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Addition & Subtraction to 20 Math Unit

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  • 2nd Grade Math Curriculum Bundle - Lucky to Learn Math

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This is the hands-on, standards-aligned, collaborative, and engaging 2nd grade addition & subtraction strategies resource you’ve been looking for! This addition & subtraction unit can also be used as a supplement to other math programs. Includes: teaching slides, lesson plans, warm-ups, number talks, mini lessons, collaborations, worksheets, differentiation, assessments, anchor charts, songs, and SO much more!


In this unit, students will build addition & subtraction fact fluency and work with math facts within 20. Each of the 20 lessons highlights a specific habitat/biome along with an essential math skill.

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This unit is part of a full year math curriculum! Click here to take a look and fall in love with teaching math again!

Is your current math curriculum dull and lifeless?

This unit is engaging! It includes themed lessons to pique student interest, while also ensuring they master the math standards.

Looking for resources that are easy to prep?

The activities are low-prep or no-prep! The lesson plans include icons to help you choose which activities to use during the day, and teaching slides that guide you & your students through the lesson.

Wanting your students to love math?

The math block routine will scaffold and guide students to feel successful, reach deep levels of understanding, and love math!

This resource is perfect for:

  • A complete daily math block
  • Math centers & hands-on activities
  • Math worksheets & independent practice
  • Supplemental practice
  • Math interventions
  • Math extensions
  • Number talks
  • Themed units - perfect for integrated studies


  • Unit overview & binder cover
  • Pre-assessment
  • Post-assessment
  • Anchor charts
  • Craftivity
  • Book recommendations
  • Optional activities
  • Themed unit & lessons
  • Vocabulary word cards
  • Lesson plans
  • Teaching slides
  • Warm-ups
  • Math chats (Number talk)
  • Mini lessons
  • Collaborations
  • Independent Practice
  • Interventions
  • Extensions
  • Checks for understanding

Unit 2: Addition & Subtraction Unit Skills & Strategies Overview:

*Aligned to CCSS and TEKS*


  • Part-part whole models
  • Count on
  • Doubles
  • Near doubles
  • Make ten
  • Commutative property
  • Adding on a number line
  • Associative property
  • Addition word problems


  • Part-part whole models
  • Count back
  • Subtracting on a number line
  • Count up
  • Doubles
  • Near doubles
  • Think make ten
  • Fact families/related facts
  • Subtraction word problems
  • Addition & subtraction strategy review

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Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

—--“This curriculum provides fun & interactive activities for my students. It also includes differentiated support for my small groups. I love all of the opportunities for learning!”  - Melanie

—--“I am going to use this as a supplement along with my district’s curriculum. Our current curriculum spirals, but doesn’t give nearly enough lessons and activities for my students to gain a true understanding of a concept or skill. With this program, I will not only have additional activities for my students to use, but also lessons, hands-on and collaborative activities, and differentiation tasks for those that need intervention or extension on the skill. This is just what I needed!”- Taylor

I can’t wait to hear how this addition & subtraction unit helps your student achieve success with math fact fluency in a positive, encouraging, teacher-friendly way! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching!

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20 reviews for Addition & Subtraction to 20 Math Unit

  1. Chantelle B.

    This resource is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about it. Easy to use and everything is planned out. My students love all the activities and such a wide variety of activities too!

  2. Raquel C.

    This unit was excellent to use to make these standards more engaging. I always turn to these units to supplement my district curriculum and I appreciate how organized and easy-to-follow they are.

  3. Reading Roads LLC

    I attribute my class’s progressing math skills (especially math fact fluency) to this seller’s resources. Every resource is engaging and appropriate. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

  4. WiseINfirst

    “This is more fun than our math book!” This resource is a game changer… especially when you need to supplement for a math curriculum that isn’t student (or teacher) friendly!

  5. Nicole D.

    I love this, my class loves this. The science connection is fantastic and the movement activities that are incorporated into each lesson are fun and engaging!

  6. Lewis’s Little Learners

    This made teaching math so much fun! The kids were engaged and loved the variety of activities. Since I’m using this resource with first graders, I spread the lessons out over two days each, and it worked great! Fun practice pages and the review sheets were SO helpful.

  7. Candace B.

    I love the variety of activities. I used it to supplement in my intervention group and it was nice to have something different but focusing on the same skills being taught in the classroom.

  8. Angela D.

    This product is amazing. My students loved using this product with partners and during small group. The activities are interesting, and easy to understand. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Opal A.

    I’m a homeschool mom to my daughter. She is 8, has autism, and is obsessed with animals. She may also have dyslexia and dysgraphia so she struggles with holding numbers in her head while doing addition and subtraction (and now we’ve started multiplication and is getting confused with addition 🙁 . I got this unit because I knew she would be all for it and I’m hoping it helps having the extra practice with animals 🙂 I love the strategy posters and we put those up on the wall right away and while she was doing her math she went over and used them and I asked her if they helped and she said yes! I have never seen a unit of any kind (math or LA) that is based around animals. So thank you!!

  10. Adventuring into Education

    This is the best resource ever! I’m going to be leaving my school in December, and I am trying to be completely prepped and done with my lesson plans and printouts ASAP so I can focus on other things. This resource saved my life in math! I have SUCH a hard time planning math, and this was perfect to just print, a little prep, and be done! The slides are interactive and engaging, and my students love seeing the different habitats and environments.

  11. Asante C.

    My team really liked this resource it had great anchors and activities that were very engaging and useful as students were learning!

  12. LeeAnn V.

    My students loved the activities that were included in this bundle. The games and center activities worked well with small groups.

  13. Caring Classroom

    So perfect for fact fluency, one of our huge struggles! Thank you!

  14. Angel G.

    She’s done it again! I’m EXTREMELY satisfied! such good stuff!

  15. Tiffany L.

    This was such a great resource. Thank you so much!

  16. Torri R.

    Love these resources and activities. So engaging and fun. Thank you.

  17. Jeannine H.

    Great way to reinforce math fluency skills. It met the needs of what the students goals.

  18. Learn Grow Explore In Preschool

    Another great resource that is both FUN and engaging. This made learning Math Fun.

  19. Sarah J.

    This is a great unit for math and fits so well with our math block!! The activities are fun and interesting!!

  20. Cheyenne M.

    Thank you so very much for ALL your amazing resources! this was great to add to my small group math

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