Heart
  70. Friendly Neighbor
  71. School Citizen
  72. Quality Worker
  73. Future CEO
  74. Garbage Gobbler
  75. Eager Engineer

50 reviews for *EDITABLE & AUTOFILL* End of the Year Awards

  1. Nicole R.

    My students felt so special receiving these awards at our end-of-the-year classroom ceremony. There were some awards where they just couldn’t help themselves-they predicted who was receiving the award before I even had a chance to announce. Easy to edit, print, and hand out! Lots of variety within the awards. Something for everyone! Thank you!

  2. Kyla D.

    These certificates will be so much fun to use at the end of the year! They are very creative and unlike any other’s I have seen. I definitely recommend checking these out for your own classroom!

  3. Sierra D.

    Loved the variety and how they were editable! Made the end of the year celebration so much more fun and very easy to prepare for. I will definitely be using them again this year!

  4. Michaela Gokhale

    Very cute awards I used at the end of the year. I announced them in class and also printed them for virtual students to pick up. I’ve used these in person, too, and kids love them and feel proud!

  5. Jennifer S.

    These are amazing! Some of them I use now before the end of the year. I keep buying her brag tags because they are soo great!

  6. Miss Nancy’s Classroom

    These awards fit my class to a tee. First, I did an end of the year program for my kids, showed them who got what award, and then mailed them to my students.

  7. Emi M.

    I love how these certificates have a variety of choices so that every child can get an award that celebrates their individual strengths. It made it easy to remember what I wanted to say about each child at the end of year celebration.

  8. Sandra V.

    My students loved receiving their individualized awards! I love that I can recognize ALL of my students for how amazing they are and the progress they have made! 🙂

  9. Spoonful of Sped

    These are great for end of year award ceremonies. We hosted one and these were the talk of the town. Families and students loved them. Thank you so much for making this 🙂

  10. Meganne S.

    Used this at the end of our distance learning year. It was great to be able to send this to the students digitally at our end of the year zoom party. We normally do an end of the year party where we acknowledge the students and this digital resource allowed us to still have this!

  11. Lindsey G.

    Super cute! We used these on our “Hollywood” theme day and the kids walked down the red carpet to receive their awards!

  12. Stefanie S.

    These certificates are amazing! I love how there are so many options to choose from… My students loved receiving their certificates!

  13. Madison M.

    This was so fun to do at the end of the year! I printed off the certificate for each of the students with their awards on it. I made a red carpet for them to walk down when their name was called! A great way to end the school year and fun for the students to see what award they got!

  14. Livin’ the Kindergarten Dream

    Excellent awards for a fun and special awards day to wrap up Kindergarten. I love all the different choices… it is simple to find one to fit each child perfectly!

  15. colleen H.

    My second graders loved these! I had a special in-class awards ceremony on the last day of school with these awards. They had the all school one earlier in the week, but I wanted to give a variety of special awards for talents not always recognized. I picked six or seven for each child and put them on a binder ring. I called each student up and read their awards. The kids would laugh and say “Yes, that one should go to him/her” It was a lot of fun! Thanks!

  16. Jessica B.

    My students loved receiving these awards. They were age appropriate and fun for the children to see. I loved watching their reactions as each description was read.

  17. Catherine M.

    My students loved receiving their awards at our kindergarten graduation, and I was able to find an award that worked for each student.

  18. Melody S.

    This resource was so helpful with taking the end of year awards off my plate! My students enjoyed the awards, and their parents did too!

  19. Jen S.

    I always love giving students awards at the end of the school year. I really like this resource because there is such a wonderful variety of awards and the colours and pictures are great!

  20. Holly L.

    Our school does end of year awards. Unfortunately these awards are only given to a selct number of students. In order to boost student confidence, I used these . Each student got an award unique to their strength. We announce each award and what it was for. Then we clapped. They were so excited and proud of the award that they got. It made each student feel important.

  21. Bianca Z.

    These were a perfect edition to the end of the school year goodie bags before summer!! My students absolutely loved looking at them. Its something they are gonna treasure! So easy to edit and print them, I printed them on cardstock paper and laminated them 🙂

  22. Tracie F.

    My students loved getting their awards especially when we had them walk down to receive it and applaud. We also let them guess who they thought certain awards were going to.

  23. Amy P.

    Passing out these awards may have been my favorite activity of the year. I called each child up and told them why I chose the award for them. Their faces were priceless!

