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Growth Mindset Posters

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Inspire your students to take charge of their own learning with these growth mindset posters! There are 40 different full page posters to choose from! The posters are 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

These are the perfect visuals for your classroom! The bright colored design of these posters allow them to be used with any classroom theme. They help teach and reinforce to our students that their brains are a muscle that need to be trained and worked. With hard work, determination, mistakes, and grit, they can achieve big things!

The posters included in this pack:

1. Willing To Try New Things

2. Sticking With Hard Tasks

3. Not Giving Up

4. Pushing Yourself To Do Your Best

5. Going Above And Beyond

6. I Believe In Me

7. I Can Learn Anything I Desire

8. I Learn From My Mistakes

9. I Can Accomplish Anything

10. I Can Do Difficult Tasks

11. I Am In Charge Of My Thoughts

12. I Like To Celebrate My Own Growth

13. I Like To Challenge Myself At All Times

14. I Have A Growth Mindset

15. I Believe My Brain Is A Muscle

16. Mistakes Help Me Grow

17. I Have A Positive Attitude

18. I Will Try A New Approach

19. Mistakes Help Me Learn

20. Struggling Makes Me Stronger

21. I Can Train My Brain To Do It

22. I Won't Give Up Until I'm Proud

23. I Like To Work Hard And Accept Challenges

24. I'm Not Afraid Of Challenges

25. I Can Think Creatively

26. I Am A Problem Solver

27. I Can Show Grit

28. I Always Strive To Succeed

29. I Believe I Can Get Smarter

30. With Practice My Stamina Will Grow

31. I Can Fix, Learn, & Move On

32. I'm Proud Of The Growth I've Made

33. I Met A Personal Goal

34. I Can Be Brave

35. I Am In Control Of My Body

36. I Am In Control Of My Choices

37. I Believe In The Power Of The Word Yet

38. Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader

39. If You Believe, You Can Achieve
40. My Attitude Determines My Direction



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1 review for Growth Mindset Posters

  1. Gretchen (verified owner)

    LOVE THEM! Vivid colors, 2nd grade appropriate, 40 posters for an amazing price.

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