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Vocabulary Activities for Little Learners (use with any list!)

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Are you required to teach a list of vocabulary words each week? This resource is the perfect set of vocabulary activities to help your students master their vocabulary words. This pack includes vocabulary graphic organizers, vocabulary templates, no-prep vocabulary worksheets, vocabulary games, and a vocabulary display for your classroom wall! This vocabulary resource has been designed to use with any list of vocabulary words.

Activities that are Included:
Vocabulary Routine
-Vocabulary Journal
-Words of the Week
-Vocabulary Words Worksheet
-Vocabulary Mini Posters
-Roll a Word
-Vocabulary Dice
-Vocabulary Bingo
-Vocabulary Short Stories
-Draw a Word
-Parts of Speech
-Vocabulary Sentences
-Act it Out
-Picture This
-Editable Word Cards
-Grammar Flip Flaps
-Vocabulary Posters with Display
-Detailed explanation with pictures for each activity

*Please download the preview for a thorough example of what is included in this 56 page pack!

90 reviews for Vocabulary Activities for Little Learners (use with any list!)

  1. Faith F.

    I am a graduate level clinician studying Speech and Language Pathology. Through research in education and literacy, we know that teaching vocabulary through a variety of avenues (not just rote memory and drill) increases a child’s comprehension of the concepts they are learning. Since I am putting together several activities based on children’s books, I bought this resource as a jumping off point. The pack includes activities for multiple skill levels. I have been able to use several activities in the pack with my kiddos from Kindergarten to 5th grade. One of my favorite activities is the Word Journal. My students are using the worksheets to create their own dictionaries! I love seeing creativity and academics come together!

  2. Bettina M.

    I love resources that can be used with any story or text. The activities in this pack can be modified to fit any vocabulary lesson.

  3. Michelle E.

    This has been helpful in providing differentiated spelling and vocab work for my class. Easy to use and prepare, it works with whatever words we are focusing on.

  4. Amber S.

    I finally found the vocabulary resource that is perfect for my second graders! This is my go-to file for our vocabulary word work. There is a variety of activities and great game ideas!

  5. Michelle V.

    This was a great resource to add to my vocabulary instruction. It allowed for a nice variety of ways to continue practicing the words. Thank you for creating and sharing this resource!

  6. Jennette Z.

    I love this set! This had been a game changer during literacy centers!
    I have suggested this link to my co-teachers and they’ve purchased and loved it too!
    Thank you for such a great resource!

  7. Andrea C.

    Great resource that provides fun, simplified vocabulary activities for younger learners. Easily adaptable to use for any curriculum vocabulary or novel study vocabulary.

  8. Maria G.

    Used these with our vocabulary words (that we went over daily in whole group) in an independent station to allow students to user them in several different ways.

  9. Teri B.

    I was looking for activities for my students to use to aid in their vocabulary development. My students enjoyed these activities and they made learning fun!

  10. Aubrey S.

    My students are using this for their WIG (Wildy Important Goal). They selected that they wanted to learn to read “big” words. I am having them use your resource to help them learn the meaning of the words. This has been so helpful! They love that I made it into a book for them!

  11. Heather J.

    My students loved using this resource! They were engaged in the resource and had no trouble getting started. It didn’t take much time to prep this resource, so it was easy for me to use with my students.

  12. Kela P.

    Thank you so much for creating these fun and engagin activities. I have been constantly trying to figure out how to incorporate vocabulary and make it fun and this has helped tremendously.

  13. Cathryn H

    I love that this vocabulary bundle is able to be used with any list, it makes a great supplement to my literacy curriculum.

  14. Ronda W.

    I was concerned that I had bitten off more than I could chew with trying to tackle vocabulary with firsties, but these resources were SUPER helpful!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  15. Alyssa Creagle

    This has been so useful in helping to structure centers and for homework practice. My students are able to easily follow the directions and complete the practice independently!

  16. Heather S.

    A great resource. I enjoyed using this with my class. It was insightful, well laid out, and followed the curriculum. Thank you.

  17. Latisha R.

    This is a great resource that I used with my students. It kept them engaged and helped reinforce what we are learning in the classroom. Thank you!

