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Nothing Book


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Parents always ask their kids what they did in school and kids will often reply with "nothing". A Nothing Book is a way for kids and parents to communicate and it's a good way to let parents know what we're doing in class. Each week the kids will write about what they did in school and then take their Nothing Book home for their parents to read and write back.

Kids can also include assignments and/or little projects in their book. There is also a place for parent/teacher communication as well as a photo page. A sticker incentive chart is also included. This is a great place for students to keep the stickers that they earn for being responsible and bringing their book to and from school on time. This is something that is done all year and at the end of the year they have a little portfolio to keep.

Included in this resource:
-6 different Nothing Book Covers
-Parent Letter (available in editable form as well)
-Sentence Starters for writing ideas
-6 different writing templates (behavior, academic, and open ended)
-Photo template
-Sticker template
-Parent communication template
-Project labels for construction paper pockets

Put an end to the conversations that are happening at home that sound something like this...
(Parent): "What did you do at school today?"
(Student): "Oh, nothing!"


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