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Short Vowels Decodable Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages Mats – 2nd Grade


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Phonics reading passages, or Phonics Mats, are the perfect no-prep, print and go resource to help students turn isolated phonics skills into reading text! Students practice isolated phonics skills, decoding, fluency, and comprehension all in one resource.

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*** NEW UPDATE *** This resource is updated with a brand new 2022 version! The new phonics mats have decodable passages, comprehension questions, word writing practice, and a warm-up page for each skill. Make sure to download the preview to see the new update and the timeline for release of each section of the bundle. The 2017 version is still included as well.


Need phonics-based and/or decodable text for students to read?

With over 50 short vowel phonics mats included, there is a passage for every pattern you teach!

Looking for no-prep, effective reading activities?

Print and go! Each page has a short passage with words that follow the targeted phonics pattern, comprehension questions, and word writing.

Does your curriculum lack phonics review?

These phonics mats are perfect for morning work, centers, homework, small group instruction and more!


  • 29 printable original (2017) short vowel phonics mats with passages & activities
  • 29 digital original short vowel phonics mats
  • 53 printable updated (2022) short vowel phonics mats with decodable passages & activities
  • 53 warm-up pages that correspond with the updated phonics mats
  • 53 digital updated short vowel phonics mats - complete by August 1, 2022
  • Cover page options
  • Answer key for every passage, both versions



short a, ack, all, amp, and, ash, ant, ast

short e, eck, ell, end, est

short i, ick, ill, ing, ink, ish

short o, ock, op, ot

short u, uck, ump, ung, unk, ush



ag, at, ad, am, ap, an, ack, all, amp, ank, ant, ash, ast, mixed

ed, en, et, eg, eck, ell, end, est, mixed

ib, ig, in, it, id, ix, ick, ill, ing, ink, ish, mixed

ox, ot, og, op, ock, mixed

ug, um, ud, ut, un, up, uck, ump, ung, unk, ush, mixed

Classroom teachers are loving this resource!

“So easy to prep and use! My students really enjoyed the variety of stories and I liked how each sheet focused on a particular phonics pattern. I also used this resource to supplement my RtI instruction.” – Wendy N.

“These were a great supplement to our phonics lessons. My students always had fun reading the story and completing the page. Lots of great skill work packed into each page. This was a wonderful resource that made my school year easier."  – Amy B.

“I have used these in my classroom with my four lowest learners for the past few weeks and out of everything I have tried with them this year, these phonics mats seem to be making a difference. The students love the way the mats are laid out and the consistency helps them feel successful. I will be using this product for years to come! Thank you, Lucky Little Learners!" – Ashley M.

I can’t wait to hear how you are able to use these phonics mats with your students! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching! - Angie


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