  18. Rachelle B.

    These vocabulary activities offer a great way to mix up your vocabulary routine. I used several of them and my students have really enjoyed them!

  19. Mary D.

    This is the perfect resource for any vocabulary words. We use it weekly in my classroom while learning new vocab and also as a review.

  20. Sharonda P.

    This resource is awesome! I like how it is designed for different quantities of words. The activities are also very engaging! Thank. you!

  21. Lindsay M.

    I’ve used this to differentiate independent work. Great resource to do whole class and then later on I let my highs do this independently. They love the vocabulary story, very challenging.

  22. Mendy P.

    This helped my students and me with a vocabulary center. I have always struggled at providing a center for vocabulary (not anymore). Thank you!

  23. Deanne P.

    I always have trouble doing vocabulary literacy stations. My students are all over the place with their needs. This set allows me a variety of activities for differentiating.

  24. EmmansEducation

    My students loved this resource! It is way more engaging than the district-provided curriculum. My students enjoyed learning new words because of the hands-on component of this resource. Thanks!

  25. Hollis B

    I used this product with a student I was tutoring……..and the student LOVED using these! I can’t wait to try them in my classroom! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with teachers!

  26. Marcia M.

    I mainly used the “Words of the Week” page for my 3rd graders. I will likely use some of the other pages in my 1st grade class this year! Great resource!

  27. Paulette Bajenaru

    I mainly used the “Words of the Week” page for my 3rd graders. I will likely use some of the other pages in my 1st grade class this year! Great resource!

  28. Toni-Morgan B.

    I used this resource alot during college when learning to write lesson plans, many of whiched I was allowed to edit into a mini lesson and used during observations and student teaching. I have used this resource in a various grades, with multiple ability levels.

  29. Jenisa Collier

    My students actually loved vocab word study time using this resource. Their favorite was drawing a picture to match up with their word.

  30. Cindy N.

    Our district started doing vocabulary during the second semester. For my students, the memorization of the words and definitions was a struggle. They had a hard time understanding the words, and the definitions. I found this resource and it was a life saver. I was able to give the students different assignments to c

  31. No More Glue

    I actually used this with an upper grades student and they enjoyed the variety of vocabulary activities to choose from when practicing vocabulary words.

  32. Melody C.

    This made my vocabulary units much more fun for my students. Their favorite one was where they wrote a story using the vocab words and then illustrated it.

  33. Mackenzie

    I have a group of first grade students who are above grade level and this has been the perfect thing to have them work on together. All students still benefit from the vocab lesson, but I am able to enrich the students who need it with these packets.

  34. Deanna H.

    This resource has been a game changer for my student’s vocabulary study. They absolutely love all the activities I’ve tried so far. The format is easy to implement and reproduce. I was able to show the students I do/We do then they were off for their You-do. They love using this resource working with partners. It really helped with their dictionary skills, internet research skills and so many of my students are amazing artists! Can’t wait to start this at the beginning of the year next year! Thanks!

  35. Rebecca Tomford

    I love this resource! It offers a variety of activities that I can use for my multileveled classroom. Another WIN from Lucky Little Learners!

  36. Julianne K.

    I started using this resource this week and my first grade students have already started to enjoy it! They worked on drawing a picture of the vocabulary word and they were so excited to show me their drawings and explain the word. I love how many options there are so that I can differentiate for my students. Thank you!

  37. Eron C.

    I absolutely love how I can use any activity with any list of words! This resource is a great buy for any year/any grade!

  38. Cassidy Carlson

    I wish I found this resource sooner! Love all the options and the example schedule. My students have been loving this each week.

  39. Rebecca T.

    I have used bits and pieces and I love this resource so far. I can’t wait to use it with third and fourth grade. It has so many varieties that are engaging to my students.

  40. Mellisa M.

    These activities were great to use with any vocabulary list! Easy to model to the students at the beginning of the year and students were engaged the whole time.

  41. Jordan W.

    These activities have been a life saver for my scholars learn & practice their vocabulary words, particularly my ELL kiddos. Thank you for helping me make vocabulary a little bit more fun!

