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Sentence Fixers Bundle

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Sentence Fixers #1 and Sentence Fixers #2 are now part of this discounted bundle!

Do your students struggle with writing sentences correctly? Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar rules can be tricky. Sentence fixers provided a targeted set of skills that are practiced on each sheet.

Sentence fixers are a practical, no prep way for your students to practice these essential skills.

This bundle includes Sentence Fixers #1 which is a great starter pack of sentences that require the students to focus on the basics: capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, punctuation mark at the end of the sentence, and correctly spelling commonly used words. Sentence Fixers #2 kicks up the rigor with targeted grammar rules and a review set in paragraph form.

Sentence Fixers #1 includes:
✔️ Sentence Fixers cover page for binder
✔️ 40 pages of Sentence Fixers with basic lines
✔️ 40 pages of Sentence Fixers with handwriting lines
✔️ 40 pages of Sentence Fixers answer keys

Sentence Fixers #2 includes:
✔️ Sentence Fixers cover page for binder
✔️ 50 pages of Sentence Fixers with basic lines
✔️ 50 pages of Sentence Fixers with handwriting lines
✔️ 50 pages of Sentence Fixers answer keys

Skills included:
✔️ Quotation Marks
✔️ Commas
✔️ Proper Nouns
✔️ Contractions
✔️ Subject/Verb Agreement
✔️ Possessive Nouns
✔️ Homophones
✔️ Prefixes & Suffixes
✔️ Paragraphs


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73 reviews for Sentence Fixers Bundle

  1. Danielle K.

    This was a fantastic resource to practice the skills taught in our core curriculum. I loved being able to move them beyond the basic of “we do” together during lessons to “you do” with additional practice.

  2. Joanna E.

    Thank you for expanding on the 1st sentence fixers resource! I love that these focus on specific skills so I can pick which ones I need while needing to support or strengthen a particular skill. I also like to use these as short quizzes to help inform my instruction.

  3. Lisbel M.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. My son needed some extra practice on some writing and I loved how it had a focus on skills that are important when writing. These really helped him making sure to be more aware of what to add when writing a sentence.

  4. Laura Chamoagne

    My students needed lots of support with sentence writing, this gave them daily practice in editing sentences. I put it together in a booklet for them to do as morning work, we would check them together every day. If you can, buy the bundle to use for the whole year. It was challenging enough for my higher 3rd graders to practice skills that had previously been taught, but also supported my struggling students with skills they were lacking.

  5. Michelle M.

    This was a fantastic end of year morning work activity to review all of the grammar and writing skills we learned all year! The students couldn’t wait to review and check their work to see how well they did. Will implement this early next for morning work or as a center rotation.

  6. Elizabeth Costa

    Great follow up to the first bundle, but much more detailed and concept specific so the children need to be more aware when completing the work.

  7. La classe de Mme Matheson

    This resource is so wonderful! I love how it’s just simple enough for my low readers, and uses “authentic” mistakes. This is just a smidge more challenging than the first edition, so it’s a good level up.

  8. Tamara C.

    These work great with reading stations. They are able to work independently (or with a buddy, pre-covid) to fix the sentences. There is a nice variety of errors that students can be looking for in the writing!

  9. Megan F.

    These work great with reading stations. They are able to work independently (or with a buddy, pre-covid) to fix the sentences. There is a nice variety of errors that students can be looking for in the writing!

  10. Melissa B.

    LOVE THESE!!! Such a great tool to practice spelling and sentence structure. Used as individual work, centers, and homework. Implemented during distance learning and my kiddos loved them!

  11. Leann J.

    My class as a whole last year had awful sentence writing skills. I started off by using these as morning work. Once they started getting the hang of them I put them in a writing center. The students improved their sentence writing by the time Winter break arrived.

  12. Sara Z.

    I loved the first version of this so I knew that I had to have the second version! The kids love them! I teach in a multi grade classrooms, so the students get to work on them over the 3 years that they are with me! Thank you for this incredible resource!

  13. Melissa Kalenderian

    I loved the first pack so much I bought the second pack! I use these for morning work or centers to help improve my students’ editing skills. Thank you for making these! I often add the number of mistakes in parentheses at the end of each one so my students don’t try to fix mistakes that aren’t there. Thank you!

  14. Lori W.

    These sentence fixers are great for students to practice editing skills!

  15. Jennifer L.

    Very glad to have this resource to help students with editing sentences.

  16. Noemi M.

    Great product. Thank you!

  17. Alecia Esarey

    Great resource! Students really enjoyed it.

  18. Maria Elena

    Has worked well for 2nd graders!

  19. Sheryl L.

    I used this resource in second grade after using the first round of sentence fixers remotely. Great resource!

  20. Hales Tales

    Excellent to use as a morning review for students to complete and turn in on Google Classroom.

  21. Emilie Morris

    I LOVE using these with my students. : )
    Thank you!!

  22. Maria S.

    This is a good resource for teaching students how to write correct and proper sentences.

  23. Amanda T.

    These are excellent assignments for daily practice!

