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Math Vocabulary Cards


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Vocabulary is essential to teach with every single math concept. These math vocabulary cards cover every vocabulary word for 1st and 2nd grade! There are a total of 248 math vocabulary cards! Just print and post! They can be placed on your math focus wall, whiteboard, used in small groups, or even attached to your anchor charts.

Each math vocabulary card includes the vocabulary word, student-friendly definition, and a detailed graphic that shows the meaning of the vocabulary word. Each page comes with 4 cards to each page.

Math vocabulary words included:


  • hundreds, thousands, expanded form, standard form
  • pattern, repeat, predict, digit
  • pair, skip counting, odd, even
  • 1 less, 1 more, 10 less, 10 more
  • ones, tens, next ten, number word
  • greatest, least, before, between
  • after, equal to, less than, greater than
  • mental math, compose, decompose, place value
  • ordinals, number bonds, 100 less, 100 more
  • ten frame, part part whole, make ten


  • less than, greater than, rename, equation
  • greatest, least, before, between
  • after, double, addend, order
  • inside, outside, whole, in all
  • equals, plus, join, add
  • number word, part, addition sentence, sum
  • subtract, missing part, minus sign, subtraction sentence
  • equal sign, difference, compare, fact family
  • equal parts, regroup, input, output
  • separate, more, fewer, related facts
  • near double, three-digit number, hundreds digit, number sentence
  • multiply, product, times, array
  • multiplication sentence, vertical, factors, horizontal
  • divide, equal share, division sentence, divided by
  • positive, negative, subtrahend, minuend
  • count on, count back, diagonal, column
  • row, number model, number path, doubles plus one


  • square, triangle, plane shape, rectangle
  • circle, corner, side, sort
  • flip, slide, turn, fraction
  • symmetry, line of symmetry, solid figure, sphere
  • cylinder, rectangular prism, cone, cube
  • unequal, translation, vertex, edge
  • flat surface, side, face, pyramid
  • congruent, trapezoid, rotation, reflection
  • hexagon, polygon, parallelogram, set
  • fourths, equal, halves, thirds
  • numerator, denominator, quarter, right angle
  • acute angle, obtuse angle, 2D shape, 3D shape
  • quadrilateral, partition, octagon, pentagon
  • rhombus


  • value, penny, cent, nickel
  • dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar
  • shortest, longest, measure, estimate
  • inch, foot, centimeter, perimeter
  • cup, pint, quart, liter
  • pound, gram, kilogram, temperature
  • o'clock, minute, minute hand, hour hand
  • hour, half hour, calendar, year
  • week, day, month, schedule
  • data, tally mark, certain, likely
  • impossible, unlikely, picture graph, bar graph
  • dollar coin, dollar sign, decimal point, area
  • capacity, length, weight, attribute
  • unit, height, yard, meter
  • lighter, heavier, degrees, Fahrenheit
  • square unit, half past, quarter past, quarter to
  • second, probable, equally likely, Celsius
  • AM, PM, analog, digital
  • gallon, pictograph

**Canadian Money, Australian Money, and UK Spellings are also included!**


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