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Numberless Word Problems | Addition & Subtraction



Numberless word problems are designed to provide scaffolding that allows students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of word problems.

Word problems can be a tough concept for students to understand. Often times, students will see a word problem, pull the two numbers from the word problem, and then quickly add or subtract the two numbers without taking the time to fully process what it is that the word problem is asking.

Numberless word problems guide students through their thinking and reasoning as to why they are adding or why they are subtracting.

Types of Word Problems (all included):

  • Joining
    • Result Unknown
    • Change Unknown
    • Start Unknown
  • Separating
    • Result Unknown
    • Change Unknown
    • Start Unknown
  • Part Part Whole
    • Whole Unknown
    • Part Unknown
  • Comparing
    • Difference Unknown
    • Quantity Unknown
    • Referent Unknown

What's Included:

  • 160 teacher slides (80 numberless & 80 with numbers)
  • 160 student printables (80 numberless & 80 with numbers)
  • Word problem types posters
  • Key questions to guide your students through the solving process
  • Step by step directions

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