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2nd Grade Digital Reading Toothy Task Kits

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Did you know?! This is included in Lucky Little Learners All Access!
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Digital Toothy ® Task Cards – an original idea from Angie Olson at Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

Digital Toothy ® Task Cards are a fun option to practice and review reading concepts using a device. Devices that are compatible with this digital resource are iPads™, Chromebooks™, laptops, and desktop computers.

Digital Toothy Task cards do work with Google Classroom and SeeSaw. They can also be shared in Canvas, Class Dojo, or simply email the link. Step by step video and printed directions are shared inside the product.

There are 27 different reading sets included in this bundle. Each reading concept includes a sentence, paragraph, or passage along with questions that focus on the skill being practiced. These digital reading task cards are self-correcting and self-paced. They provide a fun incentive to stay focused on the reading task by offering the ability to add a tooth in Toothy’s mouth for every correct answer.

BONUS: All digital reading sets include the option for the student to play the audio of the passage being read to them. This is a wonderful upgrade to the digital set and great for differentiation!!!

Digital Toothy® Task Cards are a great option for your students to use as centers, early finishers, morning work, or even Digital Learning Days!


  • Author's Purpose
  • Cause & Effect (set 1 and 2)
  • Character Traits
  • Compare & Contrast (fiction)
  • Compare & Contrast (nonfiction)
  • Context Clues
  • Fact & Opinion
  • Fairytales & Folktales- Compare & Contrast (set 1 and 2)
  • Fairytales & Folktales- Compare & Contrast (set 3 and 4)
  • Genre
  • Inferences
  • Main Idea & Details- Fiction (set 1 and 2)
  • Main Idea & Details- Nonfiction (set 1 and 2)
  • Nonfiction Text Features (set 1 and 2)
  • Problem & Solution (set 1 and 2)
  • Sequencing
  • Shades of Meaning (using verbs & adjectives)
  • Story Elements (set 1 and 2)
  • Summarizing

How does the game work?

Students read a sentence, paragraph, or passage on a digital task card within every skill. For every sentence, paragraph, or passage that is read, there are questions to go with it that focus on the reading strategy being practiced. Then they choose the answer from three choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, they go back to the problem to solve again.

What kind of devices are compatible with Digital Toothy®?

Digital Toothy® works great with iPads™, laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks™. This file has two digital versions. PowerPoint™ will work on the iPad™ with the free PowerPoint app (no sign-in required). This file is also provided in the form of Google Slides™ for Google Classroom™. We have been told that this can work for Kindles™ through sharing the Google Slides™ link through SeeSaw™ but we haven’t tested this.

Can I check their answers?

We recommend using the recording sheets that are provided if you want to grade this activity. We have also included answer keys for every skill set.

Can more than one student play at the same time?

Yes! One license will provide your entire class to all play these games at the same time.

If I already own a printable Toothy® Bundle, how do I upgrade?

We will keep the cost of the digital bundle low to allow for an affordable additional product if you already own the printable version.

**Please download the preview file for a full explanation of what’s included in this resource.

If you’d prefer to use the printable version of these task cards, we have them for a wide range of grade levels and concepts.

67 reviews for 2nd Grade Digital Reading Toothy Task Kits

  1. Natalie Cher (verified owner)

    I absolutely love all of your resources and own most of them. However, I just bought this resource today, and the very first task card set I opened, the very first question had no correct answers (when one was obviously the correct answer). For the character traits cards, the first question should have a correct answer of “brave.”

    • angie

      Hi Natalie. Thank you for your purchase. It sounds like you are playing the game in edit mode. Make sure that you are in present mode when playing these Toothy games. I did just check the file and it’s working great. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com Thanks!

  2. dvillalta31

    It was really good I got it last week and my students loved it!

  3. Mari A.

    I love all Lucky Little Learners resources, but TOOTHY is my new favorite. My students love it, too! They want to do one everyday. I love that they are highly engaged and learning while having fun. 😉

  4. Adrienne V.

    My students loved using this resource! They used it as one of their Must-Do tasks. They love Toothy, because it is engaging and fun. I highly recommend this resource!

  5. Kellie B.

    This was a great resource to play a review game with my totally virtual class! I also used digital Toothys for independent practice for online students. I have used Digital Toothy (in general) in class as a independent review game or as an early finisher! I have bought each new one for second grade and won’t teach without it again!

  6. Coffee and littles

    Love, love. love these! I have bought a couple of these and my students loved them too! I used these with my small groups for distance learning! I cannot wait to use them this year for centers!

  7. Brooke L.

    This was an amazing resource to have this year and especially towards the end of the year when we needed something new but also to review topics and skills. It is very easy to use and worked great for my students on their iPads. Thank you!

  8. A Simple Classroom

    Absolutely perfect for my second graders! They were completely engaged and it helped me so much during hybrid teaching. I will absolutely use during the next school year.

  9. Whimsically Teaching

    I’ve printed these task cards and also used them digitally. I prefer the digital form, simply for prepping purposes. The kids seemed to love it digitally as well.

