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Fall Color by Number – Addition and Subtraction to 18

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Addition and subtraction fact fluency is essential in 1st and 2nd grade. These Color by Number sheets are a fun way to practice math facts in an effort to memorize and recall math facts quickly and easily. They are also a great NO PREP option for teachers! These make great homework options as well!

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What's Included?
20 Fall Sheets
Answer Keys
(includes Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving)

73 reviews for Fall Color by Number – Addition and Subtraction to 18

  1. jack R.

    I’ve had the pleasure of using various resources, and this one stands out. Its suitable for a wide range of learning needs. I highly recommend giving it a try!

  2. Laura T.

    My students really enjoyed doing this project for their morning work. They enjoyed figuring out the pictures as they solved the multiplication problems. It is a good resource.

  3. Amy Allen

    I love to use these as a station or if students finish their work early. It really helps to keep the squirrely ones focused 😉

  4. Staci Day

    I love using this every fall and the students love figuring out the problems and coloring. We have used it as early finisher and math centers. Thank you!

  5. Jenny H.

    We’ve used these a lot in the classroom already this year! They’re great early finisher activities that they can keep in their folder and work on as time allows.

  6. Briana B.

    This was a great resource for extra work for sub plans or in the event where students need be quietly engaged in something while a situation is handled.

  7. Catherine Maloney

    My students loved these! I have several of these from this seller and I appreciate that they are varying levels of difficulty (single vs. double digit) but with the same end picture so students don’t feel bad for having “easier math”.

  8. Skylar C

    I often use these pages for morning work when my students first enter the room for the day. These pages were perfect for my second graders to complete independently.

  9. Type B Millennial Teacher

    My students use this as morning work. They do get classdojo points if they complete it so it motivates them to get it done. It forces them to practice the facts over and over again

  10. Tina L.

    The students enjoyed this resource. It was used as a brain breaker after testing and beore moving on to other curriculum.

  11. Kayla G.

    I use this resource in my early finishers bin. I have a lot of students who like to color, but I wanted to make it more curriculum aligned than just have them color whatever they wanted. This is the perfect happy medium!

  12. Morgan T.

    I use these once a week for morning work! The students are engaged and stay on task. I plan on purchasing the second set.

  13. Tara Bruce

    Excellent resource to use to help reinforce the skills that either have been taught or are currently teaching. Easy for students to use and follow along.

  14. elizabeth S.

    My students love using these for morning work. I really liked that there was a variety of holiday and non-holiday themed images.

  15. Amy M.

    The color-by-number pictures are very cute and very nicely designed. Perfect for quick review of math facts in an engaging way.

  16. Lisa G.

    Love the variety of addition & subtraction. Adding and subtracting all the way to 18 was pretty challenging for my students as we’ve mastered addition & subtraction to 10 so far, but they loved it! It kept them very busy.

  17. Karen A.

    My students loved practicing their addition math facts with this coloring activity. Also, great to leave with a sub or for math centers.

  18. Kari R.

    I often use these pages for morning work when my students first enter the room for the day. These pages were perfect for my second graders to complete independently.

  19. Extra-Ordinary Primary

    I’m a resource room teacher and my students loved this for extra practice and homework. I also left it when I had a sub and it was easy for them to do and gave my students even extra practice.

  20. Carey C.

    LOVE these worksheets! I’ve used them as morning work, individual work, group work. The students love coloring in the little pictures after they’ve finished the work. Perfect quick assessments too!

  21. Ashley G.

    These color-by-answer pages are a lifesaver when you need that extra filler for short periods of time! It really allows the kids to come back to it any time they need to!

  22. Gabrielle O.

    I love this resource! I’ve had students in quarantine during the fall and I was able to print and send these home with them as a fun way to practice their addition and subtraction skills at home. They are also a go-to of mine for morning work/early finishers.

  23. Sharp Simplicity

    My students love color by number and get so excited when I print a new one for them to complete. It’s helping with their math fluency as well. I’m so pleased with this resource.

  24. missbarbera

    I have a student who is on a behavior plan and I use this for his reward work. He loves it! This is a great reinforcer for him because he loves math, but also loves to color. It’s not too tricky for him, so it makes him excited to do it.

  25. Darcy Lippman

    This has been a great resource for my K-5 Special Education Self-Contained Classroom! I teach all the subjects to students from K-5 and having resources that can be used across multiple grade levels and with a variety of different learning needs is invaluable! Thank you!

  26. Lesa G.

    My students really enjoyed using this to practice math facts! I found it to be engaging and a fun way for students to independently practice this skill.

  27. Michelle T.

    My students love these. They seem more engaged with this resource than other color by number pictures I have used in the past.