  42. Brittany R.

    These vocabulary activities are so much fun and really engage students in learning their vocabulary words in new and exciting ways!

  43. Michelle P.

    This is a well-made activity. We’ve enjoyed using the vocabulary activities in our classroom this year. These have made practicing new vocabulary a lot more engaging.

  44. Shuyi S.k

    I’ve included these activites on my choice board and the students love it. The stories are engaging and the length is perfect. My students are definitely able to develop their skills better using the material.

  45. Nicola Ristorm

    I used this for students who struggled with their oral language and/or writing vocabulary. They went out in a small group to practise new words. The activities were engaging and allowed those students time to practise their skills and confidence together! It worked great!

  46. Danielle G.

    I needed to make vocabulary more engaging, especially when teaching students with special needs. This journal has been keeping them busy and intrigued in their learning. What they mostly love about it is that they feel it’s their own personal journal.

  47. Jeanine

    Our reading program didn’t include any vocabulary activities so I bought this. My kids look forward to learning their weekly vocabulary words and completing these activities. They are now using vocabulary words in their writing.

  48. Lisa G.

    This pack is full of vocabulary activities that can be used as worksheets or assigned in google classroom. It is highly recommended for going at words and using them in various ways. Great resource.

  49. Kylie R.

    These vocabulary activities are so nice to have! You can use them with any vocabulary words and they are so easy to use. I use them as part of my language arts centers and they give my students great practice with their vocabulary words and my students enjoy them!

  50. Geneva E.

    Another great resource from LLL!! I love that there are many options to choose from so I have many different options for my students.

  51. Sarah Owens

    This is a wonderful source and very helpful for my 3rd grade class to learn and practice our weekly vocabulary words!

    I am wondering if there is a template with 6 words for the Vocab Sentence activities?

    Thank you!

  52. Shelly P.

    I love products that are easy to implement, and this one fits the bill! Once my students have learned how to “use” a page, they are incredibly independent. The variety is fantastic, and I have seen vocabulary knowledge improve!

  53. Jenny L.

    My 2nd & 3rd graders LOVE these activities when working with our vocabulary words! They get super excited to dig into their new words with these sheets! Must Have!

  54. SLB

    Love this resource! My students are engaged in the activities, and it supplements the reading program used in my district.

  55. DIDO’s Corner

    Great resource! Used the drawing pages for them to grasp the word and then the bingo pages to make it all engaging. Love it!

  56. Taylor L.

    This resource has been so helpful for our vocabulary centers! I have been able to easily scaffold to meet my students need and vary the activities as well!

  57. Kay K.

    My students need more vocabulary activities and the activities in this product was good alternative to what I usually do. I can’t spend much time on vocabulary so made it a center activity. The product was helpful!

  58. Jane Joey and Jellybeans

    This resource is awesome! It contains EVERY popular vocabulary activity and can be easily adapted and included in any type of class!
    I love it!

  59. Evalina E.

    Love the versatility of this product! Would highly recommend to others. Can very much be tailored to various grade levels.

  60. Stephanie F.

    I got this resource as an additional support of activities for a vocabulary curriculum I also purchased on TpT and my kids love it! The activities are engaging and are truly helping my students understand the words and their meanings.

  61. Tonya Koehn

    I was looking for activities fo help me teach vocabulary and this one is a must. Their are easy to prep and the students enjoy the variety.

  62. Beth N.

    Moving to 3rd grade Reading where vocabulary is essential for testing, this is the absolute best resources to help students gain a better understanding. Looking forward to continue using with my new class in the fall.

  63. Sarah A.

    I hands down love this resource! My students were so engaged with each activity. To save on some paper we used our notebooks to write the vocab word and the definition but the games were well loved by my students. Their favorite activity was illustrating the vocab words and it was very interesting to see how creative they were when creating their own illustration. Just wish I would’ve found this resource earlier! Thank you!

  64. Big Heart Little Teacher

    This was so easy to put together. I purchased pocket folders for my students and I switch out the papers every week to go with their new list. This is a great resource. Thank you!

  65. Catherine S.

    Love all the different activities to do. My students loved drawing a picture to match the words. The activities also make them really dissect the word!

