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Math Puzzles Bundle

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Math Puzzles are a great option for your early finishers, math centers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. Each puzzle focuses on a math skill. There are 10 pieces to each puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a math problem for the student to solve. Then the student assembles the puzzle by putting their pieces in order from least to greatest.

These puzzles also come with a student checklist. Each puzzle has a title in the upper right hand corner. This is an easy way for the student to identify the puzzle on his/her checklist.

***UPDATE: There is now a monthly math puzzle student recording sheet included in this bundle! Students write the name of the puzzle and the answers they got on the recording sheet. Great for accountability and quick check assessment of skills!***

Each puzzle comes with four options for printing:
Option #1: full color puzzle (laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #2: black and white puzzle (print on bright paper, laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #3: student template (pieces mixed up for student to solve, cut, and assemble into a notebook or on a piece of construction paper)
Option #4: EDITABLE puzzle pieces for you to customize to meet the needs of your classroom


September Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: addition to 20, subtraction within 20, counting coins, number rounding to 10, number rounding to 100, addition without regrouping, addition with regrouping, domino addition, multiplication, 10 more/10 less, 1 more/1 less, number bonds, number words 0-9, number words 10-19
Take a closer look at the September puzzles HERE!

October Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: tens & ones, addition, base ten blocks, expanded form, money(penny, nickel, dime, and quarter), subtraction, missing addends, number patterns, number sequencing, and least to greatest.
Take a closer look at the October puzzles HERE!

November Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: expanded form (2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit), basic addition facts, basic multiplication facts, odd and even (1-digit and 2-digit), value of digits (2-digit and 3-digit), missing addends (1-digit and 2-digit), number comparisons (2-digit and 3-digit), 2-digit addition (with and without regrouping), adding three numbers (1-digit and 2-digit), counting money (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter), base ten blocks (ones, tens, and hundreds), make a ten/missing addends using a ten frame, least to greatest
Take a closer look at the November puzzles HERE!

December Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, time to the hour, place value (value of the underlined digit), plus and minus 1 & 10 boxes, counting coins (penny, nickel, dime, & quarter), missing addends with doubles, using doubles to subtract, fact families, skip counting (by 2's, 3's, 5's, & 10's), expanded form (2-digit and 3-digit), number bonds, 2-digit addition, 2-digit subtraction, and least to greatest
Take a closer look at the December puzzles HERE!

January Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: 2-Digit Subtraction (with and without regrouping), Part Part Whole, Time to the Half Hour, Fractions, Multiplication, 2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping), Counting Coins, Doubles Facts-Addition, Subtraction, Skip Counting by 5's, Number Bonds, 1 more/1 less, 10 more/10 less, and least to greatest
Take a closer look at the January puzzles HERE!

February Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 1 More/1 Less and 10 More/10 Less Number Boxes, Counting Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar), Place Value (value of underlined digit- 2- and 3-digit numbers), Fact Families, Number Bonds, 2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping), 2-Digit Subtraction (with and without regrouping), Part Part Whole (missing part), Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes, Rounding (to nearest 10 and 100), Least to Greatest
Take a closer look at the February puzzles HERE!

March Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: Rounding Numbers (nearest 10 & 100), 2-Digit Addition (with & without regrouping), Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 1 More/1 Less, 10 More/10 Less, Place Value, Adding Three Numbers, Counting Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, & half dollar), Place Value Number Boxes, Missing Addends, 2-Digit Subtraction (with & without regrouping), Part Part Whole, and Least to Greatest
Take a closer look at the March puzzles HERE!

April Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 2-Digit Addition (with regrouping), 2-Digit Addition (without regrouping), Number Bonds, Telling Time (nearest 5 minutes), Adding Three Numbers (1- and 2-digit), Expanded form (2- and 3-digit), Fact Families, Missing Addends, Place Value Boxes, Counting Coins, 2-Digit Subtraction (with regrouping), 2-Digit Subtraction (without regrouping), Part Part Whole and Least to Greatest
Take a closer look at the April puzzles HERE!

