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1st Grade Literacy Centers Bundle

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Imagine each student focused and engaged every day with literacy activities aligned perfectly with the skills they need. If this is your dream, then you need this first grade literacy centers bundle! This comprehensive bundle will take you through the entire year with hands-on, engaging activities focused on phonics, phonemic awareness, reading, grammar, and writing skills! This resource is perfect for any beginning reader, even in second grade or beyond. These centers can be used for center activities, small group activities, literacy interventions, mini lessons, skills practice & review, and even for fast finishers!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These are amazing! They are engaging centers and easy prep. Just copy, cut, and laminate and you are set to go. My students love these and they cover so many skills! – Samantha M.

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    This 1st grade literacy centers bundle will take you through the entire year with hands-on, engaging activities focused on phonics, phonemic awareness, reading, grammar, and writing skills! This 1st grade literacy centers bundle is perfect for any beginning reader, even in second grade or beyond. These centers can be used for center activities, small group activities, literacy interventions, mini lessons, skills practice & review, and even for fast finishers!
    A page describing the first grade literacy centers bundle. A page describing the first grade literacy centers bundle.
    • Over 100 centers so you don’t have to spend your weekends searching for center activities
    • 10 phonological & phonemic awareness centers to prime students’ brain for reading success
    • 36 phonics centers to help students solidify speech-to-sound correspondences
    • 21 reading comprehension centers that students can read and complete independently
    • 35 grammar centers to help students practice grammar skills in a FUN way
    • 10 writing centers to ensure students build writing competence
    • Visual instruction card for each center to promote student independence
    • Recording sheets for each center for student accountability and a quick check of understanding
    • Answer keys for each center for grading ease and/or student self-checking
    • Full color AND black & white centers for any printing situation
    • Easy-to-prep centers so you don’t get hand cramps cutting out pieces for days
    A page describing the first grade literacy centers bundle.
    Rhyme Recognition
    Beginning Sounds
    Ending Sounds
    Medial Sounds
    Segmenting Phonemes
    Adding Phonemes
    Deleting Phonemes
    Substituting Phonemes
    ​​Consonant review
    Short vowel vs. long vowel
    Short vowel A
    Short vowel O
    Short vowel I
    Short vowel U
    Short vowel E
    Mixed short vowels (CVC)
    Digraph SH
    Digraph TH
    Digraph CH
    Digraphs WH and PH
    Digraph CK
    CVCe (a_e, i_e)
    CVCe (o_e, u_e, e_e)
    Long a vowel teams (ay, ai)
    Long e vowel teams (ee, ea, ey)
    Long i vowel teams (ie, igh)
    Long o vowel teams (oe, oa, ow)
    Long u vowel teams (ew, ue, ui)
    L blends (bl, cl, sl, pl, fl, gl)
    R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr)
    S blends (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw)
    R-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur)
    R-controlled vowel (ar)
    R-controlled vowel (or)
    Diphthongs (oi/oy)
    Diphthong (ou, ow)
    Diphthongs (au/aw)
    Long and short oo
    Y as a vowel
    Inflectional endings
    Multisyllabic words (open)
    Multisyllabic words (closed)
    Double consonants + ing
    ABC Order – 1st Letter
    ABC Order – 2nd Letter
    Asking Sentences
    Capitalization – Months & Days
    Commas - Dates
    Commas - Series
    Common & Proper Nouns
    Comparative Adjectives
    Complete Sentences
    Compound Words
    Exclamatory Sentences
    Formal & Informal Language
    Irregular Plurals
    Plural Nouns
    Quotation Marks
    Root Words & Prefixes
    Subject-Verb Agreement
    Types of Sentences
    Verb Tenses
    Author’s Purpose
    Character Traits
    Compare & Contrast
    Concepts of Print
    Fact or Opinion
    Fiction vs. Nonfiction
    Main Topic & Details
    Nonfiction Text Features
    Poetry - Colors
    Poetry - Rhyming
    Point of View
    Problem & Solution
    Story Elements
    Text Evidence
    Sentence Writing
    Personal Narrative Writing
    Opinion Writing
    Informational Writing
    Story Writing
    How To Writing
    Friendly Letter Writing
    Poetry Writing
    Adding Details
    Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!
    “This provided materials and activities to help support my struggling readers. This gives them an opportunity to work at their own level independently!”   -Melanie
    “I use the phonics centers (long e, diagraph) in my reteach/small groups! I usually explain the phonics rule, then we build some words together, and then I divide up the cards, and the kids practice sorting. It worked so well, and my students were fully engaged!”  - Stacy
    “All but 5 or 6 of my second graders are on a K/1 level so this is wonderful for more levels of differentiation! I do an after school group on Wednesdays for some kids in my class and will be using these during that time as well.”  - Alyssa
    I can’t wait to hear how these literacy centers transform your literacy block! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching!
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    All rights reserved by author.
    Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
    Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.
    Not for public display.
    If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

    34 reviews for 1st Grade Literacy Centers Bundle

    1. Kerry Kraska

      My students love how interactive these centers are! They have so much fun with them and even ask for more of the “games” to play during ELA. Awesome product and I highly recommend!

    2. Erin M.

      I purchased your math bundle years ago and was pumped to see your ELA bundle and bought it the day it became available. These activities are perfect for my firsties. The children enjoy doing them during independent time and we have also implemented some activities during calendar time. Thank you for your awesome creations!

    3. Emmy M.

      I LOVE this! I was so excited when it was advertised on her FB page and purchased it immediately. Although I teach 2nd grade there is severe learning loss in addition to the class being primarily English language learners. The centers are engaging and the students are able to use them indepedently. It’s so useful so that I can leave students at centers while I work with my small groups and there are sheets for accountability. I strongly recommend it!!

