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Phonics Posters

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This HUGE pack of phonics posters are a great visual aid for your classroom or while teaching online.

They are available in both full color and black and white printable options as well as a digital color option. These posters are visually appealing with their bright, colorful graphics.

These phonics posters correlate with all reading curriculum and can be used in a variety of ways. Some options for use are while teaching whole group as a focus poster, on a bulletin board as a sound wall, in a writing station, printed small for writing folders or student booklets, and in a small group setting during a lesson.

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Each poster includes:

  • target sound
  • visual aid to match the sound
  • list of 6 words that correlate with the focus sound

Phonics Patterns Included:

Short Vowels-

  • at, ab, ad, ap, am, ack, ank, ang, all
  • et, ed, en, eg, ell
  • ip, ig, in, it, ick, id, ink, ill
  • og, op, ob, ot, od, ock
  • ut, ub, ug, un, ung, uck


  • pl, gl, fl, sl, bl, cl
  • pr, tr, br, dr, fr, gr, cr
  • sw, sn, st, sp, sk, spl, spr


  • ck, sh, ph, th, ch, wh
  • dge, kn, gn, ge, gi, ce, ci

Long Vowels & Diphthongs-

  • ai, ay, a_e, au, aw, augh
  • ee, ea, ew, y
  • i_e, ie, igh, y
  • oa, ow, oe, o_e, ow, ou, oi, oy, oo
  • u_e, ue

R-Controlled Vowels-

  • er, ir, or, ur, ar


  • ing
  • ed /t/
  • ed /d/
  • ed /ed/
  • ss
  • ff
  • tion
  • mp
  • nd
  • st


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