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The Lucky Little Toolkit is a great option for BOTH classroom and distance learning. Think of it like a binder that has everything in one place! This toolkit will allow each student access to both math and literacy tools independently. This packet is great for 1st and 2nd grade!

Download the preview file to see everything that is included!

The Lucky Little Toolkit includes both math and literacy resources that will set the student(s) up for success this year. Anchor charts, paper math manipulatives, instructional mats, graphic organizers, writing rubrics, writing checklists, writing prompts, math & ELA spinners, reading bookmarks, number cards, and so much more! Everything is available in both full color and black and white versions.

This binder will also help parents working with their child(ren) at home to understand strategies, terminology, and instruction that we use at school. Save money on copies by using sheet protectors and vis-à-vis markers on a lot of these sheets!

Included in this resource:

  • Addition & Subtraction Mats
  • Addition & Subtraction Strategy Anchor Charts
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Before and After Mat
  • Clock
  • Coin Identification Anchor Chart
  • Coins
  • Comparing Numbers Mat
  • Days of the Week
  • Dice Cards
  • Fact Families
  • Fraction Mat
  • Money Mat
  • Months of the Year
  • Number Bond Mats
  • Number Cards (with & without ten frames)
  • Number Lines
  • Number of the Day Activities
  • Number Paths
  • Number Spinners
  • Number Words
  • Part Part Whole Mat
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Pattern Anchor Chart
  • Place Value Chips
  • Place Value Mat
  • Plus & Minus 1 & 10 Mat
  • Shape Cards
  • Ten Frames
  • Unifix Cubes
  • 5 Finger Rule Anchor Chart
  • Close Reading Sheets
  • Comprehension Bookmarks
  • Comprehension Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Reading Log
  • ELA Spinners
  • Grammar/Parts of Speech Anchor Chart
  • Letter Formation
  • Magnetic Letter Tiles
  • Making Connections Anchor Chart
  • Monthly Writing Prompts
  • Open-Ended Reading Questions
  • Phonics Sound Charts
  • Punctuation Anchor Chart
  • Reading Apps List
  • Reading Graphic Organizers
  • Reading Journal Templates
  • Reading Questions
  • Sentence Checklist Anchor Chart
  • Sight Words List
  • Six Syllable Types Anchor Chart
  • Sound Boxes
  • Text Features Anchor Chart
  • Types of Sentences Anchor Chart
  • Word Attack Strategies Anchor Chart
  • Writing Checklists
  • Writing Organizers/Templates
  • Writing Prompts
  • Binder Covers
  • Binder Section Dividers
  • Binder Spine Labels
  • Class Information Sheets

Download the preview file to see everything that is included!

*******Frequently Asked Questions*******

How can I implement this binder into my schedule?
This toolkit is great for both in classroom or distance learning. Students can use this binder as their own personal reference tool for anchor charts, instructional mats, hands-on paper manipulatives, and more! It will serve as a great tool for both math and literacy instruction.

How do students best use this toolkit?
I suggest that teachers print what they need for the 1st quarter of the school year. The pages that you would like your students to write on could be placed in a sheet protector and the student can use a vis-à-vis marker to write and wipe over and over again. This will save on paper and allow for the student to use the activities repeatedly.

How do you store the paper math manipulatives?
Once the students have cut apart their math manipulatives, I suggest that they get stored in a plastic baggie, pencil pouch, or sheet protector that gets stored inside of the binder. If you’d like to laminate the math manipulative sheets prior to the students cutting them out, this will help with the durability.

Is this program found in another bundle?
No, sorry this bundle is a stand-alone resource! It is not found in any other bundle, nor is it a repeat from another resource.

What grade is this resource geared towards?
This toolkit was designed specifically to meet the needs of 1st and 2nd grade students.

Are there black and white options for printing?
Yes! There are black and white as well as full color options for all the sheets in this file.

Can this program be used for distance learning?
YES! This program was designed specifically for this current school year and the need for each student to have their own materials. If this toolkit is used in the classroom, it will cut down on the need to pass out papers. It will also provide students with their own math manipulatives so they don’t have to share with others. If this toolkit is used at home, it will set the student and parents up for success by providing them with everything they need to learn the new skills throughout the school year.

This resource now includes digital manipulatives!  Check them out below!

What are teachers saying about the Lucky Little Toolkit?

"Thank you SO much for making this toolkit for students!! You have thought of everything that the students may need whether in class social distancing or remote learning all in one binder! I am so impressed! Thank you again this binder will be so useful this year and years to come!" -Michelle M.

"I was amazed at how much is provided in this resource!! I teach K-4, and I found resources that all my students could use for both math and literacy. My students now have individual binders to use to refer to visuals that we have used, and this resource was very helpful in compiling visuals for various reading comprehension, phonetic, and math skills at all my student's levels." -Danielle F.

"I made copies for each of my students to keep in their binders as a reference. Many concepts are covered and I love how visual supports are incorporated. When I had learners go remote, they took their binder home and referenced these while learning at home!" -Katherine M.

"I am working in person but also have students online. I created binders for both groups of students and it allows me to make sure that wherever my students are learning they have tools and resources in front of them. I love this!" -Heather D.

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