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Endless 1st and 2nd grade resources at your fingertips. This is the tool for 1st grade and 2nd grade teachers that gives unlimited access to over 20,000 (and growing) high-quality, standards-aligned resources – organized by skill, content area, theme, learning format, etc.  Made by teachers, for teachers.  Click.  Print.  Teach.

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Your all access pass to a growing 1st and 2nd grade resource library designed to streamline your lesson planning.

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Instant Access to 20,000+ Teaching Resources
  • VIP Pass to Brand New Releases
  • Affordable
  • Made by Teachers, for Teachers
  • Access to Product Request Hotline
  • Custom Bundling Tool

FAQ's and Answers

How does LLL All Access work? LLL All Access is a teacher subscription that grants teachers access to all current and future Lucky Little Learners resources. Teachers pay a monthly or yearly fee and they can download anything that they want. Bonus: Our packs and bundles are all split apart into individual downloads so teachers can search and find activity options to match the skill being taught. Our advanced search and filters make finding what you need quick as a snap!

Are downloads really unlimited? Yes, as a paying member, you can download as many teaching resources as you need. Remember that subscriptions only cover a single user.

Is there a scope and sequence? Absolutely! We have a scope and sequence for both 1st and 2nd grade on your account page of the membership. Inside All Access you will find printables to teach every single skill found on the scope and sequence.

Can I differentiate with these printables? Yes. As a 1st grade or 2nd grade teacher, you will have access to materials that are one year below and above grade level to help provide opportunities for differentiated practice.

Can I share my subscription with other teachers or my colleagues? No. However, we do offer a discount for grade level teams. You can review the team pricing here.

I’ve purchased your resources in your Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Will LLL All Access still be worth it for me? 100%, yes! A huge benefit to All Access is that it's a quick tool for you to find the exact download that you need. The activities inside the subscription are listed by activity (not bundles). This is a benefit to you because you can find exactly what you need. Just click to download. We will also be adding exclusive activities that won't be found in our TPT store.

Do you accept purchase orders? Yes we do. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer refunds? The materials are delivered to you electronically. For that reason, I do not offer refunds. However, if you join the subscription and find it’s not a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged again.

Can I cancel at any time? Yes, it is easy to cancel and you can do so at any time. You will be able to access all of our resources only for the remainder of your billing period.

What are the differences between Basic and Deluxe plans?  See the graphic below for a side-by-side comparison of the features in the two plans.

54 reviews for All Access

  1. Sara

    As a special educator teaching students at all different grade and performance levels, I cannot tell you how incredible it is to have content and curriculum at your fingertips. It makes planning and goal-setting more manageable, plus it gives me a sense of where a student should be or some ideas on what to modify if a student’s grade level is around grade 2 (in this case). In concert with other resources specifically for special education, I was able to plan a full year, and spend the summer diving into resources for pairing alongside the guides!

  2. Julie

    Worth every penny! So much information, amazingly useful activities for students, and includes interactive scope / sequence and teacher planner. I am so happy I purchased the All Access unlimited membership! Thank you!!

  3. Jen

    Amazing recourses! Thank you

  4. Suzi

    I think that this website is great for finding free printables and activities. All you have to do is look something up and usually there is something there to use. I have used it a lot for summer school and plan to use more in my classroom in the fall.

  5. Kelli

    I love the All Access. They’re is so much great sources that I could use for my 1st grade classroom. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Rhonda

    Fantastic idea! Everything in ONE place & easy to find. I know I’m going to love ALL ACCESS even more when school starts. Very affordable and convenient.

  7. Karen

    The All Access for Lucky Little Learners has saved me time and money. I love being able to pick and choose the items that are most beneficial for my students. It is easy to navigate and download exactly what you need. I would highly recommend the All Access to any first or second grade teacher. It is jam packed with valuable materials you use every day.

  8. Maria

    I am so happy I bought the year long subscription. All Access has everything I need to start my 1st/2nd grade split for this coming school year! I have downloaded morning work for the year, early finishers packets for the year, centers for the year, classroom set up, back to school, and so much more! This will save me so much time this year. I was beginning to worry about how I was going to prepare for my new class. All Access has eased my worries and come to my rescue!

    The customer service has been spectacular! When I send an email, I get a response back within a day.

    I highly recommend purchasing the year subscription. It is worth it and saved me a lot of money in the the long run.

  9. Rachel

    Love it very helpful.

  10. Linda Cywinski

    As a first year 2nd grade teacher after teaching 5th grade for 23 years, I am loving how I can find all sorts of engaging materials just by using the search tool. There are tremendous amounts of motivating activities at my fingertips, which is just what I need as I am starting fresh.

  11. Carmel Chen

    I love All Access! There are so many resources and I could use all the help I can get. One thing I wish I could do was to download some of the resources as bundles rather than going through each file; however, I am fine doing it this way for this great deal. 🙂

  12. Ashley Stephens

    What an amazing way to provide resources to teachers and make them literally at their fingertips. I will come back and use this all the time. Thank you!

