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Digital Toothy Math Task Cards | 1st and 2nd Grade

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Digital Toothy ® Task Cards – an original idea from Angie Olson at Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

Digital Toothy ® Task Cards are a fun option to practice and review math concepts using a device. Devices that are compatible with this digital resource are iPads™, Chromebooks™, laptops, and desktop computers.

There are 70+ different math sets included in this bundle. Each math concept includes 24-26 different problems. These digital math task cards are self-correcting and self-paced. They provide a fun incentive to stay focused on the math problems by offering the ability to add a tooth in Toothy’s mouth for every correct answer.

Digital Toothy® Task Cards are a great option for your students to use as centers, early finishers, morning work, or even Digital Learning Days!

Click here to download free Digital Addition Toothy Task Cards to try out with your students!


  • Basic Addition (vertical & horizontal)
  • Basic Subtraction (vertical & horizontal)
  • Expanded Form (2-digit)
  • Expanded Form (3-digit)
  • Base Ten Blocks (2-digit)
  • Base Ten Blocks (3-digit)
  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 2-Digit Addition without Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 2-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • Place Value (2-digit)
  • Place Value (3-digit)
  • Missing Addends (vertical & horizontal)
  • Fact Families
  • 1 more/less, 10 more/less, 100 more/less
  • Even or Odd (2-digit)
  • Even or Odd (3-digit)
  • Subitizing
  • Balanced Equations
  • Skip Counting (level 1 & 2)
  • Part Part Whole
  • Number Words (2-digit)
  • Number Words (3-digit)
  • Rounding Numbers (2-digit)
  • Rounding Numbers (3-digit)
  • Comparing Numbers (2-digit)
  • Comparing Numbers (3-digit)
  • Number Order (2-digit)
  • Number Order (3-digit)
  • Adding 3 Numbers (1-digit)
  • Adding 3 Numbers (2-digit)
  • 3-Digit Addition with Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 3-Digit Addition without Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • 3-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping (vertical & horizontal)
  • Counting U.S. Coins
  • Counting Like U.S. Coins
  • Counting Canadian Coins
  • Counting Australian Coins
  • Time to the Nearest Hour & 1/2 Hour
  • Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes
  • Elapsed Time (analog & digital)
  • Geometry (2D & 3D)
  • Symmetry
  • Fractions
  • Story Problems (level 1)- audio provided
  • Story Problems (level 2)- audio provided
  • Story Problems (2-step)- audio provided
  • Graphing
  • Measurement (nearest inch)
  • Measurement Tools *added March 2021
  • Measurement (nearest centimeter) *added March 2021
  • Non-standard Units *added March 2021
  • Ordering Objects *added March 2021
  • Comparing Lengths *added March 2021
  • Relating Units *added March 2021
  • Measurement Word Problems *added March 2021
  • Estimating Cm, In, Ft, Yd, M *added March 2021
  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Arrays
  • Repeated Addition

How does the game work?

Students solve 24-26 problems on a digital task card within every skill. Then they choose the answer from three choices. If the answer is correct, a tooth gets placed in Toothy’s mouth. If the answer is not correct, they go back to the problem to solve again.

What kind of devices are compatible with Digital Toothy®?

Digital Toothy® works great with iPads™, laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks™. This file has two digital versions. PowerPoint™ will work on the iPad™ with the free PowerPoint app (no sign-in required). This file is also provided in the form of Google Slides™ for Google Classroom™. We have been told that this can work for Kindles™ through sharing the Google Slides™ link through SeeSaw™ but we haven’t tested this.

Can I check their answers?

We recommend using the recording sheets that are provided if you want to grade this activity.

What do I do about some of my students who struggle with reading the story problems?

We have provided an audio recording of each story problem. This will work on both digital versions of these Toothy® Task Cards.

Can more than one student play at the same time?

Yes! One license will provide your entire class to all play these games at the same time.

If I already own a printable Toothy® Bundle, how do I upgrade?

We will keep the cost of the digital bundle low to allow for an affordable additional product if you already own the printable version.

**Please download the preview file for a full explanation of what’s included in this resource.


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Copyright © Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

All rights reserved by author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.

Not for public display.

If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

49 reviews for Digital Toothy Math Task Cards | 1st and 2nd Grade

  1. Nan B.

    Using digital toothy was so fun. The kids loved the teeth. I used the in person toothy during the regular school year during small group instruction. This was used for at home work and during small group instruction.

