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Winter Task Card Bundle


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This 42-page product contains 4 winter task card activities:
*2-Digit Addition (without regrouping)
*2-Digit Addition (with regrouping)
*2-Digit Subtraction (without regrouping)
*2-Digit Subtraction (with regrouping)

Each winter task card set contains 24 task cards, direction sheet, record sheet, and record sheet answer key. Each scoot game comes in COLOR, but can be easily printed on gray scale to help save ink!

Winter task cards are a fun activity that you can do with your whole class. It will get your students up and moving from desk to desk while they solve math problems. This activity can be used as a review, practice, or even assessment. After printing the following slides, cut them out and place one task card on each desk. Each student will need a record sheet. Students will start at their own desk. They need to add the 2-digit math problem on the task card. Then the teacher says, “Scoot” and at that point the students need to move to the next desk to solve that task card. The activity will continue until all the task cards have been solved by each student. Corrections can be done together as a whole group for reinforcement/reteaching or done by the teacher.

*Variation #1: This game can also be used as a scavenger hunt in which the task cards are hidden around the classroom and the students need to find, solve, and record their answers on their recording sheet.

*Variation #2: This game can also be used as a math center in which the task cards are stored in a tub/container and the students pick up a task card then solve and record their answers on their recording sheet.


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