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1st Grade ELA Spiral Review


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This 1st grade resource is perfect for morning work, homework, daily ELA review, and independent literacy centers. It's a no-prep option for students to practice their grammar, phonics, and language skills.

⭐️ This resource also includes a digital version using Google Forms(TM) ⭐️
1st grade spiral ELA review for the ENTIRE YEAR includes 40 weeks of spiral ELA sheets with answer keys.
What's Included in the Spiral ELA Review Sheets BUNDLE:
►Year At A Glance Pages
►40 Weeks of Spiral ELA Review Sheets
►40 Weeks of Answer Keys
►Common Core aligned
►Detailed explanation of how to use the resource
►Printable and digital options
Skills included in the Spiral ELA Review Sheets BUNDLE:
►Kindergarten Review (2 weeks)
►Short & Long Vowels, asking sentences
►Short vowel A, nouns
►Short vowel O, plural nouns
►Short vowel I, ABC order (first letter)
►Short vowel U, verbs
►Short vowel E, past and future tense verbs
►Mixed short vowels (CVC), capitalization (first letter of sentence, letter I)
►Mixed Review of Quarter 1 Skills
►Digraph SH, common & proper nouns
►Digraph TH, capitalization (months and days of week)
►Digraph CH, subject-verb agreement
►Digraphs WH and PH, exclamatory sentences
►Digraph CK, ABC order (second letter)
►CVCe (a_e, i_e), adjectives (color, shape, size, texture, number)
►CVCe (o_e, u_e, e_e), adjectives (smell, taste, sound, emotions)
►Long a vowel teams (ay, ai), possessives
►Long e vowel teams (ee, ea, ey), pronouns: I, me, he, him, her, she
►Mixed Review of Quarter 2 Skills
►Long i vowel teams (ie, igh), pronouns: they, them, it, us, we
►Long o vowel teams (oe, oa, ow), synonyms
►Long u vowel teams (ew, ue, ui), antonyms
►L blends (bl, cl, sl, pl, fl, gl), articles
►R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr), irregular plurals
►S blends (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw), prepositions
►R-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur), commas (in dates)
►R-controlled vowel (ar), quotation marks
►R-controlled vowel (or), comparative adjectives ►Mixed Review of Quarter 3 Skills
►Diphthongs (oi/oy), compound words
►Diphthongs (ou, ow), commas (in a series)
►Diphthongs (au/aw), homophones
►Long and short oo, abbreviations
►Y as a vowel, conjunctions
►Contractions, alliterations
►Inflectional endings, onomatopoeia
►Multi-syllabic words (open), formal and informal
►Multi-syllabic words (closed), parts of speech review
►Mixed review of ALL 1st grade skills
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