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2nd Grade Social Emotional Learning and Character Digital Toothy ® Task Cards

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Digital Toothy ® Task Cards – an original idea from Angie Olson at Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

Digital Toothy ® Task Cards are highly engaging digital activities that allow students to practice skills and answer questions in a fun, motivating way. The digital task cards are self-paced and self-correcting. Digital Toothy® Task Cards are a great option for your students to use as virtual and remote assignments, centers, early finishers, morning work, and even whole group activities.

Digital Toothy® is compatible with iPads™, Chromebooks™, laptops, and desktop computers. This resource includes two digital versions: Google Slides and PowerPoint.

There are 30 different social emotional learning & character sets included in this bundle. Students read a question on a digital task card. Then they choose the answer from two or three choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, they go back to the problem to solve again.

Digital Toothy® does not require student Google accounts, and you can assign the activity through ANY platform including Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, Class Dojo, and more. Step by step video and printed directions are included inside the product.

What are teachers saying about Digital Toothy®?

"Digital Toothy is AMAZING! My students are so engaged no matter what skill we are working on. I love how I can use it as a whole group to quickly assess each student's understanding of a concept. I have used it to review and as a reward, teaming students up to compete in a competition. It really motivated the kids to focus their attention and join in on the fun! Thank you SO, SO much!" - Kristina

"My students are OBSESSED with this product. My students are engaged and begging to go on at home too- LOL. Even though I use iPads, I found it easier to use a gmail account and use the "docs" app instead of powerpoint. It was SO easy. This is a great resource to reinforce low areas for students! I love this!" - Caroline

"My students loved digital toothy! We recently started using google classroom and these are perfect for centers. They are engaging and I love the variety of content that is provided! I love that I can differentiate learning! Thank you Angie for creating and sharing such AMAZING resources!!! You're the best!" - Briana

⭐️Click here to download free Digital Toothy Task Cards skill to try out with your students! ⭐️


  1. Compassion
  2. Cooperation
  3. Empathy
  4. Gratitude
  5. Honesty
  6. Kindness
  7. Manners
  8. Perseverance
  9. Respect
  10. Responsibility
  11. Self-Confidence
  12. Self-Control
  13. Courage
  14. Optimism
  15. Sportsmanship
  16. Teamwork
  17. Integrity
  18. Patience
  19. Mindfulness
  20. Growth Mindset
  21. Friendship
  22. Safety
  23. Attentiveness
  24. Problem Solving
  25. Citizenship
  26. Service
  27. Generosity
  28. Love
  29. Justice
  30. Sharing

***Please download the preview file for a full explanation of what’s included in this resource.***

If you’d prefer to use the printable version of these task cards, we have them for a wide range of grade levels and concepts.

Here are our Digital Toothy Bundles:

Here are our Printable Toothy Bundles:


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Copyright © Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

All rights reserved by author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.

Not for public display.

If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

36 reviews for 2nd Grade Social Emotional Learning and Character Digital Toothy ® Task Cards

  1. Mindy E.

    Another fantastic Toothy product.
    This was absolutely perfect for my Second Graders.
    I can’t wait to start in the fall using this with my in class learners.

  2. Mrs Mannellas Munchkins

    These were perfect for talking about character development at the end of this year and I can’t wait to start the year with them next year.

  3. Heather H.

    I’m a huge Toothy fan and an even bigger fan of digital Toothy! I love the ease of sharing it with my students and I love how I can easily create review choice boards using using digital Toothy. Thank you for making my job easier!

  4. Gillian M.

    These will defintely become a part of my classroom culture! I see these providing rich discussion points for students and even an opportunity for students to reflect on SEL skills taught in the classroom indepdnently, in partners, in small groups or even whole group! Thank you so much for your product!

  5. Janis P.

    Another fantastic Toothy product.
    This was absolutely perfect for my Second Graders.
    I can’t wait to start in the fall using this with my in class learners.

  6. Kyla D.

    I’ve heard great things of Toothy and rightfully so because this resource is awesome! It’s so important to incorporate SEL into the classroom and this resource is great for that. I will definitely check out more Toothy products. 5 stars!

