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Main Idea and Details Activities

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This instructional pack was designed to help you scaffold your instruction and bring activities into your classroom that will help your students master main idea and supporting details. These activities will move your students progressively towards a stronger understanding and, ultimately, greater independence when it comes to identifying main idea and key details.

What's Included:

  • Student Anchor Charts and Graphic Organizers (5 templates)
  • Main Idea & Supporting Details Crafts (4 different crafts)
  • Mystery Bags (3 different activities)
  • What's the Main Idea Activity (print or use digitally)
  • Word Sorts (6 sorts with a total of 108 words)
  • Which Detail Does Not Belong Activity (print or use digitally)
  • Download the preview file to see more!


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55 reviews for Main Idea and Details Activities

  1. Sandi Sport

    This was a great resource because of the variety of activities available. Students become bored with the same presentation of material, so this met all of our needs and kept them engaged.

  2. Elba G.

    My class loved using this resource. They were all engaged and had no problem completing the work. Loved how easy was to prepare! Thank you for making this!!!

  3. Cathryn M.

    These activities kept my students engaged while building their understanding of main idea and details. We loved the various ways provided to practice and master this skill.

  4. Linda M.

    I love each and every activity in this resource. The anchor charts are great! The lesson ideas are so helpful. I use this every year.

  5. Quisa L.

    This resource was very engaging for my students. It was packed with a variety of fun ways for students to practice main idea and supporting details.

  6. Caaren M.

    There are so many activities in this resource that you can use throughout the year as this skill cycles over the school year. My students enjoyed using these activities.

  7. Karia G.

    I used this lesson with my students. They were able to find the main idea based on a story that was read in the classroom. My students were able to use the recording sheet to express their thinking.

  8. Stacie B.

    This was a great addition the the standard. I needed some culminating activity taht would engage all of my students, this was it.

  9. Eversole Productions

    I love using these organizers with our assigned reading texts! It has greatly helped my students gain a better understanding of the standards! Thank you!

  10. Julie C.

    I am using this resource for my gifted and talented kinder and 1st students. I love it is cute and they are learning a very important standard for the future.

  11. Jamie

    Students were able to easily show their understanding of the main idea and details by using this resource. I was able to get more ideas by using the author’s blog post.

  12. Rachel V.

    I love how many options there are in this resource! I wish I had time to use them all! My students were totally engaged with the few that we’ve done so far. Thanks for a great resource.

  13. Chris A.

    My students enjoyed recounting stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures and determining their central message, lesson, or moral.

  14. anelementaryeducator

    My students really enjoyed this resource! It stated that it was applicable for up to second grade; however, I did not find the activities as rigorous as the demands of second grade. Overall, it was a great resource though!

  15. Jennifer H.

    Thank you for providing such a great resource! My students faces light up when they see that we are making one of the “crafts”.

  16. Emily H.

    I love the various ways to showcase main idea and details. I only used the chair graphic organizer and my students loved it. It’s easy to use and to put together for a bulletin board display. My only issue with this resource is that there are no lines provided for students to write their answers. I work with younger students so having lines would’ve been easier for them to write their responses with.

  17. Megan M.

    I am using this resource to help a student with an IEP goal based on main idea and key details. I have used some of the graphic organizers and they have been helpful.

  18. Ronda S.

    A great way to introduce Main Idea and Details in an engaging way! My students enjoyed it and I love the options to pick from depending on what will fit my group of kiddos best!

  19. Heather

    A great resource. I enjoyed using this with my class. It was insightful, well laid out, and followed the curriculum. Thank you.

  20. Teaching with Mrs Bee

    Main idea is always something that is consistently brought up in our pacing guides so this is a great year long resource!

  21. Yariddyn M.

    My students loved using this resource, they were engaged and motivated to continue working with it. It is so easy to use and there is little prep time which I love. Thank you for creating.

  22. Katelyn Y.

    This resource is so helpful when teaching main idea. The graphic organizer are great for whole group teaching and the other activities are great for our centers. I love that this one resource helps with all elements of my reading block.

  23. Dani Leonard

    Great variety of resources to review main idea and details. The creative ways to review this skill are fun. The variety of word sorts were excellent and the “which doesn’t belong” activity is great for higher order thinking.

  24. Raquel H.

    A great resource for teaching the main idea! It not only included engaging templates for teachers and students to fill in but also includes multiple activities that don’t involve reading a book/novel.

  25. Stephanie M.

    This resource made a lot of sense. Students had lots of ways to consider main ideas/details. If they didn’t latch on the first time, there were different opportunities. Thank you for this resource. The mystery bag idea was a great way to start, and I loved printing off the cards and giving students chances to go around the room coming up with the main ideas. Great and thorough resource!

  26. Cynthia N.

    The is a great resources to use for the main idea. I love the large graphic organizers and the students are able to fill in their answers with plently of space to write in.

