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Brag Tags (Set #1)

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In this product you will receive a variety of brag tags to use throughout the school year. Most brag tags have a colorful version and a colored ink friendly version. They are approximately 2" x 2 1/2".

The different BRAG TAGS that are included in this product are:
*Getting Right to Work
*You Have Stamina
*Always Giving 100%
*Making the Right Choice
*Hard Worker
*Helpful Hands
*Peace Maker
*Keep It Up
*Smart Cookie
*1st Time Listener
*Stellar for the Sub
*Awesome Bus Behavior
*Best Selling Author
*Great Manners
*Class Custodian
*Class Dojo
*Wise Decision Maker
*Bright Idea
*Book Worm
*Caught "BEE"ing Good
*Perfect Attendance
*Math Whiz
*Helping Others
*Happy Birthday
*Clean Desk


1 review for Brag Tags (Set #1)

  1. Athena Sheets

    These are so cute and looking forward to using with my firsties!

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