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I Am Thankful For Lapbook | Thanksgiving Activities

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This I Am Thankful Lapbook is perfect for the month of November. Gratitude and thankfulness is the foundation of this project. Your students will be diving deep into all the areas of their life that they feel thankful. Students will work through the prewriting process as they complete each component of the lapbook. By the end of this project your students will have also completed an acrostic poem with the word THANKFUL. Families will love receiving these as keepsakes or even a Thanksgiving gift!

Update: Digital version now included! Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Seesaw included!

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Take a closer look at the lapbook in action in the preview video.

What components are included?

-Turkey Topper

-Front Cover

-People I Am Thankful For Flipbook

-Food I Am Thankful For Flippable

-Places I Am Thankful For Flippable

-Hobbies I Am Thankful For Pocket & Strips

-I Am Thankful Acrostic Poem Template

-Personalized Child Template (3 boys and 3 girls)

-Digital version included - Google Slides(TM)

What will your students need?

-manila folders or construction paper


-colored pencils / markers / crayons


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74 reviews for I Am Thankful For Lapbook | Thanksgiving Activities

  1. Miss Duncans Donuts

    I absolutely loved this! I couldn’t decide whether it would be too difficult for my 1st graders or not. We did not do everything in one day. I had them do each piece for morning work and I glued everything together for them. We did the acrostic poem together as a class and they LOVED it! Thank you so much for an awesome Thanksgiving activity!

  2. Erin H.

    This is such a great activity! Please note it’s not meant to be done in one sitting! Take your time and your kids will enjoy it. 🙂

  3. The Disnerd Teacher

    This activity is AMAZING!! I love Lapbooks and this one was a great, engaging one my students were able to complete independently.

  4. Marianne Canavan

    My class really enjoyed working on their lapbooks! They worked on it over two days. They were very excited to take them home and read them to their families.

  5. Marsha T.

    My Students loved this activity. We did a project a day and then added it to the Lapbook. I can’t wait to send these home.

  6. Sarah R.

    Loved the project – got my students thinking about all they have to be thankful for! Format and printing was user friendly.

  7. Gloria C.

    I’ve used this a couple of years now and it’s great! Students have so much pride in creating their work. It’s such an awesome project to share with home! Thanks.

  8. Julie B.

    These turned out sooo cute! We loved making these. Perfect, inexpensive craft. Definitely plan several days to complete it all!

  9. Lisa S.

    We are currently learning to write a Personal Paragraph. We are in the process of making our lapbooks and then will conclude with the students writing a paragraph about what they are thankful for. They are enjoying the activity so much!

  10. ANGELA W.

    My second graders loved making this keepsake Thanksgiving project. They looked forward to each part and actually took the time to make it neatly! Parents loved them and told me so!

  11. Cristina M.

    My students really enjoyed creating these books. The finished product was really nice. I just recommend that you give yourself a lot of time to complete them because it is definitely not a quick activity! Definitely worth it though. A nice keepsake and opportunity for different kinds of writing.

  12. Heather S.

    This was a fun writing activity for my students in all grade levels to enjoy. It was easy to modify for my students who can’t do as much writing and found other ways to fill up the page.

  13. Allyson B.

    This is a great activity to do with first graders. It does take a lot of prep ahead of time. I wasn’t sure how quickly my students would be able to cut and arrange. They did great with putting it together step by step and they loved filling out all of the components.

  14. H M.

    A great resource to use with students to help them think of ways that they’re thankful. Very impressive project when done.

  15. Jennifer T.

    I loved this activity. My students made these before Thanksgiving break. They were very engaged. They turned out so cute. Parents loved them as well. Great product.

  16. Ashley W.

    I have used this resource every year since I purchased it! I have just as much fun completing it with my students as they do!

  17. Emily A.

    My students loved creating their I Am Thankful Lapbook. This was such a great activity and my students couldn’t wait to bring home their lapbooks!

  18. Jessica McDurmon (

    This was a super cute lap book. I would recommend starting early on it. I had some kiddos that needed lots of extra time. I also recommend doing it in stages, it seemed to flow better.

  19. Melissa L.

    This was such a fun writing and art activity for first graders to write in a variety of forms and reflect on different things they are thankful for!

  20. cara graham

    Thank you for this fun activity. My kiddos enjoyed writing about being thankful and sharing with classmates and parents.

  21. Jennie L.

    The kids love creating these and the parents love receiving them and going over them during their Family Thanksgiving dinners.

