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QR Code Math Task Card Bundle

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This bundle of task cards includes 16 different math topics to help your students practice their math in a fun and engaging way! QR Code Task Cards are a fun activity that you can do with your whole class or as a small group center. It will get your students up and moving from desk to desk while they solve math problems.

This activity can be used as a review, practice, or even assessment. After printing the following slides, cut them out and place one task card on each desk. Each student will need a recording sheet. Students will start at their own desk. They need to find the answer on the task card. Then the teacher says, “Scoot” and at that point the students need to move to the next desk to solve that task card. The activity will continue until all the task cards have been solved by each student. Corrections can be done together as a whole group for reinforcement/re-teaching or done by the teacher.

Another variation of this game is to hang them around the classroom and have your students walk around the room with a recording sheet and clipboard. I have also used scoot games as a small group center activity and we put the scoot cards in the middle of the group and each student takes a turn drawing a card, solving, and recording the answer on the recording sheet.

Skills Included:
Place Value
2-Digit Addition (with & without regrouping)
Fast Fact Addition
Missing Addends
Fast Fact Subtraction
Fact Family
2-Digit Subtraction (with & without regrouping)
3-Digit Addition (with & without regrouping)  (2 SETS!)
3-Digit Subtraction (with & without regrouping) (2 SETS!)
Skip Counting
Math Logic Equations
Rounding Numbers (2 SETS!)
Comparing Numbers (2 SETS!)
More and Less
Arrays with Repeated Addition

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