  24. Kathy S.

    I love these. I use them for a warm up/morning work for my son. Thanks for creating such wonderful resources.

  25. Lindsey

    LOVEEEEE this resource. Great quality sentences and covers SO many different skills

  26. Allison S.

    Great, useful resource. Esp for review. Thank you

  27. Lindsay M.

    This was a great addition to our small group writing time!

  28. Christina B.

    Excellent resources. My students were engaged and able to show what they learned and what they still needed to work on.

  29. Lamanda J.

    Enjoyed using this in classroom. This was a great activity for distant learning.

  30. Robin C.

    As usual, Angie delivers another fantastic product.

  31. Brooke Moore

    I used these daily with my kiddos and saw tremendous growth. Thank you.

  32. Melanie N.

    My students really enjoyed using this resource.

  33. Sara Stanyard

    I used this as morning work for my students.

  34. Kristina F.

    Great resource! I love using these everyday for a warm up activity before we start reading.

  35. Kristina F.

    Great resource! My kids love working on these during our writing center time!

  36. Jackie C.

    Great resource! My kids love working on these during our writing center time!

  37. Wendy D

    Wonderful to help maintain edit-CUPS when teaching the writing process for 2nd grade!

  38. kristyn S.

    Wonderful to help maintain edit-CUPS when teaching the writing process for 2nd grade!

  39. Zonia Duenas

    I own sentence fixers #1 and I just bought this one and it is a great challenge for my high achieving students. Amazing!

  40. Dianna B.

    This is amazing! It’s just what my entire 3rd grade class needs help and support with. Thank you for this.

  41. Rebecca W.

    A terrific product! This is just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  42. Lindsey

    These are great for extra practice throughout the year!

  43. Molly M.

    It helps students learn how to edit. Great product.

  44. Tracy K.

    Excellent daily resource and practice for my Sp Ed students in upper Elementary!

  45. sandy hernandez

    My kids love this as part of their ELA stations!

  46. Andrea L.

    I love that each page focuses on a particular skill. Perfect for helping my students work on their editing while reinforcing the skills they need. Thank you for creating such a great resource!

  47. Carolyn J.

    I was looking for something very particular for my EFL tweens and I think this resource is going to do the job very nicely! They’ll be perfect as warm ups at the beginning of each class!

  48. Hilary J W.

    So cute! I can’t wait to put this is my centers. Thanks

  49. Allyson Martin

    I am so happy to have more Fix-it sentences for my students to use and practice with! Thank you for another amazing resource!

  50. Katy M.

    I LOVE sentence fixers for my class. They help reinforce key writing skills all year long!

  51. Michelle A.

    Great product to work on sentences and grammar skills.

  52. Hannah W.

    I love the first set of sentence fixers, so it was a no brainer to get these. Love the paragraph section of these as well!

  53. Elizabeth R Martin

    I purchased the first set. Students love to use them as morning work. I can’t wait to use the second set.

  54. Buddy Cute

    I already had the first set, so when these came out I was so excited! These are so great for honing in on specific skills! I often use them in centers or even morning work and kids love doing them and checking them, too!

  55. Edna D.

    This resource has been great for my students! Thank you!

  56. Catherine D.

    Loved using the 1st set, I had to purchase the second set. I can’t wait to use them this school year!

  57. Mandy S.

    Love to use these for a center. Such a great resource for students to practice their editing skills. I love to use these for writing practice.

  58. Rita E.

    Loved how the sentence fixers included certain language skills. Great practice.

  59. Kim Davison

    The first set of Sentence Fixers are awesome! Can’t wait to try these 🙂

  60. Amber W.

    Thank you for another great resource!

  61. Jessica L.

    Easy to use and perfect for my classroom needs.

  62. Educate with Empathy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE sentence fixers! There are a MUST HAVE!

  63. Andrea L.

    I loved the first set of sentence fixers and am so excited to use the 2nd set!!

  64. Amanda W.

    These are perfect for my students! Thank you!!

  65. Darby hoon

    Sentence fixers are a must have! Love these!

  66. Chelsie L.

    I love these! I had the first pack and knew I had to have these as well. My students enjoy them so much! Thank you!

  67. Jennifer B.

    Cannot wait to use this resource this year!

  68. A Teaching Highlight Reel

    I love these! My students would do a sentence a day, to finish the sheet by Friday and it truly did help not only with their editing skills but also with their own writing! Thank you for making such an awesome resource!

  69. Lori E.

    I have used the first pack this past school year. I am looking forward to using these next year for a little extra challenge!

  70. Theresa D.

    I am so excited about the differentiation within this product! My students in need of more challenging material have really excelled fixing the paragraphs. We do a lot of writing in math, and I have seen a lot of improvement as their drive to find and correct errors has carried over into their classwork. Thank you so much!

  71. Marcy W.

    Can’t wait to use these with my students this year! We’re always needing extra practice with writing/editing sentences.

  72. Jennifer J.

    Loved the 1st so of course I had to get the 2nd! Your products are always amazing!

  73. Dalyn H.

    This resource is just what I needed for extra help and morning work. I really like that the subject is listed on the top of the page! That is so very helpful!

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