  2. Minds to Grow

    This resource was a big hit during distance learning this past year! My class requested Toothy very often and they were pleased when they got to do a new one! I am truly happy with this resource and look forward to using it with other classes.

  3. Kellie B.

    This was a great resource to play a review game with my totally virtual class! I also used digital Toothys for independent practice for online students. I have used Digital Toothy (in general) in class as a independent review game or as an early finisher! I have bought each new one for second grade and won’t teach without it again!

  4. alison W.

    What’s better than in-person TOOTHY? DIGITAL toothy! These were a fun addition to our distance/ hybrid learning for the past 2 years! Love them!

  5. Brooke L.

    I originally purchased this resource at the end of the school year when we needed to add something new to the mix. Once I used it and saw the variety of skills this offers I can’t wait to use it throughout the year. Easy to use and implement and well created, thank you!

  6. In The Owl House

    These were amazing using with Hybrid learning. Even when went back full time, I had students who were still at home. This made it super easy to be interactive online as well.

  7. Hip Hip Hooray for Second Grade

    My scholars love playing the games. They are great for fluency practice. So easy to use google classroom, wish I had them earlier in the year. Thank you. Looking forward to future toothy games in ELA.

  8. Paige Oliver

    My students loved taking Toothy to the computer! It was helpful as students could move on to different skills and at faster paces!

  9. Kristina G.

    Digital Toothy is AMAZING! My students are so engaged no matter what math skill we are working on. I love how I can use it as a whole group to quickly assess each student’s understanding of a concept. I have used it to review and as a reward, teaming students up to compete in a competition. It really motivated the kids to focus their attention and join in on the fun! Thank you SO, SO much!

  10. Jess Loves to Teach

    I was so excited when I saw that Toothy had gone digital. We did a whole group lesson with it yesterday and then students worked on digital toothy during stations. They were so engaged and loved the activity.

  11. Kelly L.

    I used this resource as whole group. I displayed it on the Promethean board and students took turns coming to the board answering the questions. The other students used white boards and did the work. I also used it as whole group and the students filled in the recording sheets and together we chose an answer. The students as to play it daily!

  12. Caroline English

    My students are OBSESSED with this product. My students are engaged and begging to go on at home too- LOL. Even though I use iPads, I found it easier to use a gmail account and use the “docs” app instead of powerpoint. It was SO easy. This is a great resource to reinforce low areas for students! I love this!

  13. Briana F.

    My students loved digital toothy! We recently started using google classroom and these are perfect for centers. They are engaging and I love the variety of content that is provided! I love that it includes first and second grade standards so I can differentiate learning! Thank you Angie for creating and sharing such AMAZING resources!!! You’re the best!

  14. Jennifer P.

    My class loves the all the toothy activities. I use the lower grade activities to review concepts and for differentiation. I have used all the versions in my class and they are all well received. I would recommend them all.

  15. Catalina H.

    My students enjoy online activities so I use them for homework. I have more students do homework since I switched to digital activities.

  16. Meganne S.

    Purchased this because my students loved toothy so much while in the classroom. They were very excited to continue with toothy during distance learning. Used now as an early finisher option and they love the choice to either do toothy on the chromebook or on paper.

  17. julie M.

    My students LOVE toothy review days! We do them whole class and are able to reinforce good sportsmaship as well as patience, not blurting out, etc.

  18. Fiona V.

    Love the range of concepts covered with this resource. Students can complete the activities independently and find them motivational.

  19. Cali Hover

    My students are simply OBSESSED with Toothy. That is all they want to do during free choice time, and this bundle is perfect as they will continue to see new ones throughout the year.

  20. Allison G.

    My students love the math Toothy activities! It’s interactive, engaging, and it’s always hilarious when the teeth go in random places!

  21. Sarah H.

    My students love playing the Toothy games! I like to use it as a fun way for my students to practice a skill after we have completed a lesson or unit.

  22. Heather D.

    Previously used this resource with my third grade SPED students, and they loved it. Looking forward to using this resource with my new kinder and first grade students.

  23. Emily Hale

    If you havent gotten this yet you NEED TO! My students love toothy and it is a great resource! I use it when we have some extra minutes, as a review game, and just as a whole group activity. HIGHLY recommend

  24. Lena L.

    My students LOVE Toothy! They beg for a game whenever they’ve learned a new skill, and cheer when they see it assigned! I love that it allows each student to work at their own pace and it’s self checking. One of the best products I purchased from TPT!

