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Martin Luther King Jr. Lapbook

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of my favorite holidays to teach my students about because of the underlying message. This lapbook incorporates the most important lessons that need to be taught when teaching your students about Martin Luther King Jr. Once your students have completed this lapbook, they will have learned everything that they need to learn about this important national holiday.

A page explaining why this Martin Luther King, Jr. lapbook is perfect for your classroom.  A page showing images of the Martin Luther King, Jr. lapbook assembled.

What components are included?

-Martin Luther King Jr. Topper

-Front Cover

-3 Ways our World was Different Long Ago Flipbook

-3 Ways our World is Different Today Flipbook

-Words that Describe Martin Pocket & Strips

-My Dreams Flippable

-The Life of Martin Luther King Flip Flap Fact Passages: These passages are available in three different reading levels and all included in this resource. The reading levels include first grade, second grade, and third grade. The activities to go along with the rest of the lapbook can be done with the information provided in all three reading passages.

-Digital version on Google Slides or PowerPoint

Components of the Martin Luther King, Jr. lapbook. Components of the lapbook. Components of the lapbook.

What will your students need?

-manilla folders or construction paper


-colored pencils / markers / crayons



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Not for public display.

If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

75 reviews for Martin Luther King Jr. Lapbook

  1. Allyson K.

    We had SOOOO much fun making this on Tuesday! It does take a while (especially because some of my 2nd graders take awhile with cutting and coloring), so we’re taking a few days to make it. It turns out really cute and my kids are obsessed with their lapbooks!

  2. Gisel Leyva

    I am currently using this lapbook this week to talk about MLK. It is such a great resource, my students have enjoyed it.

  3. Melanie K.

    I used this for an after-school program and students were very engaged in the lessons! They loved learning about MLK and asked for a continuation on the lesson.

  4. Irene

    The students LOVED doing this project and I loved teaching it as well. We found it engaging and not too difficult to follow.

  5. Jessica G.

    This resource was exactly what I needed. It was fun and engaging and very easy to follow. Thanks for the wonderful resource!

  6. Alli B.

    This helped my students understand MLK and to use their skills in cutting, gluing, and following directions. They learned some interesting facts about MLK!

  7. Karen S.

    A terrific resource for my firsties! Engaging and relevant. Great tool for assessment and to send home as an in-class project. Parents and students alike loved this!

  8. Lisa J.

    My students loved this activity and enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King Jr. The found this to be a fun way to do a report about anything. Lapbooks have been so fun this year with my group of students.

  9. Lori A.

    My students loved using this during our Social Studies unit about American heroes. We used to record our learning in a fun way. They loved creating this activity!

  10. Nancy L.

    I’ve used this resource with my class both last year and this. It is a great, age appropriate way to teach them about Martin Luther King Jr.! This is a win!

  11. Kelly Ahern

    My students were very engaged during this lesson. I did it with them to ensure that the trifold was puttogether in the correct order. They turned out great and I hung them in the hallway. The students were very proud.

  12. Abigail B.

    This is a great writing craftivity for students to utilize when learning about Dr. King! Will use this for years to come!

  13. Kim G.

    This was such a fun activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day! There are differentiated readings, which is such a great support. The students loved making this flip book. Now that we are in Black History Month, the students are able to get their flipbooks out to refer to during other lessons and activities. Very cute flipbook!

  14. Heather C.

    This took a bit more time to put together than we had in our schedule, but in the end it was an activity that my kids remembered. We continue to refer to it as we talk about influential leaders during our black history unit.

  15. Celia C.

    I loved how many opportunities were presented with the craft for students to write informational text and use text features.

  16. Cassandra L.

    This was such a fun and informative project. My students loved it! It was so nice to learn a little bit more about my students and their dreams, a few of them had me tearing up!

  17. Krystle B.

    This was a great project for my class to learn about MLK Jr. and create something that allowed their work to be beautifully displayed around our room. I loved the differentiated reading passages, as I have varying grade levels and ability levels in my classroom with students who have mild to moderate disabilities. Students were allowed to work at their own pace and this project created the perfect small group work stations.

  18. Angela P.

    My students loved using this and putting together their lapbooks. It was perfect for all my students and their learning levels.

  19. Emily F.

    This resource really gets your kids thinking globally. While some of the passages were a little advanced for my EL and below grade-level learners, it was easy to pull those kids into a small group and read the passages to them. We broke the activities across a few days and everyone was able to finish at the same time. It provided enough challenge for my independent kids while not being too difficult for my middle learners. It was really great to see the conclusions the kids drew from the learning and it was easy for me to assess who understood the deeper meaning of the texts.

