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February Math Puzzles

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February Math Puzzles are a great option for your early finishers, math centers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. Each puzzle focuses on a math skill. There are 10 pieces to each puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a math problem for the student to solve. Then the student assembles the puzzle by putting their pieces in order from least to greatest.


The math skills covered in these puzzles are:
-1 More/1 Less and 10 More/10 Less Number Boxes
-Counting Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar)
-Place Value (value of underlined digit- 2- and 3-digit numbers)
-Fact Families
-Number Bonds
-2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping)
-2-Digit Subtraction (with and without regrouping)
-Part Part Whole (missing part)
-Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes
-Rounding (to nearest 10 and 100)
-Least to Greatest

The puzzles include pictures of hearts, baked goods, valentines, bears, presidents (Abraham and Washington), groundhogs, flags, etc

Each puzzle comes with four options for printing:
Option #1: full color puzzle (laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #2: black and white puzzle (print on bright paper, laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #3: black and white puzzle (pieces mixed up for student to solve, cut, and assemble into a notebook or on a piece of construction paper)
Option #4: EDITABLE puzzle pieces for you to customize to meet the needs of your classroom

These puzzles also come with a student checklist. Each puzzle has a title in the upper right hand corner. This is an easy way for the student to identify the puzzle on his/her checklist.

Please download the preview file to see exactly which puzzles are included in this resource.

25 reviews for February Math Puzzles

  1. Kayla Stoltzfus

    Love these for my advanced math kiddo. He is in kindergarten but has a 2nd-3rd grade math level. These are perfect for enrichment!!

  2. C T.

    I have used these puzzles both at home with my own kids and at school. They allllll LOVE these puzzles. Such a great way to show them number sequences and to not always start counting from the number “1”. Thank for also making them in different themes. 🙂

  3. Heidi Thayer

    I just loved these puzzles! I used them during math centers and the students had so much fun with them. What a need way to practice math. The puzzle pictures were just adorable! Your students need these in their classroom!!!!

  4. Terri Larson

    I just found these and used them this month in our Math Centers. They are GREAT. The students love them and I love the skill review. Thank you!

  5. Katherine S.

    My students love the monthly Math Puzzles! They are simple to prep, highly engaging, and provide meaningful Math skills practice. I use them for independent work and at Math Centers.

  6. Lisa H.

    This was lots of fun for students of several ages. Different skills kept the tasks engaging and differentiated to meet the needs of a variety to skill sets.

  7. Rosie S.

    My students loved practicing their skills with these puzzles. It was fun and engaging for them. It was a quick check for me.

  8. The Day Moon Classroom

    I love all the options for these. Perfect to leave for a sub, set up for independent math centers, or a fun way to assess concepts. So many uses and it’s everything you need for the entire year.

  9. Krista Z.

    This makes a great “Math by Yourself Activity” for guided math. Thank you for these resources…I have all of the months!

  10. Riley Van Dyke

    Love these math puzzles for my students. Very fun!

  11. School with Mrs. Sexton

    This resource has been incredibly helpful for my students!

  12. Emily B.

    This resource was great. My class enjoyed practicing addition this way instead of a worksheet.

  13. Christine S.

    We used this on valentines day and it was very cute and fun! Thank You!

  14. Shannon C.

    A great resource to have on hand for a sub during math time, or during seat work for extra practice. Love it!

  15. Riley M.

    I love having these available every month to pull out and quickly review a variety of skills.

  16. Meredith P.

    My students loved this resource and were engaged throughout. I liked the different options of the resource.

  17. EDFB

    These math puzzles are great. My students enjoying doing the puzzles. I plan on purchasing more of the puzzles.

  18. Mary Ann Miller

    I used this activity for morning work and the kids LOVED building their puzzle! I can’t wait to do more!

  19. Josie Silver

    I really love these and am adding these to the sets that I’ve already created. A good center activity.

  20. Jeni A.

    My first grade students looked forward to these as an early finisher option after completing their math work.

  21. Karen S.

    My students really loved this resource. They were engaged and are excited to see the completed puzzle.

  22. Catherine H.

    I loved using these with my kids. In addition to the computational skills, it was interesting to watch how some of them struggled a bit to put the puzzle together. It gave me insight into skills they needed help with. Thanks!

  23. Hoppin’ Into Second Grade

    My students beg me to do these puzzles. What more can I ask for? Thank you!!

  24. Melissa B.

    I liked having several options on how to use these, and my kids enjoyed using them.

  25. Kathleen C.

    I had already started buying these individually, so I couldn’t buy the bundle. I absolutely love these though. I started using some of them last year, and my kids LOVED them!

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