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Math Interactive Notebook: 2nd Grade


Total Pages: 528
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This Math Interactive Notebook is great for practicing, reinforcing, or assessing a math skill. They are great for independent, partner, small group, or whole group instruction. They can be easily differentiated too!

Included in this bundle are 528 pages of interactive notebook resources that are aligned to the common core standards to help you teach money, geometry, time, place value, fractions, measurement, basic addition, basic subtraction, addition with regrouping, subtraction with regrouping, graphing, and basic multiplication.

The skills that are covered through this bundle include:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking:
Addition Strategies
Subtraction Strategies
Multiplication Strategies
Adding in any order
Doubles and Near Doubles
Making Ten to Add & Subtract
Odd and Even
Missing Parts
Missing Addends
Problem Solving
Arrays, Intersections, Repeated Addition, Skip Counting

Numbers and Operations in Base 10:
Place Value
Skip Counting by 5s, 10s and 100s
Expanded Form
Standard Form
Base 10 Place Value
Greater than, Less than and Equal
Problem Solving practice
Fact Families
10 More, 10 Less, 100 More, 100 Less
Number Comparisons
Adding Two-Digit Numbers
Adding and Subtracting within 1000
Adding and Subtracting 10 or 100

Solid Figures
Plane Shapes
Rows and Columns
Equal Parts
Problem solving practice
Shape Attributes
Real World Shapes
Compare and Contrast 2-D and 3-D shapes

Measurement and Data:
Measuring Length
Comparing Length
Line Segments
Measurement Estimating
Problem Solving practice
Time to quarter hour, half hour, and nearest 5 minutes
Money (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar)
Bar Graphs (horizontal and vertical)
Line Plots
Data Chart
Pie Graph
Tally Chart

Common Core Standards

2.MD.A.1, 2.MD.A.2, 2.MD.A.3, 2.MD.A.4, 2.MD.B.5, 2.MD.B.6, 2.MD.C.7, 2.MD.C.8, 2.MD.D.9, 2.MD.D.10, 2.NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.1a, 2.NBT.A.1b, 2.NBT.A.2, 2.NBT.A.3, 2.NBT.A.4, 2.NBT.B.5, 2.NBT.B.6, 2.NBT.B.7, 2.NBT.B.8, 2.NBT.B.9, 2.OA.A.1, 2.OA.B.2, 2.OA.C.3, 2.OA.C.4, 2.G.A.1, 2.G.A.2, 2.G.A.3

If you'd like to view each interactive notebook's activities, click on the topics below for a full description of what is included:
Telling Time: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Geometry: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Money: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Fractions: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Measurement: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Place Value: Interactive Math Notebook Pages
Addition: Interactive Notebook Pages
Subtraction: Interactive Notebook Pages
Addition with Regrouping: Interactive Notebook Pages
Subtraction with Regrouping: Interactive Notebook Pages
Graphing Interactive Notebook Pages
Multiplication: Interactive Math Notebook Pages


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