  20. Gayle L.

    I loved how there were differentiated readings so all of my kids could learn the same information, but at their reading level.

  21. Andrea N.

    My students loved this activity so much! They were engaged and participated the entire time. Now, to see if there are other lapbooks like this for February’s black history month!.

  22. Rhiannon Roper

    This was a great project for my kiddos to do to showcase their learning about MLK, Jr! They loved putting it together and getting to flip through all the parts where we recorded their learning.

  23. Laryssa S.

    I really like that this resource came with different levels of comprehension for the reading. This allowed me to differentiate and pick what was best for my students! The lap book provides another way to learn rather than just reading a story and answering questions.

  24. Jessica M.

    We used this lap book this week and they came out adorable. So much information!! One of my student told me I’m the most fun teacher…I had a little help??

  25. Jennifer M.

    I needed an engaging lesson on MLK that would last a few days and found it with this resource. I put the project together so I would have an example to use as a model with my students. It turned out great and is very simple to assemble. I can’t wait to use it in January with my students. Great resource!

  26. Caelyn

    I love how visual this is! My kids were able to understand some of the many things that Martin Luther King Jr. did. They loved assembling these books in class and at home! My virtual students were also able to follow along and get this project done. SO MUCH FUN! THANKS!

  27. Tiffany B.

    I loved this activity. My students used it through Google Docs. They were able to access it in person and remotely until it was completed. They had a great time! Tiffany

  28. Diane K.

    Great resource!!! I will use it over and over!! My students were very engaged and the activities sparked meaningful conversations about current racial issues. Excellent resource for elementary students.

  29. Hannah Wells

    My students love lapbooks and so do I! This resource was great and my students were able to learn a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr.

  30. Megan E.

    his project was time consuming for little hands, but it made learning all about Dr. MLK Jr. much more fun and memorable. My students were so interested in Dr. King’s life, and so much more than just his famous speech. This made it easy for my students to remember important facts. Many of them went home and taught their parents all about Dr. King’s life!

  31. Mary M.

    My students (and I) really enjoyed this activity. It was a fun and engaging way to really explore everything we knew about Dr. King. My students were so interested in the activity that I also bought the President’s Day one!

  32. Doretta B.

    I used this with my library classes after reading books about Dr. King. It was very adaptable as we had to work on it over a period of several weeks. Thank you!

  33. Emily L.

    My students LOVED this project! We used this when we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr in celebration of MLK Day. Each day when the students came in, they would ask when we were working on our project that day because they simply couldn’t wait. I also got many compliments from other staff members about the project when they saw it completed. Thank you for this engaging and exciting resource that I will certainly use again in the future!

  34. Sarah Darnell

    I only used parts of this as it was quite a task with my second grade class. However, it was very well thought out and would be great for a third grade class.

  35. Michaeleen G.

    Wonderful resource! My students had fun putting it together and learned a great deal about Martin Luther King, Jr. through the process of constructing the lap book.

  36. Cheryl Downey

    My students enjoyed making this and learning about MLK Jr. It is a great addition to my lesson. I used it after reading “Martin’s Big Words”

  37. Jacob S.

    This project came out great. The kids really got into it. It was was much better than pen and paper worksheets. I used color printing paper as suggested to make it pop out. Thanks

  38. Sarabeth B.

    This was perfect to introduce my son to MLK. It was super easy prep work, my 6 yo was able to do independent work once I gave him instructions. We made the lap book over a period of a few days. I tied each of the sections with a short video clip and book.

  39. Courtney J.

    This activity is wonderful! My students create it and then we always save it for our parent night and the parents are always in awe when they see how well the students have done in completing it.

  40. Sara N.

    Great resource to use as a culminating activity with my second graders-also helpful that the passage comes in different reading levels so that you all students can take part in this activity!

  41. RosaMaria

    My students LOVE lap books. I teach children learning English, this year over half my students had little to no English. This resource was perfect! We read other materials, watched videos and made lots of connections.

  42. Kristen M.

    I love using this for MLK Jr week at school! The studets are always engaged with this activity throughout the week! In the end they love what they have created and can tell you all about MLK Jr.