  22. Kimberly G.

    This was a fun craft/writing to represent the fall season. The writing got the children to think what they are truly thankful for. The project looked great on the bulletin board and could stay up all Fall.

  23. Olivia P.

    This resource is very aligned and extremely engaging, my students enjoyed working to complete these enriching activities.

  24. Shaylee B.

    I loved this so much because it was so fun and egnaging for my middle school students! They loved it and loved thinking and writing about what they were thankful for. It was amazing to see my students so enganged!

  25. Courtney R.

    My students love to create lapbooks, so being able to make one for Thanksgiving was so much. The students loved to write down what they are thankful for.

  26. Gabriela T.

    My kids really enjoyed this! It was fun to work on and they got lots of compliments on them from other students, staff and parents!

  27. Logan H.

    I really enjoyed this resource and found it extremely helpful in my 1st grade classroom! Thank you so much for all of your hard work 🙂

  28. Sam G.

    Such a fun activity and so many prompts to learn about what students are thankful for! Parents enjoyed it as a keepsake!

  29. French’s Friends

    This turned into a great keepsake for my kiddos that was more involved and more special than just a turkey craft. It allowed them to think, reflect, and practice writing skills to share with their families during the Thanksgiving season.

  30. Sarah W.

    I used this as an activity we did whole-class. Parts of it were more difficult for them, but they were able to complete it. I will probably use this every year around Thanksgiving!

  31. Jaime Strobridge

    This was such a great resource to use to extend learning regarding Thanksgiving to show students that it is more than a meal!

  32. Amber B.

    LOVED this resource! We were able to complete it over time, each student at his own pace, and they were all proud of the final product! Thank you!

  33. Irma A.

    This resource is a must have for English Learners and students with IEP. It helps them have a visual and keeps them focused.

  34. Shelci K.

    This was an enjoyable craftivity for my students. I appreciated being able to compile all of the “thankfulness” activities into one keepsake to send home to families!

  35. Susan C.

    I teach at a bilingual school in a suburb of Warsaw Poland. I used this at Thanksgiving time to let my students express what they were thankful for. My students loved it! Thank you!

  36. Ms Davis’s Teacher Tings

    This was so cute!! I used it with my 2nd-3rd grade group. I used manilla folders to create the foldable. They enjoyed it, and I did as well.

  37. Maegan S.

    This was a great resource for my students. The did great with it. I did this with my post-secondary students with disabilities.

  38. Callie F.

    I loved doing this activity with my class! It was a great resource to use during morning work and they turned out so cute!!

  39. Lauren A.

    My students loved doing this craft for Thanksgiving! It made the perfect things for students to take home and be a keepsake. The resource is very easy to follow for the students and the teacher! I modeled each part for them before I turned them loose to do it on their own.

  40. Chloe Keith

    I love this resource, especially right before Thanksgiving Break. It is a great way to keep students learning and engaging in school.

  41. Joy F.

    Absolutely love this!!! Bought this last year, and was so excited to use it again this year. KIds have a great time coloring, cutting, gluing, and writing.
    Such a great purchase.

  42. Anna K.

    This is such a cute thanksgiving project! It has a number of steps, so start it well before THanksgiving, but it’s so worth it! The final product is adorable!

  43. Kincyl Kelly

    I didn’t imagine that older students would still be into arts and crafts! This was a big hit on our last day before Thanksgiving Break. My students were actually excited about taking them home and sharing them with their families.

  44. Jennifer B.

    This activity is AMAZING!! I love Lapbooks and this one was a great! My students were able to complete this independently after being shown what to do! We LOVED this activity!

  45. Crissy Gibson

    This was such a great resource! It is not often I can find something cute that is still appropriate to use with older grades. My 5th graders enjoyed getting to do a fun Thanksgiving project!

  46. Karen S.

    My students loved this activity. They thought it was fun and never realized how much thinking they were doing. I have liked everything purchased from Lucky Little Learners. So glad I stumbled across this store!

  47. Melissa F.

    My students loved this activity! It was a fun, engaging activity to use during Thanksgiving! Got to learn a lot about my students!

  48. Candie D.

    Lovely book that was so cute as a finished project. I like that it did leave room for interpretation and some choices that my daughter had to make. We both really enjoyed it.

  49. Jacqueline S.

    I love, love, love this activity. My students loved putting all the pieces in place and seeing the result. I did one first to show them what it would look like and they couldn’t wait to make theirs. They turned out great.

