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Motivation Brag Tags


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Included in this pack:

Motivation Brag Tags
*Field Trip Behavior
*Brain Workout
*Raising Your Hand
*Super Manners
*Shout Out
*Rad Researcher
*iPad Expert
*Tech Guru
*Teacher’s Helper
*This Tag Belongs To
*Organization Wizard
*Happy Helper
*Perfectly Polite
*Stellar Stamina
*Bucket Filler
*On Task
*Problem Solver
*Really Respectful
*Clean Work Area
*Moved Up a Reading Level
*On Time
*Growth Mindset
*Clean Locker
*Pencil Champion
*Random Act of Kindness
*Magnificent Manners
*Doing Your Best
*Daily 5 Rockstar
*Happy ½ Birthday
*Happy Birthday
*Trash Patrol
*Class Compliment
*Great Digital Citizen
*Helping a Friend (without being asked)
*Helping a Teacher (without being asked)
*Positive Attitude
*Managed Big Feelings
*Excellent Effort
*Shoe Tying Champ
*Super Partners



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