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Fractions Unit


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I love to teach Fractions in my classroom! My students master fractions through the use of games, modeling, creating, labeling, and much more! This fractions product is jam-packed with 42 pages of quality, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate resources. It is made to tie in perfectly with the 2nd grade standards and academic expectations but can be used to challenge first graders and reinforce the concepts for third graders.

Here are the activities that are included in this product:
Match Em' Up Fractions
Fractions Expert Hats
Fractions Printables (3 pages)
Fractions Task Cards
Fractions Flip Book (halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths)
Fractions Desk Helpers
Fractions Puzzles
Fractions Spin & Stack Game (estimating to the nearest 0, 1/2, and 1)
Fractions in my Name Activity

These activities include practice and reinforcement of identifying fractions, labeling fractions, creating fractions, identifying numerator & denominator, equal & unequal parts, parts of a whole, limited geometry, and estimating fractions.

If you use Interactive Notebooks in your classroom, check out my Fractions: Interactive Math Notebook Pages


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