  10. Grayson C.

    This was great to review concepts we had discussed. It was wonderful to have it digitally for the students to access on their iPads at home or in class!

  11. Kaitlyn L.

    My students love playing with these task cards on their computers. It helps them learn without any other distractions. They are easy to use.

  12. LaDonna P.

    Thank you for making this bundle digital!!! It made this year so much easier since I taught both online and in-person. Saved me tons of time having to recreate everything to digital☺️

  13. Deanna M.

    I’m so excited about these in digital now….I use these in my powerpoint lessons and link in the games for the students to play as a quick check to see if they understand the lesson 🙂

  14. Kenneth Mae Mitchell

    My students found this activity engaging and fun. They loved using these activities for daily review and practice. We used the activities as class work, center activities and small group work. This resource was very easy to prepare.

  15. Morgan Fluent

    I love Toothy and I am so happy that it is now digital. I used it for my remote learners and they enjoyed being able to continue using Toothy at home.

  16. Brooke D.

    I love using these to start or end a lesson. We also play as an early finisher on individual chromebooks. They really help the students practice the skill and they have a lot of fun doing it.

  17. Tha Cassidy Crew

    My students loved receiving these in their google classroom inboxes. I loved that I was able to differentiate for different students even through the distance. Thank you!

  18. Jennifer R.

    AMAZING! So many choices, and I love that there is a read aloud option. My students love these! They get so excited when I say that we are getting to do one!

  19. Mallory K.

    My students love using Toothy! They are engaged and it helps them independently work on skills during station time! Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful resource!

  20. Amy B.

    I love all of the Toothy Activities, but I love the digitial version. I like to assign it in Google Classroom. My kids love when the tooth comes it. It is such a great resource for a spiral review.

  21. Heather B.

    These are great to use as early finisher activities or during reading rotations. I originally purchased it to use during distance learning and then use it now during class. My students love them! Thank you!

  22. Elisabeth C.

    I used this with my Virtual Academy class as a “Friday Funday” activity. The students LOVED them. It’s a great way to practice skills. Thank you!

  23. Morgan K.

    I love assigning this to students during my reading rotations! My students can do this independently and very engaged with it.

  24. Amber T.

    My students love all things Toothy! They are always down to practice skills when they get to play Toothy at the same time. It hasn’t gotten old yet!

  25. Mary C.

    I love all your TOOTHY resources and have purchased both the non-digital and digital task cards in a variety of subjects.

  26. Jessica J.

    My students love toothy activities! They are able to practice specific skills and I love that they have built-in self correction tool so students get instant feedback.

  27. Kayla S.

    Great tool for distance learning and in school! Offers an engaging way to work with students and to help them practice what they are learning in the classroom!

  28. Yvette F.

    This is a fun and engaging resource! My students enjoy doing these during independent work during reading rotations. Thank you!

  29. Michelle H.

    If you’ve never tried TOOTHY don’t hesitate! It’s engaging in ALL formats. We play solo, in pairs, whole group and even during Google Meets. Its a life-saver when planning last minute remote learning activities!

  30. Sharp Simplicity

    My students LOVE Toothy, and are so excited to complete a Toothy activity no matter what we are learning. I love that the resource is digital and print. It helps to keep my students engaged in our learning when they aren’t at school, and they want to do their homework when they find out it is a Toothy activity. Thank you!

  31. Teachers Will Run for Books

    My students enjoyed using this activity! We already loved the in-class version, but this was great during at-home days last year, assigned through Seesaw.

  32. Sheryl L.

    I used these through remote learning and in-person learning ALL year! These were used on a weekly basis as part of my students’ reading rotations. The gang loves Toothy!

  33. Heather W.

    Toothy activities are excellent and my students love them. There are so many skills in this resource for students to practice and I love that the digital resources are self-checking.

  34. Marilyn C.

    These task cards are wonderful ways to practice reading comprehension strategies. The students had wonderful conversations while completing them! Thanks so much!

  35. Kylie R.

    My students loved using all the different toothy resources! I used this both in class with my students as well as when we were doing distance learning and both times the students cold easily complete them and really enjoyed doing them. I used them as review of things we had done and would include them as a center during our center time and the students loved them.

  36. Amanda J.

    My students love all things Toothy and last year when we were blended it was a fun way to include students at home with the kids in class.

  37. Ruthanne L.

    This saved me during remote learning! I am still using these now that I am back in the classroom with students. I love how they can self check their work and adjust. Just love TOOTHY!

  38. Sheila K.

    My students love using this resource on their chromebooks. Especially when the tooth goes in the child’s mouth. This resource make practicing skills enjoyable.

  39. Nancy Gudknecht

    I assigned these activities during both remote and in-class times. The kids LOVE Toothy. Great activities for many different skills!

  40. Taylor W.

    This resource was a great addition to my classroom! I was able to use it for my students between the 1st-3rd grade level. Super fun and interactive!

