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November Math Puzzles

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November Math Puzzles are a great option for your early finishers, math centers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. Each puzzle focuses on a math skill. There are 10 pieces to each puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a math problem for the student to solve. Then the student assembles the puzzle by putting their pieces in order from least to greatest.


The math skills covered in these puzzles are:
-expanded form (2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit)
-basic addition facts
-basic multiplication facts
-odd and even (1-digit and 2-digit)
-value of digits (2-digit and 3-digit)
-missing addends (1-digit and 2-digit)
-number comparisons (2-digit and 3-digit)
-2-digit addition (with and without regrouping)
-adding three numbers (1-digit and 2-digit)
-counting money (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter)
-base ten blocks (ones, tens, and hundreds)
-make a ten/missing addends using a ten frame
-least to greatest

The puzzles include pictures of families, Thanksgiving foods, turkeys, cornucopias, owls, bears, and frogs.

Each puzzle comes with three options for printing:
Option #1: full color puzzle (laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #2: black and white puzzle (print on bright paper, laminate, cut, write, & wipe)
Option #3: black and white puzzle (pieces mixed up for student to solve, cut, and assemble into a notebook or on a piece of construction paper)
Option #4: EDITABLE puzzle pieces for you to customize to meet the needs of your classroom

These puzzles also come with a student checklist. Each puzzle has a title in the upper right hand corner. This is an easy way for the student to identify the puzzle on his/her checklist.

43 reviews for November Math Puzzles

  1. Emily P.

    I loved to use these puzzles during centers for the students. They enjoyed figuring the puzzles out while doing the math!

  2. Danielle Mercado

    I threw in this resource with our math station rotations in November. I laminated them and gave the students a dry erase marker to use to solve the problems.

  3. Especially in Elementary

    These are always a hit with my second graders. They love putting all the pieces together, and I love that they are low-prep! Thank you!

  4. Chrissy G.

    This is a good resource for kids that need extra practice or for activities to use during small groups. A bit easy for 2nd graders, but still fun!

  5. Katherine S.

    My students love the monthly Math Puzzles! They are simple to prep, highly engaging, and provide meaningful Math skills practice. I use them for independent work and at Math Centers.

  6. Ashley BB.

    LOVE these puzzles! I use them as printables AND online. I’ve used them as assignments through google classroom. Thanks for the amazing resource! 🙂 So many standards covered.

  7. Elementary Expert

    I let my daughter look at my TPT resources that I’ve purchased. She chose to print and complete some of these puzzles. They occupied a bit of her time. She enjoyed the work and showed off her final products! She asked if she could print even more for the next day! Thanks for making quarantine manageable.

  8. Kim P.

    This was a fun review for my students. It kept them engaged during a hectic time of year.

  9. Plan Teach Engage

    These puzzlers are perfect for my first and second graders to work on in small groups. Thank you!

  10. Leanda Key

    My students love these math puzzles for center time. They love how it has a theme.

  11. Jaime B

    Great resource! I will certainly use these again next year. Thank you!

  12. Syrena B.

    My students love using this resource during math workshop

  13. Riley M.

    I love having these available every month to pull out and quickly review a variety of skills.

  14. Amy V.

    I loved using this for my earlier finishers. They loved the math review and the surprise of the picture!

  15. Lori R.

    We love the monthly math puzzles and plan to use them for years to come as a regular math center rotation.

  16. Jeremie B.

    My students loved doing this resource! They were very engaged and it was a great way to review skills.

  17. Josie Silver

    These are a great way to help students practice skills with a bit of a holiday twist!

  18. Crystal C.

    My students absolutely loved this! I laminated them before hand and this allowed students to write on them and write off the answers to be reused. Now when my students finish their work they requested to use this because is a game for them and they are learn great math facts.

  19. Michelle G.

    Exactly what I needed! Such a great center opportunity.

  20. Miss Lofgren

    Such a fun way to practice math skills for 2nd grade

  21. Nicole L.

    My students love these puzzles and are great for our early finishers. Thank you!

  22. Michelle L.

    I saw that the bundle has a recording sheet. Is there a chance to get a copy of the recording sheet? I bought two of your other bundles last night and only bought two months of this resource. I wish I could buy it all 🙂

  23. Lisa P.

    Thanks for creating such great products that students really enjoy.

  24. Alicia Clifford

    These puzzles were just what I needed for my first graders. Thank you!

  25. Alecia Mooney

    These are cute! I’m giong to try to buy the whole bundle for next year. 🙂

  26. Traci H.

    These are very fun. I had been looking for something like this for quite a while. Thank you for offering them.

  27. Joy C

    Loved this product especially during a 2 day week in November

  28. Joy

    i introduced my students to math centers using these puzzles.

  29. Tonya H.

    I love the multiple ways to print these! My mind is already bubbling with implementation ideas. Thank you!

  30. Alexis K.

    Thank you for making this! Excited to use in my K-2 AUT class.

  31. Salina F.

    I just need to buy the puzzle bundle one day because I have a third of them. My kids love them! I also love the many different versions and levels. Thank you.

  32. Susanne B.

    My low math students loved these as review. The puzzles were a little challenging, but they learned to stick with it when assembling the images. Love this!

  33. Deborah

    The centers are relevant and a good review of math skills. The self-checking nature of the pictures makes it easy for students to see how well they are doing with concept.

  34. Debra H.

    Great product. Students have been completing during math workshop.

  35. Amanda V.

    My kiddos really enjoy these puzzles and I love that there is an editable version. I was able to quickly create an activity for a topic that a few of my kiddos were struggling with and it was quick and easy. Thanks!

  36. Rebecca Seeley

    My kids have enjoyed these. I love that they are editable if we need one for a specific skill! Thanks so much.

  37. Laura R.

    I love using this with children when I have parent volunteers. Its an easy and fun check in for my children.

  38. Jennifer D.

    My students love these! And they are great to use for all levels.

  39. Julie D.

    Love the mixed up version for engaging independent seat work

  40. Amy B.

    This is a fun activity that students can do on their on for individual seat work.

  41. Ramona K.

    We ask for a lot from our young students. I am always looking for new ways to present and practice important skills. These puzzles do just that! My first graders are motivated to complete the problems to put the puzzle together. Thanks for finding fun ways for my firsties to practice math!

  42. Doodlebee Designs

    I love these! I can’t wait to use them with my kiddos!

  43. Krista C.

    Love this product! Super easy to use and implement. Thank you!

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