  24. Helen B.

    I really enjoyed making these certificates and my students loved the ceremony we had the end-of-the-year. I plan on using these throughout the year next ear instead of just at the end. Great resource!

  25. Sandra T.

    My students loved getting personalized awards. They were super easy and quick to edit. Total time saver. Will definitely keep using these in the future.

  26. Emily C.

    I used this at the end of the year with my students. They loved gettting the certificates, and it made them feel so special. I love all the different colors.

  27. Lindsay D.

    These awards were perfect for my kindergarten celebration night. I loved finding just the right award for each of my students.

  28. Jenna V.

    I used this resource on the last day of school. It was a fun/unique way to recognize students. I loved how many options there were to pick from.

  29. Lydia C.

    I used this on the last day of school and it was so awesome seeing their faces light up as I called their names for their individual awards! I loved that the certificates were easily editable, and that I could find an award to celebrate the individuality of each student! There were so many options to choose from!

  30. Sara R.

    Thank you for this resource! My students felt so very special when they received one of these certificates. I will be using them next year, too.

  31. Christianna W.

    These looked great and vibrant when I printed them out. It looked like I was way more prepared than I actually was at the end of the year. There is a huge variety of options! Can’t wait to use them again!

  32. Kelsey N.

    I loved these, so did the students and parents. So many different awards to fit so many different student personalities. Love that each student could receive a different, personalized, award.

  33. Brandi S.

    The variety supplied made it easy for me to quickly find awards to highlight strengths of every student in my class! Thank you.

  34. Bailey H.

    These awards were fantastic to share with my students as there was a variety of different options for all of the personality types in my classroom! Definitely something for everyone!

  35. Tonia S.

    I absolutely love this resource! It was great to have so many different awards that I could choose from. The hardest part was choosing which award fit each student the best. My students stayed engaged and could not wait to see which award they would receive at our end of year celebration!

  36. Lauren H.

    I love the variety of awards included! I loved that you had academic choices as well as character and skills! They are adorable!

  37. Education to the Macs

    I loved how there were so many options to choose from in this resource. I didn’t have a hard time choosing students for each reward, and they were so unique compared to some other resources out there! I also loved the generic theme, so that I can use it year after year!

  38. Amanda B.

    My students were so excited to receive these during our classroom award ceremony on our last day of school! They clapped and cheered for each other! It was so sweet and special!

  39. Katherine S.

    I received so many compliments on these awards! There are SO many options. I had 45 student awards to hand out and didn’t duplicate them—such a great resource. I highly recommend it.

  40. Lauren B.

    I loved the colorful details of this resource, plus it was easy to use with my students who were using online learning. I didn’t have to worry about wasting colored ink, the parents could print it out at their convenience.

  41. Carissa W.

    My students always love voting for classroom superlatives. These certificates made it very easy for me to edit and print them to celebrate a fun year together!

  42. Quetta S.

    I love this resource. Very useful in our classroom. I used these awards all throughout the year. The students loved it!!!

  43. Bridget H.

    This was a great way for me to recognize the hard work the students put in this year and their individual personalities. There were so many options for awards!

  44. Susannah Johnson

    We had so much fun with these awards at the end of the year! My students were excited and the parents were also happy that their children received recognition! Strongly recommend these!

  45. Katie S.

    This was such a meaningful way for us to close our year out together. It felt so personal, and every child loved the recognition for their unique value that they bring to our class! Thank you so much. 🙂

  46. kathryn W.

    My students were so excited at the end of the year to be presented with an award. I was able to choose an award specific to each student in class and we shared in celebrating each others’ gifts on the last day

  47. Erin Lynch

    My students loved receiving these awards! I spoke about each student describing them in relation to their award before handing it to them and they were so taken back by them! It was so nice to see each student honoured! Thank you!

  48. Kathryn S.

    I have used these for 2 years- excited about the updated additional animal awards for next year. I send these home in the mail after the year is over and get lots of happy emails from parents saying how much the kids love the notes.

  49. Katelyn S.

    I used this resource as end of the year rewards. My students LOVED them. They were excited to hear which reward everyone received. It was fun to watch and hear them cheer for each other. Great way to bring everyone together

  50. Nanette R.

    This was the perfect EOY awards! My students were so happy and excited to receive the colorful awards. I enjoyed writing them too! I used my printer to write the students name, I signed them, and I also laminated for a long lasting memory. They were the most eye-catching awards at the ceremony!

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