  66. Keziah W.

    I’ve enjoyed using this resource with my students. There are a variety of templates to use. My students enjoy writing the vocabulary words/writing the definitions template and the draw a picture template. I also have them write a sentence using the vocabulary words for extra practice. Thank you for a great resource.

  67. Ivy C.

    I currently use this resource during small group instruction in my classroom. Next year, I plan to use it for whole group activities- although I will differentiate the words for my student’s varying levels.

  68. Valerie D.

    I am so excited to use this product next year as a vocabulary focus wall. I am currently using it in small groups to enhance vocabulary instruction for the remainder of this year.

  69. Britt L.

    This resource was helpful with online/distance learning because it kept things fresh for the students. In turn, they stayed engaged.

  70. Christine S.

    This brings vocabulary alive and makes it more meaningful for my students! They look forward to our daily vocabulary activities!

  71. Sarah W.

    This resource is full of great things you can do with students to build vocabulary and the skills that go with it. Would highly recommend this to others.

  72. Caitlin M.

    I love using these activities for fun on fridays or with substitute teachers. They are easy to incorporate any time and my students look forward to them.

  73. Amber S.

    This resource is amazing! It has a ton of activities that you can use with any vocabulary word or spelling or sight words. There are so many great ideas in this packet.

  74. Krystina D.

    I needed something to stretch my more advanced learners with their vocabulary. They use these activities during small-group time when they are not meeting with me. I love that I can choose the vocabulary words because I can combine words from our curriculum and other important words into one activity.

  75. Michelle S.

    I would love to have more words added to this! I use it for my GT class. It is a great way to saturate them with vocabulary. It is fun and engaging.

  76. Mary B.

    I chose this item because of the picture-it foldable, act it out, vocabulary sentences, parts of speech, and draw a word. I appreciated the variety in ways to teach vocabulary skills to children. Thanks.

  77. Tami H.

    I bought this package because some of my students are struggling with vocabulary. I knew I needed to change things up and engage them. I haven’t used all the activities yet. However, they have loved the ones I have.

  78. Kaitie H.

    These are excellent resources! It’s a great way to mix up and reinforce the same content without making it boring. It’s very engaging!

  79. Catherine W.

    So glad I found this resource! I made a bulletin board and we refer to it daily. So many flexible activities to use each day. My students all aced their vocabulary test last week and the motions were an incredible anchor in their brains. Thank you!

  80. Katie K.

    Loving the vocabulary mini posters and the Act It Out! Students are having fun and learning their words! Great resource with fun activities! We are digital right now, but I’m looking forward to getting back in the classroom and completing classroom vocabulary stories!

  81. kathleen J.

    I’ve only used a few of the suggested activities so far, but my struggling spellers/readers found them to be fun and more interesting than typically weekly spelling assignments. I’m excited to try out some more of the activities in the coming month.

  82. Amanda H.

    This resource will greatly help me connect to my students during distance learning. They will very much enjoy this activity! Thank you!

  83. Karen W.

    I love that this resource encourages my students to learn new words by playing games. It is so fun that my students don’t even realize they are learning.

  84. Ivette Kinney

    My students look forward to this activity every week! I’ve seen vocabulary scores go up from getting direct instruction within these activities!

  85. Lindsey T.

    This was perfect to use in conjunction with our Wonders curriculum! I used it for in class assignments and virtual/remote learning. Great resource and really helped make learning vocab fun!

  86. Haley McTigue

    This is great for a higher level second grade class. My class is a mixed bag, but I found the vocabulary activities very purposeful!

  87. Ashley Jensen

    Love how easy these activities are to implement with any vocab list. I use them whole group, small group, and independent centers. Great resource!

  88. Kylie S.

    I used this resource as supplemental instruction strategy for my students who were struggling on their vocabulary tests in their general education classrooms. This has helped them tremendously. Thank you so much!

  89. Bianca W.

    This is a great addition to help my students explore the many structures of their vocabulary words. Thank you! I will definitely utilize this more in my student’s independent practices.

  90. Elizabeth K.

    This is the perfect addition for my Daily 5 and Reader’s Workshop combination reading class! It helps me do justice to my vocabulary in an engaging way. Thank you!

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