  25. Amanda B.

    I absolutely LOVE this resource, It is a SUPER simple way to add to my math stations when I want to incorporate meaningful technology that I don’t have to grade but engages the students!

  26. Joan T.

    I have used these games both in class and also online with my students and they absolutely love the them! I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  27. Heather B.

    I originally purchased this to use during distance learning. Since my students loved it so much I have continued to use it in my classroom with my students. Sometimes I assign it in Seesaw and sometimes we put it up on the Smartboard and use it whole class.

  28. Caroline G.

    This is so perfect to use with my class! They tell me how much fun it is daily and love getting to work on it weekly! They tell me all of the time that it doesn’t even feel like work! I just love how engaging it is for ALL students! Thank you again for such a wonderful resource!!!

  29. Elizabeth P.

    Worth every penny! I use this is my small group, during technology time. Awesome peer partner work! I also use as whole group and have students work out using dry erase markers on their desks. They love it! I love that there is a toothy for every standard, making planning and supplementation a breeze! Highly recommend!

  30. Elisabeth C.

    Super fun activities! I used them with my Virtual Academy this year and the kids loved them. Great way to review and practice skills learned. Thank you!

  31. Heather D.

    My students love how the teeth add as they get the problems correct. It has also been great digitally to assign when I am out of the classroom and there is a sub.

  32. Becky Hines

    This digital toothy is a wonderful resource. I was able to upload it to Seesaw and my students had no trouble playing. It covers all the skills and standards for 2nd grade! It was acgreat review activity and the students were engaged!

  33. Dee Hillebrand

    I love digital to the activities. In the math one I love that there’s so many concepts to choose from and it and I can put them on my Google classroom and kids like doing

  34. Kendra gregoryKendraGregory

    My students loved this activity. It was great for my class because I could adapt it to meet the needs of all my students.

  35. Debra F.

    My students loved using this resource during Math independent learning time. I assigned it in google classroom and the loved it!

  36. Staci E.

    Great resource! This was easy to put into seesaw for students to do during math stations and the students love it! They love getting the teeth! I love the variety of skills that you can use this resource with, can’t wait to use it some more!

  37. Hannah G

    My students love this activity! I use it as a warm-up, show what you know, and have used it to teach two-digit addition/subtraction.

  38. Monica Spillane

    THE BEST RESOURCE EVER!!! I bought it when we went virtual , because I had the other type of toothy and used it for every single chapter in math I taught. When we went virtual, I still wanted my students to have fun and play toothy. Now, we are all back in the classroom, I use it as a whole class activity we use before every test for a review. My kids LOVEEEEE it! 🙂

  39. Briana M.

    Toothy is an engaging learning opportunity that is easily used over and over again. Students don’t realize the amount of practice they are getting. Thank you!

  40. Jessica J.

    My students love toothy activities! They are able to practice specific skills and I love that they have built-in self correction tool so students get instant feedback.

  41. Kayla S.

    Great tool for distance learning and in school! Offers an engaging way to work with students and to help them practice what they are learning in the classroom!

  42. Brooke L.

    We practiced skills as a whole class, with each kid using a white board for individual work as I presented on the big screen. Fun way to review!

  43. Just Teacher Things

    So glad I purchased this resource! WAY WORTH IT! So engaging to my students and an awesome way for them to practice what we are learning in math!

  44. Saylor’s Sailing Sailors

    My students just started using this resource yesterday and absolutely love it. They have been begging to do it again all morning. Thank you!

  45. Kathryn R.

    My students love playing Toothy as a card/partner game, so this was a great extension. It was easy to incorporate as part of my remote learning lessons.

  46. An Elementary Adventure

    I don’t know what it is about those darn teeth but my kids love them!!! SUCH a good resource, I’m so thankful to have them for all the math standards.

  47. Kylie R.

    I’ve used this: in person, virtually and hybrid and it is a great resources, proving additional practice for skills taught in class!

  48. Glowing in Elementary

    Love this!!! Used for both distance and in-person learning. Students were very engaged and I could differentiate through assigning in Seesaw.

  49. Aimee W.

    My students loved doing these Digital Math Toothy activities. They were engaged in them and always asked if they could do them to practice a skill we were learning. Thanks for the great resource!

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