  27. Anne B.

    I cannot say enough amazing things about this! It aligned with everything we were learning in class and allowed the students to have additional examples and practice with additional resources that they wouldn’t have access to, otherwise. I loved how much is included in this purchase and I will definitely be using it again this year with my new class. Thank you so much!

  28. Heather B.

    I used this resource when I was teaching main idea and key details. This resource is a great way for students to practice identifying the main idea and key details of stories.

  29. Heather B.

    I used this resource when I was teaching main idea and key details. This resource is a great way for students to practice identifying the main idea and key details of stories.

  30. Katey M.

    This resource has so many different ways for students to show their understanding of main ideas and details. I love all of the craftivities in this download!

  31. Hey Speech

    My students especially loved the main idea word sort. It really drove home the idea about how things are related and got them guessing the main idea correctly. Thanks!

  32. Christina C.

    A favorite of mine and my students! What a fantastic resource with tons of activities for teaching main idea. My students loved the word sorts, mystery bags, and all of the task card activities. The materials in this resource were so engaging and provided great practice for students to work towards mastery of this challenging comprehension skill. As a teacher, I also loved the anchor charts included. We referred back to them frequently throughout this unit and over the course of the school year.

  33. Alexis Garrett

    There was so much in this resource! A huge variety of models to choose from and very engaging for the students! Great resource!

  34. Masie B.

    I LOVE this resource! It made teaching main idea and details so much easier than years past. All I had to do was open this file and choose which activities would fit with the lesson, it made it so effortless! My 2nd graders were engaged whenever they used anything from this resource and they were able to master main idea and details. I will definitely be using this resource for many years to come!

  35. Helena E.

    Excellent resource. Great layout. Very helpful for main idea, that is a very important skill and we are using for practice this summer and we will be using this all year!!! Thank you!!!!

  36. Lindsey H.

    So many great, hands on activities! I’m always looking for multi sensory activities for my kiddos. These are great for scaffolding as well.

  37. Kelsey M.

    Finding main idea and details can be a hard concept to understand/use. I loved that this resource gave me whole group and small group options as well as kept the students very engaged!

  38. Taylor L.

    This was such a great resource to help teach and review main idea with my students! The activities were engaging and easy to differentiate to meet my students needs.

  39. Jamie F.

    This was such a fantastic resource. It was perfect for giving the students some extra practice working with main idea and details. I loved that it provided group and independent activities. My students loved it and were consistently engaged while working with the different activities!!

  40. Simply Megan Teaching

    Main idea and key details can be a bit of a snore to teach in first grade, so I’m looking forward to using these to make it more fun!

  41. Kim W.

    I loved the variety of ways this pack presented the learning of main idea and details. I noticed my students needing more practice with this skill and the mystery bag activity was a super engaging way to practice.

  42. Megan W.

    I have used this resource with both first and second grades. I liked that it was relevant to both grade levels. I could extend or differentiate the learning as needed without having to change anything on the resource.

  43. Katie C.

    I loved all the different option for anchor charts! The students enjoyed making the different anchor charts. Easy to use, highly recommend.

  44. Cassie Fleischauer

    Lucky Little Learners has done it again. This is another effective and affordable resource that I use over and over again in my classroom.

  45. Amy Z.

    If you are teaching main idea/detail, you want this resource. I love using crafts and hands on activities to teach comprehension skills. These templates make it fun and exciting as well as make the skill more accessible to students. I highly recommend!


    This is an awesome resource! Unfortunately, Main Idea was a hard topic for my students to learn over distance learning, but that’s not the fault of the creator. They learned a lot more due to this resource!

  47. Claudine C.

    We really enjoyed using this in our class this past month. The anchor charts I have created are wonderful and the students will continue to use these as we keep practicing main idea and supporting details.

  48. Tania L.

    This pack included lots of engaging activities for teaching the strategy of Main Idea. The range of activities catered for different ability groups.

  49. Mighty Movers

    This resource provided opportunities for students to practice identifying main idea and details. Very well organized. Great for stations, whole group, or small group. 🙂

  50. Joy P.

    These main idea activities were perfect for my struggling readers. I used most of them in small group, and then for independent work. Thank you!

  51. Courtney J.

    Your video and this unit was so helpful in introducing main idea and details to my students. These activities are fun and very engaging. It was also a great way to help students with a difficult concept.

  52. Matilynn M.

    I LOVE the amount of activities there are in this! My students love being able to get crafty, so I love getting to use these and give the students opportunities to have more fun while learning.

  53. Kathleen Harms

    Great resource. I liked this resource as I was having a hard time implementing this with my students. This helped them tremendously.

  54. Chloe Copley

    This is a great way to have numerous, fun different graphic organizers to give kids different ways of looking at organizing main idea. Love these

  55. Holly M.

    My students loved this resource. The graphic organizers are easy to use and follow. It gives students a hands on, fun, and engaging way to learn main idea and supporting details.

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