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December Math Centers & Activities for 2nd Grade

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Christmas Math Centers and Activities for 2nd grade are perfect for the month of December. Keep your students learning and diving deep with their math skills through the entire month.

This resource is part of a year-long math centers unit. Save $$$$$ and check out the bundle by clicking here: 2nd Grade Math Centers Growing Bundle

There are 10 math centers that are aligned with the 2nd grade standards. Each center comes in full color and black and white to meet your printing needs. Each center also comes with a direction sign, recording sheet, and answer key.

-Even & Odd Christmas Trees (2-digit numbers)
-Telling Time Santa's Clocks (nearest 5 minutes)
-Skip Counting Candy Cane Style (2's, 3's, 5's, & 10's)
-Number Value Cups of Value (3-digit numbers)
-2-Digit Subtraction Count Down to Zero (with & without regrouping)
-2-Digit Addition Reindeer Sums (with & without regrouping)
-Comparing Numbers Greater Than/Less Than Trees
-Place Value Reindeer (value of underlined digit)
-Open Number Lines Ornament Addition Jumping

-Kwanzaa Kinaras - Adding 3-digit Numbers

-Shapes of Winter - Pattern blocks

-Spin the Dreidel - Data & graphing

-Winter Holidays - Measurement with Inch


31 reviews for December Math Centers & Activities for 2nd Grade

  1. Tiffany S.

    My son absolutely loves these centers!!! He loves how engaging they are and I love that while he is engaged we are reinforcing our curriculum!! Great resource!!

  2. Jenna E.

    Love, Love, Love these centers! Easy to prep and have ready for students. I explain all centers one day and then they know what to do when its time for them.

  3. Laura Anne B.

    I really liked how fun this way and how there was an online option as well as a print option. Students were really engaged.

  4. Kelly Tiers

    I have the entire set! My students love them. I love that they are exposed to things and get to explore things before I get to it in the curriculum. We’ve had several moments during lessons where a student goes “OHHH, I get it now!”

  5. WiselNfirst

    My students ADORED these centers! They looked forward to each new month to see what theme or activities they would have. THANK YOU!

  6. Corrine Reilly

    I absolutely love being able to differentiate for my students with these activities! I am clearly able to see who still needs more practice and who has demonstrated a given math skill. Thank you!!

  7. Laura W.

    This was AWESOME to use in the weeks leading up to break! We had a lot of fun using the print and digital versions in class.

  8. Briana E.

    Fun, with embedded learning? I’ll take it! My students really enjoyed these activities before winter break, during independent work time.

  9. Kayla P.

    This resource is very engaging! I like to supplement by having using one of these activities for a center or assigning one of these activities on Seesaw.

  10. Ellen E.

    My distance learners loved this! It was hard to find fun and engaging things to do with virtual learners near the holidays. Thanks!

  11. Claire McGinness

    This pack was great to use in the last week of term. We all enjoyed the lovely tasks and continued learning right up until the holidays! Thank you.

  12. Katya M.

    I love these! So easy to assign in Google Classroom. I am even more excited to use the paper version when I return to the classroom

  13. BB

    Great nonfiction articles with beautiful photographs that my students thoroughly enjoyed . Thank you for this great resource.

  14. Sarah B.

    I love that I can assign these centers in my Google Classroom as well as use them in the classroom!

  15. Lauren D.

    I love all of your work! These December math centers for 2nd grade are terrific. Thank you!

  16. Elizabeth

    This was a great resource! My students enjoyed this activity.

  17. James B.

    These are GREAT! Thank you so much! I appreciate the differentiation. Thank you!

  18. Johanna Erlbacher

    My students loved doing this during our small group time.

  19. Nicole W.

    Great to use when I taught holidays around the world

  20. Alexis McGuffie

    wonderful resource so easy to use and cover the materials needed to cover.

  21. Lauren P.

    Great activities! Students were engaged while practicing important concepts.

  22. kropp’s Kindergarten Creations

    Thank you for this resource. My kids really enjoyed it!

  23. Shannon M.

    This was the perfect resource for math centers in December

  24. AnneMarie L.

    I loved using these in class for math centers. My students were engaged and excited to try them out !

  25. Rachael Roberts

    Perfect resource! My second graders loved it! Awesome!

  26. Jessica C.

    Great centers for this time of year especially for spiral reviews.

  27. Jacqueline M.

    So much fun to use in December! I love all the cute art and the engaging activities.

  28. Summer S.

    My students love these holiday resources. They are great for center work!

  29. Courtney B.

    LLL did it again with great activities to review essential math skills.

  30. Ryan M.

    This was a fantastic resource during distance learning. Thanks so much!

  31. Erin V.

    My students love math centers and these were great!

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