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This math resource provides you with 26 different sets of math task cards. These resources come with a full color version and black and white version for your printing needs. It also includes a student response sheet and answer key.

Skills Included:
Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes Task Cards
Place Value Task Cards  (standard form, expanded form, word form, & base ten blocks)
Money Task Cards (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, & half dollar)
Missing Addend Task Cards
Graphing Task Cards (bar graph, data chart, pie chart, line plot, pictograph)
Geometry Task Cards (2-dimensional & 3-dimensional shapes included)
Fractions Task Cards
Fast Fact Subtraction Task Cards
Fast Fact Addition Task Cards
Fact Family Task Cards
2 Digit Subtraction (with & without regroupinig) Task Cards
2 Digit Addition (with & without regroupinig) Task Cards
3 Digit Addition (with & without regrouping) Task Cards
3 Digit Subtraction (with & without regrouping) Task Cards
1, 10, and 100 More and Less Task Cards
Arrays with Repeated Addition
Comparing Numbers (2-digit numbers & 3-digit numbers)
Rounding Numbers (2-digit numbers & 3-digit numbers- both to nearest tens & hundreds)
Math Logic Equations (great for enrichment!)
Skip Counting (by 2's, 5's, 10's and 100's with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers)

Task Cards are a fun activity that you can do with your whole class or as a small group center. They will get your students up and moving from desk to desk or around the classroom all while practicing concepts and learning!

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