  50. Bethany H.

    My students absolutely loved this! They enjoyed every part of the lapbook and was so simple for them to work on independently at their desks or work with a partner. I even loved how some of the parts were their own mini book and you had to create them, I felt like it really made the kids think about what they are truly grateful for in their lives, especially during this time of year.

  51. Deborah A.

    The kids loved working on this project each day before the Thanksgiving break. It was just the right challenge level for my second graders.

  52. Bianca L.

    I needed something that was low prep and required little thinking from this tired teacher, and this fit the bill. It turned out really cute, and even my 3rd/4th grade parents appreciated it.

  53. Kaylee Bean

    This project was perfect for those few days of school before Thanksgiving Break! It took us a couple days to do all the parts and the end result was really cool! My students were so excited to take it home to share with their families over break! You should make more of these for all the holidays! 🙂

  54. Stephanie F.

    My students loved this activity! And at the end they had a great Thanksgiving keepsake to take home to their parents! I adapted the activity and used large construction paper instead of file folders. It worked great and was a little cheaper. 🙂 Thank you!

  55. Jodi O.

    My students really enjoyed during this activity. It was so much fun and they had a great time sharing it with family on Thanksgiving.

  56. Lily V.

    This was a great was to practice gratitude and thankfulness and it also snuck in writing practice. The kids has fun and their families love these.

  57. Elizabeth H.

    We spent several days working on this lapbook. The students were so excited to take them home to share with their families. They turned out so cute. I wish I had taken some pictures.

  58. Emily R.

    My students loved completing this lap book. It was engaging and also gave time to reflect about being thankful. I’m excited to experience the bundle! Thanks!

  59. Hope A.

    This was a great project I had a sub use while I attended a meeting. It was fun for students to put together, and it was an easy prep for a sub.

  60. Dawn E.

    My students enjoyed creating their lapbooks. They were engaged while working and were eager to take their book home to share it with their family. Thank you for sharing your resource with us.

  61. Francisco G.

    An excellent resource for students to easily create a vision board for what their thankful for. Would recommend pre-cutting for most students to help speed things along.

  62. Jackelyn F.

    My students and I really enjoyed this LapBook! It did take a few days to complete but they still had fun cutting and glueing it all themselves. They couldn’t wait to take it home to their parents.

  63. Kelly K.

    Great activity for my students to use during Thanksgiving. They enjoyed making the lapbook with things they are thankful for.

  64. Lauren A.

    This was a great activity to do with students the day before thanksgiving. They loved to have something to take home to their families to show them what they are thankful for! Will do this in years to come.

  65. Nakita Griebel

    These turned out SO CUTE! My students took so much thought into each element of the folder. I was able to use just construction paper instead of folders and they worked great! Not disappointed at all with this purchase, defiantly something I’ll do every year!

  66. Michelle Toepfer

    My kids loved the challenge of putting the lapbook together, as well as coloring it in and thinking about all they were thankful for!

  67. Ernestine F.

    First time completing a lapbook with my 2nd graders and it was a success! Great way for my class to think of all the things they are grateful for this Thanksgiving! Great keepsake for parents, too!

  68. Marissa P.

    My students and I worked on this project the week of Thanksgiving. My students had a lot of fun thinking of different things that they could add to their lapbook. We worked on it over 2 days and I went over each component before the students worked on it. They turned out really cute and my students were excited to take something home to share with their families for Thanksgiving.

  69. Lisa Hauptmann

    This is fantastic. It was the perfect activity for K-6. It is interactive, visually appealing, enjoyable, perfect for Thanksgiving and engaging for kids who do not like doing work. Thank you! Wish you had Kindness for Christmas.

  70. Bari H.

    This was so much fun and my students loved it! I did each activity in the lapbook during small groups each day and the kiddos really enjoyed making it for their families! 🙂

  71. Maxine L.

    This was the BEST Thanksgiving craft that I have found yet!! My students, parents, and even other teachers loved this!! Extremely satisfied!!! Thank you

  72. Darla Trausch

    My class loved this interactive Thanksgiving activity! It was easy to prep for and it is something that they can do with ease. I tell my students that they can share this with all their family members on Thanksgiving.

  73. Chickadee Corner

    This has been great for my third graders! I had them write about each component separately, and then we put the lapbook together in the days leading up to Thanksgiving break. Such a nice keepsake for families!

  74. Kayla Phipps

    This is an extremely cute lap book! I cut out most of the pieces for my first graders and plan to help them glue everything down during my small groups. I love how interactive it is and how it will keep students engaged during our upcoming short week. Thanks for sharing this great resource!

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