  7. Joelle S.

    These are the skills ALL STUDENTS NEED!!! I love Toothy and my students love Toothy. You save me every week with these skills that provide crucial practice!!! Thank you for my making my job easier and a lot more fun!!!

  8. Kristy D.

    That you for providing another opportunity for us to discuss SEL! We did this together over zoom and with in person kids and discussed along the way with each card. LOVE< LOVE<LOVE!

  9. Laura D.

    Thank you, for creating a wonderful engaging activity for me to use with my students. This has come in hand to teach them new skills in a new a way. I love all of your products! My students truly enjoyed working on the patience. They were so engaged they kept asking how they could play it on their own since we were doing it whole group.

  10. Brenda C.

    Another wonderful digital toothy set with lots of topics to cover year round! My students have responded very well so far with this resource. Thank you!

  11. Natalie B.

    Love all of the digital toothys. I use them for centers this year, but next year, I plan on projecting them and doing them whole group when I am back in the classroom.

  12. Brooke D.

    I love using these to start or end a lesson. We also play as an early finisher on individual chromebooks. They really help the students practice the skill and they have a lot of fun doing it.

  13. Lena L.

    My students LOVE Toothy! They beg for a game whenever they’ve learned a new skill, and cheer when they see it assigned! I love that it allows each student to work at their own pace and it’s self checking. One of the best products I purchased from TPT!

  14. Lisa H.

    Toothy is always fun and engaging. Adding SEL standards to this format has been a great addition to my small group instruction, as well as to my “early-finisher” baskets of task cards. The digital component means I can send it out in Google classroom or project on smart board.

  15. Monica Burnham Fulford

    We love all of the “Toothy” activities. We use them often, and students can self-check their answers. Awesome resource!

  16. Shantrell Cook

    This year at my school SEL activities are more intentional. This was a great help in my planning process and implementation. Thank you!

  17. Mrs Brites

    I cannot run a class without Toothy. I love the SEL topics. They are so easy for the students to understand. We have wonderful conversations around this game.

  18. Ryleigh R.

    Toothy always engages my students so well and these SEL cards do not disappoint! These are such great practice for kids as we continue to learn about SEL topics throughout the year.

  19. Mary-Michelle C.

    My students love all of the Toothy activities. I have used this SEL Toothy as a whole class activity, displaying it using the projector, to help facilitate SEL lessons.

  20. Matthew P.

    My students loved the Toothy activities in my second grade classroom so I am now going to be the SEL teacher and look forward to using this resource with my students as well.

  21. Tanya M.

    I knew we were doing SEL lessons this year so I went looking for resources to extend and enrich those lessons. I have loved the other Toothies I have, so this was something I needed to get.

  22. Jennifer T.

    Thank you! Social-emotional skills are so important and so many kids are never taught them. I love using this with my kiddos.

  23. Jennifer M.

    Another wonderful toothy product. My students and I love these games. This is the perfect way to review SEL skills. Thank you!

  24. Tiffany S.

    I love this source! I love all things toothy- but this was a great extension to our SEL lessons. It was so easy to use and the best part is- we can do it, whole group or independent. It has so many different topics to cover as well!

  25. Nikki M.

    It’s helpful to have meaningful, curriculum rich resources. Thank you!

  26. Kristin Bolivar

    What a great resource! Easily reinforces SEL concepts in a fun way! My students really enjoyed this!

  27. Lisa R.

    Love everything Toothy! So excited to add SEL cards!

  28. Felice Scholtes

    These were great to use with the encouraging classroom curriculum. Thank you!

  29. Ashley Murphy

    This is a great resource for quick checks on behavioral understanding.

  30. Rebecca H.

    I use this during our center time and it’s so engaging! Thank you for creating something for character education.

  31. Brittany E.

    This has been a great addition to my morning routine with my students.

  32. Derek Witmer

    Great Resource!! students loved it, and it saved me a ton of time!

  33. Holly B.

    Perfect resource for SPED classroom. I also use it to help support my students for when they are in their gen ed class

  34. Mary S.

    Much needed resources in today’s climate. Students can work independently.

  35. TimelesslyTeaching

    I have a tough class and this a great resource for them to work on their social/emotional growth!

  36. Jordan H.

    Love Toothy…Love the digital version…Love that it now includes SEL.

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