    4. Power Puff Primary

      So far, I love that there are SO many options in this resource. I’ll definitely have enough for the school year – as an independent station activity. I love that fill-in-the-blank worksheets are also provided because this will keep my students accountable for those interactive station activities. I plan on making a weekly packet of 2 of these activities to do per week at that station, then have another interactive activity there. By the time they finish all of it, they will have all skills covered and be actively engaged.

    5. Crystal W.

      This resource has been an incredible game changer to my instructional practice in Phonics especially since I am new to 1st grade and without a Phonics curriculum. My planning is now incredibly smoother and takes less time. After choosing what my students will be learning e.g. diagraphs, I pull all those resources and it’s done. I really like the Reading, Writing pieces as well. Very thorough.

    6. Laura D.

      I love this resource and it is very engaging for my students. I am excited to introduce parts of this resource to my students. Thank you, again for creating such great and engaging resources for teachers to use with their students.

    7. Lindsay Bock

      My students were SUPER excited to dive right into new Phonics Bundle! Excellent resource to have right at the tips of your fingers, differentiated… FABULOUS new & exciting bundle!

    8. Khalidah A.

      I loved having cute and fun centers that students can complete with minimal assistance while I pull small groups and these are awesome. Thank you!

    9. Laura K.

      This bundle was a great resource to use for small groups and to reinforce skills during ELA rotations. The pictures were bright and colorful, the instructions were simple to understand and the writing sheets were a great addition.

    10. Jennifer S.

      This has been perfect for my 2nd graders who are reading 1-2 years below grade level. The directions are simple, the photos engaging and the activities fun! Thank you for making differentiating easier!

    11. Kathryn G

      Great resource. I have used the activities for all different ability groups. The students have enjoyed using them in groups.

    12. Deborah Brown

      This is an amazing resource. I’ve found it great for revision for some of my students, while for others I have used it to try and close the gaps. The students love the activities.

    13. Brittany D.

      I had the math bundle of centers, so I decided to give the ELA bundle a try too. Just started to print, laminate and implement them in my classroom. So far so good. I look forward to having these prepped and readily available to pull out each year.

    14. Heather S.

      My students enjoy doing quick activities like this in my small group literacy lessons. I absolutely love this resource. It’s so easy to use and has really helped me improve my anecdotal notes. I can see write away if my students are understanding a concept.

    15. Amber W.

      I love these products. The organization when you download makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The creator also has blogs to give you ideas on ways to use this product. The product itself is kid friendly and easy to understand how to use it.

    16. Alison H.

      Love all of the activities that are included! Love that there are activities for writing, grammar, phonics, phonemic awareness, & reading!

    17. Laura K.

      My students are always excited when I show them a new station activity. This resource has so many amazing hands-on opportunities to practice skills we’ve learned.

    18. Cindy C.

      As a SPED teacher in a Learning Support 3-5 classroom, I needed materials that would suit my diverse learners. These were extremely helpful and well worth the investment. Thank you for the wonderful resources.

    19. Megan W.

      These are such fun activities. We use them with first grade boys who are homeschooled. They have really enjoyed the activities and I love that I can chose them based on the specific skill we are learning.

    20. Darla H.

      Since purchasing this resource, I have used a few of these activities for my literacy centers, and am excited to be able to use many more of them by starting earlier next school year. The myriad of skills covered make this particular resource an excellent investment that I highly recommend!

    21. Kala-Boudreau

      These centers are phenomenal! My students are so engaged and they are perfect as a center during literacy rotation. There are so many choices that I am always able to find a center to match exactly what we are working on. I highly recommend these!

    22. Sarah May King

      I am slowly getting these put together! For the items I have put together, I used them for guided reading, independent work, or morning work. I am using these for interventions as well. I really like them!

    23. Tanya M.

      I have needed lower level resources a lot this year. These resources are engaging for the students and they are learning at the same time!

    24. Allysa B.

      This resource is jam-packed with several activities! I appreciate that there is a variety of games/ activities but some similar so students can independently work through activity(ies) with minimal help. The recording sheets are great to hold students accountable for the quality of work they are doing and provide feedback on their understanding. Students love the hands-on centers and enjoy using these for review.

    25. Dawn C.

      Great resource! Lots of preparation but once it’s all done and ready it’s awesome. Can’t wait to get the 2nd grade bundle.

    26. Jennifer Boughner

      I love the diversity of skills and ability levels that these centres cover – easy to find activities for all of my students in one resource

    27. Natasha P.

      Engaging hands on resource. Great for centers or morning bins.

    28. Megan E.

      My kiddos really like these centers and I’m able to differentiate not only based on ability but also on current needs for learning/review.

    29. Bria W.

      My students and I absolutely loved this resource! I love that I can use this resource for my students during reading groups or individually. I also loved how everything was very organized, which made it much easier for me to print!

    30. Laurie P.

      This is a comprehensive, creative set of resources, perfect for my first and second graders. I love the variety, I love that they are not seasonal. Each lesson pinpoints a specific standard. Thank you!!

    31. Erin O.

      This is great practice of skills for some of my students who need a reteach! I use these activities with my lower students during small group or independent working time!

    32. Anne C.

      My students love these center resources! They are a wonderful way for them to practice and grow in all areas of Language Arts instruction. The centers are perfectly aligned with the standards and easy to select and prep for my class.

    33. Alea Welch

      My students love using these centers during their center time! I love how there are directions for them and each center has a color or a black and white option. I love hoe the zip drive was so organized and easy to navigate. I am so happy my students are working together and gaining independence while using these centers! I will continue to use centers from you! Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource!

    34. Katie S.

      My child is able to start doing these centers as an advanced kindergartener. They are terrific hands on learning experiences.

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