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Brag Tags Bundle #4

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Included in this bundle:

School Ready Brag Tags
*Field Trip Behavior
*Brain Workout
*Raising Your Hand
*Super Manners
*Shout Out
*Rad Researcher
*iPad Expert
*Tech Guru
*Teacher’s Helper
*This Tag Belongs To
*Organization Wizard
*Happy Helper
*Perfectly Polite
*Stellar Stamina
*Bucket Filler
*On Task
*Problem Solver
*Really Respectful
*Clean Work Area
*Moved Up a Reading Level
*On Time
*Growth Mindset
*Clean Locker
*Pencil Champion
*Random Act of Kindness
*Magnificent Manners
*Doing Your Best
*Daily 5 Rockstar
*Happy ½ Birthday
*Happy Birthday
*Trash Patrol
*Class Compliment
*Great Digital Citizen
*Helping a Friend (without being asked)
*Helping a Teacher (without being asked)
*Positive Attitude
*Managed Big Feelings
*Excellent Effort
*Shoe Tying Champ
*Super Partners

Food Puns Brag Tags
*Orange You Proud Of Your Work (orange)
*My Grades Are Poppin’ (popcorn)
*We Made it to Fry-Day (fries)
*Awesome to the Core (apple)
*Caught Being a Sweetie (candy)
*You Are One In A Melon (watermelon)
*Donut Doubt Yourself (doughnuts)
*Squeezing Out Great Work (lemons)
*Icing on the Cake (cake)
*Going Bananas Over Your Effort (bananas)
*Berry Proud of You (raspberry)
*Hotdog, this is great work (hotdog)
*Show Me S’more of Your Great Work (s’more)
*I’m Loving It (fries)
*What a Great Pizza Work (pizza)
*I Like You a Waffle Lot (waffles)
*One Smart Cookie (cookies)
*Awesome Sauce (applesauce)
*Peas Keep Working Hard (peas)
*I’m Nuts About Your Behavior (nuts)
*Eggcelent Writing (eggs)
*Your Work is Getting Butter & Butter Every Day (butter)
*You’re Bacon Me One Happy Teacher (bacon)
*You’re On a Roll (cinnamon roll)
*Soda-lighted in Your Work (soda)
*Cool Effort (ice cream)
*Soup-er Job (soup)

Animal Compliments Brag Tags
*Excellent as an Elephant
*Fantastic as a Flamingo
*Great as a Gazelle
*Generous as a Giraffe
*Happy as a Hippo
*Lovely as a Lion
*Obedient as an Ostrich
*Rockin’ like a Rhino
*Terrific as a Turtle
*Zesty as a Zebra
*Brave as a Butterfly
*Cool as a Crocodile
*Fantastic as a Frog
*Cheerful as a Cheetah
*Marvelous as a Monkey
*Talented as a Toucan
*Brilliant as a Bear
*Fabulous like a Fox
*Mannerly as a Moose
*Organized like an Owl
*Patient as a Porcupine
*Polite as a Pig
*Ready as a Rabbit
*Smart as a Snake
*Magnificent as a Mouse


54 reviews for Brag Tags Bundle #4

  1. Paula M.

    My students love the brag tags and are all in! Thank you for a wonderful resource to manage behaviors, and build a positive mindset.

  2. Olivia T.

    I use brag tags for behavior and classroom management and my students really enjoy them. They love getting the different brag tags!

  3. Hopes and Dreams

    My students are so excited about earning Brag Tags this year! The Brag Tags in this resource are so bright and on point. My students are more motivated than ever to increase their Brag Tag collections!

  4. Sara B.

    I love these! This year’s class is more challenging than previous years with behaviors and using these is really helping motivate them to focus more on how they’re behaving in class.

  5. Brona O

    More fabulous tags to use. My kids love getting these, the pics are so cute and the rewards are just great. Highly recommend this resource

  6. Kacie C.

    My kiddos are so proud of these. They love them. I wish you has some for other subjects like science, and making all A’s and A/B honor roll.

  7. Jennifer G.

    This bundle of brag tags is wonderful! I love the images and sayings. I was looking for the school-themed tags, but really liked the cute animal and food ones as well!

  8. Ashleigh Burnette

    These are adorable! Seller responding quickly when I had a printing issue (my fault!). I know my students will love this new addition to our classroom!

  9. Alyssa Barrios

    Such an amazing reward system. Students get so excited when they find one of these on their desks. I hole punch them and keep them on a ring, and students have them on a hook on the side of their desk!

  10. Andrea Foderaro

    my partner and I in kindergarten really enjoyed the brag tags. We had a difficult class and the brag tags helped with behaviour management!

  11. Epic Adventures in Learning

    It was perfect to use with my students digitally as a way to still brag on them! It was fun sending them tags randomly. 🙂

  12. Tanya M.

    I was looking for something to replace my reward system that would work virtually. I found these brag tags. I created a Brag Tag Slides for each student and add a brag tag when they earn it. I have students counting them and telling me how many they have.