  28. Winnie B.

    My students love colouring and I love anything by Lucky Little Learners! Great opportunity to scaffold and fun way to practice

  29. Kaitlyn M.

    This is an awesome pack! I like giving students different ones so they don’t just copy their neighbor. You could also use them individually. They really help the students make my room more festive while practicing math.

  30. Stephanie Desjarlais

    I use these sheets in my early finisher folders. My students love to finish their work to get to use complete these sheets. Great resource!

  31. Christine S.

    I love using these activities for math centers and early finisher activities. The kids love them and find them engaging.

  32. Jolene V.

    I have been using these when students are doing independent work practice while I am pulling small groups. Thank you for creating something that is aligned to standards and also fun for the students.

  33. Supply A.

    My students are really improving on their addition and subtraction and learning about 2-digit math because of these…thank you so much!!

  34. Jeri N.

    This resource provides such fun practice for my students. They enjoy testing themselves and racing with each other to complete the project.

  35. Yvette F.

    This was a great resource! It was fun, engaging, and my students were learning! We have used this during various times during the day, but also when my students have indoor recess! We are hybrid learning right now so I needed something for students to do independently while maintaining social distancing when it was raining for recess. Thank you!

  36. Robin H.

    This is great to use a filler or when you have a sub. They get great practice from it and they use their fine motor skills!

  37. Michelle R.

    My son is a bit behind with his math facts. Coloring has never been his favorite activity but I was surprised how much he enjoyed these worksheets. He took his time coloring in the spaces and they turned out really nice. These were great to help him solidify his math facts. We’re looking forward to the winter set. Thank you!

  38. Campbell B.

    Finally something that makes math just a little bit more fun! Love it, as we are constantly reviewing basic facts to keep the other stuff easier.

  39. Jenna B.

    My students absolutely love these puzzles! They are great for early finishers or to have on a “must do/may do” list for extra practice.

  40. Julie E.

    I used this resource for the fall holidays with one of my students who struggles in math. This sheet looked just like what the other students were doing but had more simple problems that kept him from getting frustrated. Thank you!

  41. Mrs Fans Fantastic Second Graders

    This was an awesome resource! Thank you so much!!!

  42. Brittany Carichner

    Super cute and easy when I need a quick worksheet! My students love coloring these.

  43. Nicole F.

    These are a fun and great resource to enrich my students when they finish something early. Love them!

  44. Amanda Edwards

    These were very helpful in my special education classroom. My students love these!

  45. Cara F.

    We love to use this in math centers. It is a great and fun way to practice facts

  46. Brooke R.

    We used for our 2nd grade centers. My students found it engaging.

  47. amber B.

    These are great activities to use at the beginning of the year. It makes for the perfect review.

  48. Lee F.

    These coloring sheets are handy to have ready for early finishers and for morning work.

  49. Shara G.

    This was great! My students loved it and it was easy for me to use.

  50. Amy Z.

    This activity was very engaging for my students. Easy to use.

  51. Amber O.

    Great resource!
    Perfect for my First Grade Classroom!
    Thank you!

  52. Yaridza M.

    Really cute worksheets for extra practice as the students come into class.

  53. Emily I.

    These are so fun and cute! I thought they were a fun Friday activity for them to practice their skills!

  54. Blooming Bosses

    Really fun! My students enjoyed practicing their math skills with these cute worksheets.

  55. Katie H.

    Love these seasonal color-by-numbers! An easy, low-prep center activity.

  56. Katherine S.

    These were a great addition to my math stations in the fall. My students love these!

  57. Sharon F.

    My students love using this resourse during small groups.

  58. Megan F.

    I love using these. It is a nice relaxing activity while also practicing math facts.

  59. cherie F.

    This was a very useful and fun activity. The kids loved this.

  60. Michelle M.

    Thank you for the great resource. I cannot wait to use it again.

  61. Hong Tran

    This became a class favorite activity for students to do.

  62. Haley H.

    Color by sum/difference are always a hit with my students, and these were no exception!

  63. Erica D.

    My students love this resource! Highly recommend!

  64. Amanda W.

    I used these for morning work and my students really enjoyed them.

  65. Jennifer C.

    Thank you! This resource is perfect for classroom use!

  66. Tara A.

    This was a very handy and useful resource for my 2nd graders.

  67. Magen P.

    Loved this resources for my 2nd graders!! Will use again!

  68. Sandy C.

    These worked great for extra practice. They were easy to prep and are super cute!

  69. Chelsey B.

    These worksheets were great resources to use for my early finishers!

  70. Blackboard Boss

    My students absolutely love doing these! They get so excited to solve and color the sections!

  71. Katelyn Alderson

    I love using this for practicing fact fluency in class!

  72. Caitlin L.

    These have been amazing to have my students practice their fluency within 20!

  73. Emily R.

    My students really enjoyed these colour by number activities. Thank you!

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