  43. Laura H.

    The students in my classes have made the Martin Luther King Jr. lap book for the past two years. They enjoy making it, and it can be a bit challenging for some students with the number of pages included. Most second graders in my classes can easily work through the entire project and complete it; though I do only give the students the copies of the pages they need at the time, and not all of them up front. We work on them perhaps two times per week, and it will take most of the month of January for most students to finish the lap book

  44. Lauren L.

    This resource was GREAT! My students loved working on it, and learned alot. MLK Jr is one of my favorite figures to teach about and this made it so much more fun and engaging. Thank you!

  45. Lisa Gutierrez

    My students really enjoy this. It takes the week to finish but it’s a fun way to introduce information throughout the week as students add to their lap book.

  46. Sandi R.

    My students enjoyed putting the lapbook together. They loved completing each section and learning interesting facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

  47. Holly N.

    LOVED this! I homeschool my kids and I wanted something to do with them to help organize their thoughts and what they have learned about MLK. This was perfect. They were engaged and worked on it until it was all finished. We still have them hanging on our wall today!

  48. Nichole L.

    My kiddos are very artistic and visual. They loved applying their learning here. The parents also loved it!! We showed it at a sing and parents raved! 🙂

  49. Debra C.

    The prep took a bit and next time I would add that time into planning (my fault for not realizing!). They loved creating their lapbook and each book was unique. Having differentiated readings was extremely helpful! I was able to push my higher students and yet it fully supported my struggling readers as well. Love this and look forward to many more years with it.

  50. Krishna T.

    I am so excited about using this with my students. This activity combines several of the individual type activities I’ve done before. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I love the multi-leveled texts. Thanks!

  51. Julie I.

    This is absolutely adorable. Thank you for also providing a video. I follow you on Instagram and fell in love with how colorful this is. I never feel I do MLK Jr. the justice he deserves. I am hoping to with this beautiful project this year. Thank you!

  52. Rachel S.

    Angie!! Thank you once again! I was looking for something more then just a writing, and this pulls it all together so nicely. Thank you love!

  53. Kathy R.

    I used Lucky Little Learner’s Thanksgiving lap book this year with my 2nd graders and it was a fabulous activity! So I know that the MLK Lapbook is going to be just as great!! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

  54. Frances E.

    My students had so much fun with this project! It kept their interest and kept them engaged. They really enjoyed it.

  55. Stephanie B.

    My students loved creating these lap boards this year and I can’t wait to show their work at open house!

  56. Abbie W.

    This was a great activity to do for MLK Jr day! Will definitely use it again next year!

  57. Samantha D.

    I am so excited to try this with my students. It will be really helpful.

  58. Skye B.

    My students enjoyed learning about Dr. King, we will use it again this week for Black history month.

  59. Theodore J.

    Great resource to learn and display information about Martin Luther King Jr.

  60. Chelsey H.

    Thank you for a great product. Enjoyed using this in my classroom.

  61. Kristi S.

    My students loved this resource! They were engaged the whole time and learned a lot while having fun!

  62. Alison B.

    My students loved having a place to put all of the amazing things we learned about to display!

  63. Sunshiney in Second

    My students always look forward to learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and this resource was perfect for that!

  64. Amanda F.

    Lucky Little Learners does it again! I love all of your products, and this one does not disappoint. Thank you!

  65. Vicky’s Happy Place

    This was a fun culminatiing activity for my firsties after we learned about MLK Jr. Awesome resource!

  66. Bobbie B.

    My students were very engaged as they determined what information to include in their books. I will use this again!

  67. First Grade Freckles

    This was a fantastic way to dig a little deeper exploring the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King. Thank you.

  68. Jamie S.

    My kids loved working on this project! Easy to use and a great way to compile all that we had learned about MLK!

  69. Valerie J.

    The kids love anything hands on, and this Martin Luther King lap book was very engaging and fun.

  70. Teaching and Caffeine

    My kids loved this project. It was an engaging way for them to show what they learned about Martin Luther King Jr.

  71. Kelly G.

    My third graders loved learning about MLK, Jr. and putting the lapbook together. They were so proud of their results!

  72. Courtney J.

    This resource sparked great discussions in my class and gave them lots of ideas for their writing!

  73. Janelle Foster

    This was a great engaging resource. The students were able to really dive deep into their learning.

  74. Caren C.

    Very easy to modify for my Mild to Moderate class – this was an awesome addition to my MLK unit

  75. Chanel C.

    I loved that there is a digital version of this lapbook. It was a great resource to keep my students engaged.

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