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Multiplication & Division Fluency Sticks


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Math Fact Fluency Sticks are a powerful tool for you to use in your 3rd grade or 4th grade classroom. I believe in this system because it is developmentally appropriate, research based, and meets the needs and ability levels of all the students in your classroom in a low stress and low maintenance way.

When students focus on 10 facts at a time, this sets the child up for success. They are no longer overwhelmed with a pile of flashcards to practice. The practice is highly targeted and differentiated. The weekly spiral practice of the mastered facts allow for long term mastery.

I also love that the program involves the families (although not required) and shows them their progress as well as the benchmarks that they should strive for throughout the year. Having students track their own progress not only frees up the teacher's time but also puts the students in control of their own learning. When they track and see their own progress, this is a powerful thing!

-Multiplication & Division Flashcards (with answers on the back)
-Editable Flashcards (vertical & horizontal)
-3rd and 4th Grade Fluency Benchmark Poster
-Folder Cover
-3rd and 4th Grade Parent Letters
-Program Overview for Implementation
-Multiplication & Divisioin Progress Trackers (for students)
-Avery Labels for Fluency Sticks

-ruler with 3 holes
-rings that open and close


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