  13. Mrs. Pellot

    My Kids Love Toothy!

  14. Mrs. Pellot

    Great stuff!

  15. Heather Brekhus

    It’s not even the start of the school year yet, and there are already so many resources that I’ve prepared with All Access. I’m teaching a 1/2 split this year and am a second-year teacher, I know this has saved me so much time that I would have otherwise spent panicking/stressing. This is also my first year in person, so having all the paperwork for Meet the Teacher and having things like the Task Cards, Spirals, and Early Finishers is extremely helpful because I don’t think I would have had that prepared by this point without All Access.

    I would change only a few things: that things have to be downloaded one at a time, and you have to track down the pack. However, links on the download pages lead to the packs making it easier to track down bundles. I’m only ever concerned that I may have missed something!

    Again, this has been a huge resource for me, and I feel so excited about having all this for a full year so that if I did miss anything, I can type in the skill here and get it when I need it. I am very happy with this purchase! 🙂

    P.s. Customer service is fantastic, and issues are quickly resolved. I found a link that went to the wrong download once and put in a ticket to find it resolved the next day. I really appreciate all the hard work that Angie and her team are putting in on this site.

  16. Jordan Holbrook

    I like how I can search bundles to making finding a specific worksheet quicker.

  17. Jessica

    I 100% recommend all access! This put so many amazing resources at my fingertips! This is so easy to use and find resources that will be engaging for my students! I especially love the phonics mats! They are awesome to help practice phonics skills and then practice them by reading the text that focuses on the skills! I also love the classroom set up and organization resources as well as the cute gift tags. I am so happy with all access! Try it! You will not regret it!!!

  18. Amy Duschek

    Absolutely AMAZING!

  19. Brenda Whitley

    Loved it so much I got the yearly subscription!!

  20. Kelly Andrews

    This is such a game changer!! I know longer have spend hours in TPT finding resources for my small groups. Everything I need is right here. Angie and her team has made this process easy and teacher friendly. I am so glad I made this monthly purchase!!

  21. Michelle

    I am so extremely happy that I purchased the All Access!! It is going to make my life to much easier and save my a tremendous amount of one time time searching TPT!! My only compliant is that I was you could download an entire bundle at one time instead of individually.

  22. Rachel

    I love having all access. It is very helpful

  23. Jackie

    Very useful!!

  24. Tiffany Seeley

    This is great, I can check out what there. Everything is right here and now I am going to sign up, since there is so much here that I would use for my classroom.

  25. Marlena Miller

    I love having All Access. I love being able to search up anything I need and it comes up quickly! I love the teaching slides the most!! These list the objectives, and everything we need for mini-lessons and to prepare for a fantastic transition into whole group or small groups! Perfect and I am so thankful for this that I even bought a license for my colleague so we could share!

  26. Tricia White

    I am loving these resources! I have begun using Unit 1 Place Value in my math group for my SPED students and they are loving it. I am wondering if anymore units will be released soon? This also saves me hours of searching through TPT trying to find different resources.

  27. Laurie Carpenter

    I love that every resource I would need is available in one place. There are so many amazing resources in All Access, so glad I made the decision to purchase the annual subscription. Thank you Angie!!

  28. Maria

    SO many resources! I’m still trying to navigate the site, but what I’ve downloaded so far will be very helpful!😊

  29. Rikki Fayne

    I’ve always loved LLL products (Toothy anyone?) in my 2nd grade classroom. This year, with a first/second split, having All Access has made a huge difference for my planning and teaching. I am able to find common ground with the two grades, and All Access will have grade-level appropriate texts and grammar that share a common theme, allowing me to teach whole-group while giving each grade independent practice for their standards.

  30. Michele

    Awesome resources here! This is my first go-to when lesson-planning each week and it has not let me down!

  31. Tonya Dye

    This is a life saver! I am finding awesome resources for my students. I bought one month to test it out. I am HOOKED! Definitely worth every cent that I paid. I will continue my subscription.

  32. Robin Hall

    All Access is A-Mazing! I have always loved my purchases from LLL, but this makes it so much easier! I am especially enjoying the new math curriculum for second grade!!! Where has this been?! My kids love the lessons! So engaging and they are learning!!! Can’t wait to see Unit 2! Thank you!!!

  33. Sheri

    I cannot say enough about All Access! I no longer have to search different sites to find exactly what I am looking for! Everything is such high quality and fits in with our objectives. It is worth every penny!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

  34. Tracie Mason

    Excellent resource!! I love the math units, they are fabulous!! I love how I can search for a specific resource and get that information easily!!

  35. Melissa

    I’ve only had it a few weeks, but so far I love it! I love having lots of resources in one place!

  36. Alyssa

    I’ve loved every resource I’ve downloaded. My kids are so excited to use Toothy! I do feel the site moves slowly though, it takes a while to find what I’m looking for, download and print.