  41. Nicole D.

    This is so engaging for students and a non-threatening way for children to try out what they think. It can be used whole-group or individually. I did both! Students LOVED Toothy Games

  42. Rosie’s Little Treasures

    My students love using this resource as an early finisher on test day. It gives them an opportunity to work on skills that they need as well as interact in a fun way. The students like the interaction and I find it is encouraging to have skills they are improving in.

  43. Jessica K.

    I love toothy. It seems like such a simple game, but the kids love drawing teeth on their person. We use this whole class and for independent work time.

  44. Sassy Little Teacher

    I purchased this resource after I had the printable one. I was able to quickly assign and differentiate these by groups and individuals. We used them at small group and centers.

  45. Erin L.

    Thank you so much!! These have been wonderful for distance learning/online instruction. All of your task cards are fun, engaging, and help me to continue to target specific skills/standards. Thanks again!!

  46. Belle P.

    The reading comprehension task cards are exceptional. The educational resource provides learning games that are engaging and motivating. Thank you for providing this resource in a digital format.

  47. Merry Lee B.

    This was an amazing resource to have this year and especially towards the end of the year when we needed something new but also to review topics and skills. It is very easy to use and worked great for my students on their iPads. Thank you!

  48. Crystal W.

    I love the print version of Toothy and have used it for years. They digital version is just as amazing. I used it in class and for distance learning and the kids loved doing something they were familiar with while we were apart. I can’t wait to buy all of them.

  49. Marangele R.

    My students love using this resource! They use it during center time. I love that I can give them each a strategy to work on. They were also able to send-assess during their work time. Such a great resource!

  50. Mrs TeacherLady

    This has been a wonderful resource during this past year of online learning. I don’t know what I would have done without it. My students love the whole Toothy theme. Thank you so much!

  51. Shadi A.

    Great resource, my students find the teeth hilarious and enjoying earning them!! I purchased Math Toothy last year and never used it how I intended to because of lack of time needed to prepare it, so the digital toothy task cards have been a life saver! Love using this as a review and station work.

  52. Kayleigh Embry

    Words cannot describe how much my students love Toothy Activities. They crack up when Toothy only has 5 teeth. The laughter you can hear in my classroom (virtual OR in person) is so contagious! I enjoy using this activity!

  53. Melissa L.

    Students loved this resource during virtual learning. It is something that can easily be used during technology time during a normal school year.

  54. Kristin Warren

    I used this resource by adding it into Seesaw for my students to review and practice. They absolutely LOVE it and I like that they are reviewing skills while having fun. Thanks for awesome digital resources!

  55. Vanessa H.

    I always tell my co-workers how you can’t go wrong with a Toothy product and this is another one that just confirms that belief. I love all of the skills you can learn and practice with these!

  56. krys@luckylittlelearners.com

    I was extremely pleased with the quality of this resource. The students were highly engaged and expressed their interest in using this resource. I used this as guided practice and independent practice with a few students.

  57. Ashley M.

    I cannot wait to use these Toothy Resources!! I played with them and I know my second graders will love them for the 2021-2022 school year once I transition from Kinder to 2nd grade!! 🙂

  58. Rebecca Hull

    My kids LOVE these! What a fun and engaging way to practice skills. We use them in whole group and small group. The product is clean, easy to read, and colorful.

  59. Coover’s Classroom

    The perfect addition to my Toothy collection and a great way to use Toothy while following safety protocals!! Thank you so much!!

  60. Melissa F.

    Love, love, love! So many activities! The kids LOVE it too! I love how there are recording sheets for the kids to write their answers on.

  61. Ashley R.

    I love being able to assign digital toothy to my class. I use this as a station during our literacy time. I like that students can complete it independently and they LOVE to show me when they get to the end! It’s no prep and great review/practice!

  62. Terra N.

    Having a digital option with Toothy has been INCREDIBLE. My kids love playing the games during small groups or as extra practice independently. I love that it’s self correcting and I know they’re getting the practice without me having to grade anything. I love all of my Toothy kits and being able to use them digitally this year has given me the chance to add a little extra fun to our day.

  63. Brenda C.

    This resource is amazing! My kiddos love working on these and they stay engaged the whole time. Everything is so well organized and well thought out. Thank you for creating this!

  64. Kathryn B.

    My students love doing these! The no prep makes assigning so easy, and since students are self paced and it reads it to them I can focus on interventions while they work!

  65. Stacey C.

    We absolutely LOVE all of the digital Toothys!!! My kids feel like it’s a treat when I tell them they are assigned a Toothy for the day!!! The Reading Toothy covers all of the skills we work on in 2nd grade, and it’s so much fun!!!

  66. Jennifer A.

    I had used the paper version of Toothy for a few years and my students always love it. Now that we have the digital versions they are even more engaged! They always look forward to playing these in groups!

  67. Karalee P.

    My students LOVE toothy! I used the other bundles during the shutdown and received so much great feedback. Now we use them in class as a review or early finisher activity!

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