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2nd Grade Grammar Centers | Printable & Digital | Literacy Centers | Seesaw



Lucky Little Learners Grammar Centers and Activities for 2nd grade is an essential ELA resource and is part of the 2nd Grade Literacy Centers Bundle!
⭐️ DIGITAL VERSIONS OF THESE CENTERS ARE NOW INCLUDED -- both Google Slides and Seesaw links⭐️
These centers will keep your students practicing their grammar skills with meaningful and purposeful activities. These are engaging, rigorous, and hands-on activities that your students will be sure to love.
Are you tired of searching for engaging and effective literacy centers?
This grammar bundle is your answer!
This 2nd grade resource is so versatile – it works perfectly for independent ELA centers, reading groups, ELA skill groups, independent activities, intervention groups, reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop, and fast finishers. It can easily be implemented with any existing ELA curriculum or program.
This center bundle is perfect for your classroom if you want to:
- Provide standard-aligned and engaging ELA activities for your students during centers.
- Encourage independent thinkers with direction signs.
- Check student understanding and ensure accountability with recording sheets and answer keys.
- Have centers that are organized by skill/standard rather than season or holiday theme.
- Motivate student on-task behavior through fun activities.
- Print centers in full color OR black and white.
- Simplify center prep with simple cutting and assembly.
- Have options for printable AND digital centers.
What’s Included in the Grammar Centers and Activities BUNDLE:
- 40+ Grammar Centers - printable and digital
- Common Core aligned
- Kid-friendly themes and clipart
- Full color or black & white pages
- Direction signs for each center
- Recording sheet and answer keys for each center
Grammar Centers Skills:
- Common and Proper Nouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 B)
- Singular and Plural Nouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 C)
- Subject-Verb Agreement (L 2.1, L 1.1 C)
- Pronoun-Verb Agreement (L 2.1, L 1.1 D)
- Verb Tenses (L 2.1, L 1.1 E)
- Adjectives (L 2.1, L 1.1 F)
- Conjunctions (L 2.1, L 1.1 G)
- Articles (L 2.1, L 1.1 H)
- Demonstrative Pronouns (L 2.1, L 1.1 H)
- Prepositions (L 2.1, L 1.1 I)
- Types of Sentences (L 2.1, L 1.1 J)
- Linking Verbs (L 2.1)
- Collective Nouns (L 2.1 A)
- Irregular Plurals (L 2.1 B)
- Reflexive Pronouns (L 2.1 C)
- Irregular Past Tense Verbs (L 2.1 D)
- Irregular Verbs (L 2.1 D)
- Adverb or Adjective (L 2.1 E)
- Combine and Expand Sentences (L 2.1 F)
- Run-on Sentences (L 2.1 F)
- Abbreviations (L 2.2)
- Ending punctuation (L 2.2, L 1.1 B)
- Commas in Dates and Series (L 2.2, L 1.1 C)
- Capitalization (L 2.2 A)
- Letter Writing Punctuation (L 2.2 B)
- Possessive Nouns (L 2.2 C)
- Contractions (L 2.2 C)
- Generalize Spelling Patterns (L 2.2 D)
- ABC Order (L 2.2 E)
- Formal vs. Informal English (L 2.3 A)
- Homophones (L 2.4)
- Literal vs. Nonliteral Language (L 2.4)
- Multiple Meaning Words (L 2.4)
- Context Clues (L 2.4 A)
- Prefixes (L 2.4 B)
- Root Words (L 2.4 C)
- Compound Words (L 2.4 D)
- Using Dictionaries (L 2.4 E)
- Synonyms & Antonyms (L 2.5)
- Real-life Uses of Words (L 2.5 A)
- Shades of Meaning (L 2.5 B)
- Similes (L 2.6)
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All rights reserved by author.
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