May Math Puzzles
The math skills covered in these puzzles are: 3-Digit Addition, 3-Digit Subtraction, Adding 3 Numbers (2-digit numbers), Digit Values (2-digit and 3-digit numbers), Counting Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, & half dollar), Part Part Whole, Multiplication, Fact Families, Telling Time (telling time to the nearest 5 minutes), Fractions (halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, and tenths), Base Ten Blocks (ones, tens, hundreds), Even & Odd (2-digit and 3-digit numbers), Place Value (2-digit and 3-digit numbers), and Least to Greatest
Take a closer look at the May puzzles HERE!

43 reviews for Math Puzzles Bundle

  1. A Primary Kind of Life

    Thank you for such an innovative, creative, unique product with multiple layers of complexity! I love your work, Angie!! Thank you for sharing it so generously with everyone! I can’t wait to put these together for my class…they are going to LOVE it! 🙂

  2. A Primary Kind of Life

    Thank you for such an innovative, creative, unique product with multiple layers of complexity! I love your work, Angie!! Thank you for sharing it so generously with everyone! I can’t wait to put these together for my class…they are going to LOVE it! 🙂

  3. Elaine T.

    The students love these crafts. I love that I can differentiate the pages so that each student is working on their level!!

  4. Heather S.

    A great resource. I enjoyed using this with my class. It was insightful, well laid out, and followed the curriculum. Thank you.

  5. Ashley R.

    I love all of the different puzzles and themed pictures. So easy to check their work with the recording sheet too! I use it as a math center!

  6. Ashley Crack

    My Students love completing these math puzzles! They are perfect for math centres. Highly engaging! great for independent activities

  7. Sheri V.

    My students love these puzzles. I printed them in color, laminated them, and then cut the strips. I have them in envelopes and switch them out monthly. It is a great early finisher activity that gives them the practice they need for math fluency.

  8. The Peach State Teach

    These puzzles are such a fun way to practice math facts. I tested them out with my second graders and they had SO much fun solving them! This is definitely a resource I plan on using year-round!

  9. Kim C.

    My students love hands on activities and as we are learning addition and subtraction, these are fun activities we can do. They love completing the work with whiteboard markers and then organizing them to make the picture!

  10. Corinna B.

    These puzzles are so fun! I love that it has a variety of skills and levels, as well as options for coloring or B&W printing.

  11. Christine E.

    These are fabulous! They are so easy to use in class. The students love completing these independently or with a partner.

  12. JUVADesigns

    This resource is so easy to work with, print and its ready! Students love it as centers, review, or homework. Amazing product. Thank you!!!!!!

  13. Casey S.

    This was a perfect resource for my 1st grade classroom. Thank you for creating great products that make our jobs easier!

  14. Jennifer W.

    Another LLL product you have to have! My students love these puzzles. I love how they stay engaged and practice their math skills! Thank you!

  15. Brittany Phelps

    These puzzles are so awesome! They are great for math review and/or practice and perfect for centers or early finishers. We are really enjoying these in my classroom.

  16. Sandra Quenelle

    These were great morning activities when the students were coming in. They could practice skills previously taught and they liked taking them home to show their work.

  17. Jennifer D.

    I love using this resource in our math stations. It covers many different topics and students know the expectation and what to do each time they see it. Having a variety of options, color or black and white, made it super helpful during the last year, when stations looked a little different and students worked more independently. They were still able to use the math puzzles.

  18. Amanda S.

    My students loved completing math puzzles as part of their math station work. I am planning on moving up with my students to third grade next school year. I know I will still be able to use these to help review the concepts we learned in second grade.

  19. A Touch of Sunshine

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this resource! My students enjoy solving and unscrambling these puzzles. These puzzles make a great resource for student practice and fun when reviewing their math skills!

  20. Shawna M.

    I like to use these puzzles in my “Hands On Learning” math center. I love that they are self-correcting so the students can be independent. The pictures are really cute and appealing.

  21. Misty D.

    I love this resource! My students have enjoyed the using this product. Being able to have the resource’s on hand to use for lesson planning, task bins and early finisher’s – has been a life saver.

  22. Amanda B.

    My students enjoy this resource. I printed them on different color paper and laminated them. They enjoy creating the scenes as they put the puzzles together.

  23. Laura D.

    These math puzzles are perfect! I love the different math concepts and love that I can use them to differentiate for my students who struggle with math as well as my high achieving math students! I put them in drawers for my kiddos to work on during WIN time or after they finish other math work.