  37. Teresa Goodman

    All access is my go too for just about everything! It is coming in handy for my first grade class and for the 2 second graders that I tutor once a week. I just found out I’ll be tutoring a 38 year old woman who wants to learn to read. I’m so glad to be a member!!!

  38. Christine

    I have bought many of your resources but sometimes forget about them. This all access has come in handy for the month of December and I plan on signing up for the year! Totally worth every penny!!!

  39. Yolanda Townsend

    All Access is great for pulling activities for my differentiated reading and math groups. Love it!

  40. yazmean.burgess-white

    I absolutely love All Access! At first I’ll admit I was a hesitant but the resources are amazing and the fact that I have access to all of these amazing resources is unreal! If you’re on the fence I would definitely say go for it.

  41. Carmel Chen

    All Access is a fantastic resource! Even though my school has its own curriculum, the resources here allow me to supplement it, especially for struggling learners. I love all the fun ideas for holidays too. The money is well worth it for all I have downloaded and printed.

  42. Dawn Wentworth

    It is so nice to be able to search the skill I am working on and find resources. There are also great activities for holidays. I love having a set price and not paying a dollar here or there. I love everything about it. I hope it is here forever!

  43. Jessica

    LOVE this resource! It is such a HUGE help to have so many fun and meaningful learning activities ready to go for centers or whole group time. I get bored with worksheets and want hands-on applications that engage students in independent and group work. This resource is perfect for that! So organized and easy to implement. THANK YOU for putting in the work to create all the things I need, but don’t have time to create myself. These are perfection!

  44. Holly Folsom

    Amazing resource! Best purchase of the year. No need to search TPT, I just go to All Access and everything I need is at my fingertips. Adding the ability to bundle, made it even better.

  45. Linda

    I use an activity from this site at least once a day and sometimes in all my small groups! I am a special education/Title 1 teacher and these activities give me the levels I need and the kids really like the games and don’t realize they are learning!!! Thank you for helping me out!

  46. Debbie

    I’ve only had it a short time but am really enjoying it. It has been extremely helpful planning small groups. I feel I have everything at my fingertips.

  47. christina.beck

    While I love having access to a ton of resources, there are many of them that I have found with the wrong answers or the wrong spelling. I also don’t understand why the monthly plan can’t use the Editables Library. I pay more per year than those that subscribe yearly, but because I can’t afford the one lump sum I feel like I’m being punished. Sadly, I just don’t make that much money, and just don’t have the funds to spend that much at one time so I’m stuck doing the monthly plan, and because of that I can’t enjoy all the resources even though it’s still called “All Access.”

  48. Deborah

    All Access is really, really, really great for my classroom. I didn’t know what I was missing at first. All Access is truly a blessing.

  49. terri.larson

    In 18 years of teaching, I can say this is the best resource I have ever used. The All Access price is affordable and I no longer have to use 10 different resources to cover my needs. I search LLL for EVERYTHING I need. Our whole team has now bought memberships. We all use the phonics and math curriculums. I recomment this to every teacher I meet. If you are on the fence, just do it. You will not regret it. Belonging to All Access has been not only a game-changer, but a life-changer for me. Thank you Lucky Little Learners!

  50. mleas@usd232.org

    This is an amazing resource. I love being able to go straight to one resource to get what I need. There is so much and definitely worth the price.

  51. Megan Wendell

    I could not ask for a more perfect resource. I honestly come to all access before I do any other searching for anything I might need… and 99% of the time I find exactly what I want here. I am a 2nd grade teacher typically, but have spent the last semester in a striving 2nd grade classes that needed a lot of scaffolds and a 3rd grade high ability class that needed high interest materials. I am currently a 5th/6th SPED resource sub and am even finding many of the materials are useful in this role as well. Even though I don’t currently have my own classroom, I am continuing my subscription because these resources are THAT valuable.

  52. Sarah Welander

    I have loved getting to do the month subscription till I knew what I would need. I teach special education and use so many of these activities and worksheets with my students in our math and writing classes. I teach upper elementary, but many resources are good fits for my students. I would love to see the third grade resources grow more and expand to add in new items

  53. Sarah Welander

    I have loved getting to do the month subscription till I knew what I would need. I teach special education and use so many of these activities and worksheets with my students in our math and writing classes. I teach upper elementary, but many resources are good fits for my students. I would love to see the third grade resources grow more and expand to add in new items. I recently transitioned to a yearly subscription because I am using it so much to make it worth paying for the year.

  54. Karan Ricci

    I just subscribed and it is worth every single penny! I can go on, search for anything I need and there it is, at my fingertips. Like it was made for me specifically. It meets all my needs and then some! I also use it for private tutoring and small groups. I love the ease of finding things, all ready to go, print and use! f you’re hesitant, don’t wait, its 100% worth it, honestly I feel its worth more. I just suggested it to a colleague! Thinking of upgrading to the yearly plan, saves even more money making it about $9 a month instead of $11.99 a month.

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