  13. Andrea G.

    I love how I can use these virtually as well! We’re only a week in, and my students are already begging for more brag tags!

  14. Nancy D.

    I decided to try brag tags as part of my reward system this year, many of the students really enjoyed them. I gave them the option of putting them on necklace, binder ring, or in a trading card sheet. Some given the choice selected the traditional candy rewards. These tags printed easily and were very cute.

  15. Irene F.

    My students loved these! They would work hard for a brag tag. It is a little work up front to copy, cut and organize the tags. But then I had them ready for reading groups, quiet in the hallway, birthday, or just because you were awesome! They loved filling up their book so they could take it home and share it with their families.

  16. Teachopedia

    I love brag tags! As a first year teacher these have been so much fun to use and implement into my classroom! My kiddos love them and try so hard to earn them everyday!

  17. Jody M.

    I cannot say enough about this product. I initially purchased this when I was long term subbing and trying to reenter the teaching profession after a period of absence raising my twins. Classroom management was, and continues to be, a passion of mine. Setting a positive climate is critical, and Brag Tags is a wonderful way to do this without spending a fortune on prizes and incentives. Kids need to be recognized for their efforts in the classroom. The only expense is in the ink….I refuse to print in monochrome. The kids love the tags, and at the end of the week are always looking at their rings to see how many they have added for the week. Thanks so much for your beautiful tags. Just bought Toothy Phonics and working on getting it together this weekend! 🙂

  18. Georgie T.

    My students love working hard and earning Brag Tags. I have found that when I say, “Brag Tags” it seems to put a motor behind their pencils and flip a switch on in their brains! A must buy!!

  19. Bonnie Winthrop

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brag Tags! By far, the best thing I have in my classroom to acknowledge positive behavior 🙂

  20. Elizabeth K.

    Super excited to add these new Brag Tags to my collection!! The kids just love them and it’s the easiest and most meaningful incentive ever! Thank you!!

  21. Wendy H.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing resources on here! My students absolutely LOVE brag tags, and I love that my mess of a prize box has disappeared =)

  22. Cassie Kubler

    Such a wonderful positive incentive for kids. Especially the ones who struggle with receiving “traditional” accolades.

  23. Joella H.

    What an amazing resource. In the process of printing them out and organizing for next year.

  24. Kristen D.

    My students love receiving these tags as rewards/ incentives.

  25. Jennifer Underwood

    A fun way to reinforce positive behavior and character traits in the classroom.

  26. Cairlin W.

    My students love getting these tags as rewards. They are funny with the puns also.

  27. Jennie Swoger

    My learning support students love these! It’s been helpful with classroom management.

  28. Beth G.

    A great resource to motivate and reward students in my class.

  29. Sarah W.

    I love using brag tags to bring attention to the desired behaviors in our classroom!

  30. Sandra F.

    This purchase was well worth it. My students really loved getting all the different kinds of tags.

  31. Kaitlyn K.

    My 2nd graders love brag tags! LLL has the cutest tags too! There’s one for every occasion!

  32. Duck Duck Uff Da Teacher

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is a great resource! Thank you!!

  33. Keith R.

    We love using the brag tags. My kids like to show their friends.

  34. Cherry H.

    I love using this as positive reinforcement. Students want to earn them and it lessens extrinsic motivation.

  35. All-Star Firsties

    Love all the options with this bundle!! My kiddos are totally buying into the brag tags.

  36. Faith D.

    Brag Tags are a huge hit with my kids. We saw the PUNs and had to get them. THEY LOVE THEM! Thank you!!

  37. Annie B,

    Love using these brag tags in our class to motivate good behavior!

  38. Sheila D.

    I can’t say enough about the brag tags. They are a game changer with classroom management.

  39. Tania C.

    I used these for Science Week prizes- the kids loved it!

  40. Nicole P.

    Great resource to use with my kiddos!

  41. Katie G.

    My students love earning these and displaying them on our huge bulletin board!

  42. Crystal R.

    My students LOVE earning Brag Tags! Thank you!

  43. Michelle F.

    Brag tags are such a great way for students to show off their accomplishments

  44. Thinking Third Grade

    These are adorable. My kids are going to go nuts for them

  45. Abigail E.

    Perfect addition to my other brag tag sets to celebrate my student’s wonderful choices!

  46. Ashley P.

    Great resource and really helps build the classroom community! love it!

  47. Arlene B,

    This product is amazing! Super cute and super fun! Works amazing as rewards for students 🙂

  48. Tina W.

    My students love earning Brag Tags!

  49. Julie H.

    My students LOVE getting these brag tags!
    They are working really hard to get more each day!
    Thank you!

  50. Stephanie D.

    My students get SO excited when they earn a new tag!

  51. Jennifer S.

    Love these! I keep buying the bundles and they are worth it!!

  52. Olivia H.

    Brag Tags are such an amazing idea. I love implementing them in my classroom!!

  53. Kira H.

    My students love Brag Tags. I have found it far more effective than a treasure box.

  54. Rosanne H.

    My students love earning and proudly displaying their brag tags.

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