  24. Jessica H.

    I love this resource! It is so easy to print and use for anything! It can be used whole group, in centers, or as a sub plan resource! My students love figuring out the answers so they can put the puzzle together! Thank you for this awesome resource Angie and LLL team!

  25. Kristine A.

    My students love completing the Toothy activities. I tend to use them in small groups so we can hold discussions about the problems.

  26. Morgan Pueschel

    I love using this resource during our math rotations. The variety of puzzles keep students engaged and their varying levels are so helpful!

  27. Cassandra M.

    My students love this! I use this as a resource for my groups when I am not meeting with them. I am able to switch it out based on math skills I am targeting. My kids love it.

  28. Cherilyn Gerard

    My students loved using this resource and I love the variety and consistency. Lots of skills and lots of different puzzles to choose from. Would definitely recommend!

  29. Liz P.

    I love these puzzles. They provide great review for the students while reinforcing skills that we have learned previously. They a great for fast finishers, centers, and reinforcement. The students think they are fun so they like to do them. Easy To prep which we can all agree is awesome!

  30. Cheryl B.

    I love having my students use these for morning work every once in a while to switch up from their usual routine. It is an easy and fun way to review a skill that we have been learning recently or one from earlier in the year. I have them complete them inside of a notebook in their desks. I love how there are so many options each month to choose from.

  31. Jessica S.

    My students love solving these puzzles and putting them together for a center activity! I like that there are different types of puzzles that go over various skills for that grade level. I also like that there are options to choose from as far as printing and how to use the puzzles for the students.

  32. The Day Moon Classroom

    The best math center, sub plan, early finisher activity. These can be used for so much! I love that it’s so easy to prep or just print in black and white and have the students add the color. The editable option is also so helpful so I can add in any skills needed – even though this bundle pretty much covers everything and more that we teach in first grade! A great investment for your classroom!

  33. Brittany M.

    My students LOVE doing these math puzzles! They are a great way to review content as well as practice new material as well. Students have fun solving the puzzle and then cutting it out and putting it together. What a fantastic resource!

  34. Courtney J.

    I love putting these out for morning work, an early finisher activity or just something to do for fun. The students love completing them as well. East to differentiate as well.

  35. Leanne M.

    I use these as centers in my classroom. My students LOVE these and cannot wait to see the new ones. Thanks for creating this resource.

  36. Carey C.

    I love this resource! I love it for the various concepts it covers. My students love it for the coloring and the puzzle solving. It is extremely interactive for them. I also like that I can differentiate it for my struggling students. One of the best resources that I’ve downloaded that covers each month and the curriculum I am required to teach. Thank you!

  37. Grace Z.

    These are ingenious! My students always look forward to new ones every month! They are an excellent early-finisher activity and I love the differentiation they offer! 🙂

  38. ashlee P.

    I teach 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Math Intervention. I use this for my 2nd graders to reinforce the learning in the classroom and then for my 3rd graders who have learning gaps. GREAT!

  39. Nikayla Kniesly

    This resource is easy to use! My students are so engaged and love playing these games. It reminds them of when they used to play math games in class around the room. I love that none of the pieces will go missing and that all students can play at once.

  40. Tara M.

    Great math resource! My students love all the versions of the puzzles. I like that there are editable versions so that I can add my own practice problems. Overall a great resource and I would definitely recommend purchasing for use as an independent center.

  41. Emmalie W.

    These puzzles are easy to print, cut, and laminate. I really like the way that you have the option of colorful puzzles or black and white. I grouped each puzzle with a book ring and hole punched the top of each little strip. I flipped one puzzle piece to the blank side and put that on the front. I wrote the month and puzzle title on that side to organize the puzzles. I am so excited to use these with my students!

  42. Christina C.

    These were engaging to my students in so many complex ways! I put them into their centers as review of our math skills, and they kept them engaged and hard at work while I met with small math groups.

  43. Sarah W.

    Why I didn’t purchase these sooner I do not know. They are great and students love doing them. I like that you can print in color and black and white. I printed in black and white and then students glued into their notebooks when they were done and could color the picture. It allowed me to work on so many skills with my students.

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