Nouns Mega Pack: Task Cards, Printables, and Flip Flaps


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This 32-page Noun Mega Pack has everything you would need to teach common nouns, proper nouns, plural nouns, plural irregular nouns, singular nouns, and collective nouns. Included in this mega pack are 48 task cards (with answer keys), 2 flip flaps, 64 cut-out noun cards, 2 printables (with answer keys), table of contents, and 4 direction sheets.

Task cards are great resources in the classroom! They can be used as a whole group activity. The teacher holds up the task card and the student solve in notebooks, aloud, or on markerboards. Task card can also be used in small groups. Independent practice can also be achieved with task cards. I have even taped them around the classroom and given my students clipboards and their recording sheet. Then they walk around the room, find a task card, solve, and record answer on their paper. Task card set #1 covers common nouns and proper nouns. Task card set #2 covers collective nouns. Both of these task card sets come with answer keys.

Who doesn’t love flip flaps? My students love these because they are easy to assemble and fun to make. The rigor is evident too! When they are completed the students like to interact with them, which encourages more learning opportunities. Flip flaps #1 covers classifying common nouns into categories (person, place, or thing). Flip flaps #2 covers plural and singular nouns. This does include irregular plural nouns.

You can use these printables as a morning desk sheet, independent practice worksheet, partner activity, or even homework! Printable #1 covers singular and plural nouns. This does include irregular plural nouns. Printable #2 covers common nouns and proper nouns. Both printables are fall-themed and come with answer keys.


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