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Morning Meeting Slides, Writing Prompts, and Task Cards

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Morning meeting slides are a must-have tool for every classroom who does morning meeting. These no prep discussion starters are a wonderful and easy option to display every morning for your class.

We have included 180 no prep digital slides for you to display on your board. All of our discussion slides are kid-friendly and appropriate for grades K-3.

We have also included corresponding task cards for you to print and place in a basket if you prefer this option. Also included are journal prompts to go with each morning meeting discussion slide. This allows you to take your class discussion one step further by having each student respond to the prompt in their notebooks.

Included in this resource:

  • 180 digital morning meeting slides
  • 180 morning meeting task cards
  • 180 morning meeting writing prompts

Morning Meeting is the best way to start the school day. Morning meetings set the tone for respectful learning, establish a climate of trust, motivate students to feel significant, create empathy, encourage collaboration, and support social emotional and academic learning.

55 reviews for Morning Meeting Slides, Writing Prompts, and Task Cards

  1. Leticia M.

    Love, love these morning meeting cards. They are so helpful and topics are great. Easy to leave for a substitute to use for morning meeting time.

  2. Polka Dot Prep

    I am excited to use this as part of our morning work routine this school year. As the school year begins, I will model how to the class how to turn these prompts into complete sentences (and not just simply answer the question quickly). We will also incorporate dating our pages and checking for quality handwriting.

  3. Christina W.

    My students loved seeing the Morning Slides every day. The variety of discussion questions helped maintain their interest throughout the school year.

  4. Cherie P.

    We used this at the beginning of each day. The students absolutely LOVED sharing their answers with their classmates online. It helped them feel connected and special while practicing oral language skills!

  5. Caaren M.

    This resource has so many ideas for morning writing. It is so nice to pull up the next slide to give ideas to the students.

  6. Robin M.

    This is a great resource to use for morning meetings. Displaying the slide gives the class something to discuss first thing in the morning.

  7. Tish P.

    My favorite part of this resource is the strips to glue into journals. Parents were able to see what students were to write about.

  8. Keli C.

    I love using the questions as a way to take a quick roll. As students enter the classroom they answer the questions and then we discuss them during morning meeting.

  9. Michelle P.

    A great resource to initiate interest in a topic for journal writing. Easy to use and great topics to inspire discussion and expressive writing.

  10. Chris O.

    I was looking for a resource to add to my students’ writing journals. This is just what I was looking for. I love that there is a slide to display to go with the prompt each day.

  11. Connie B.

    Every morning I have a new slide up for the students to think about and share during morning meeting time. We have all learned so much about each other using these.

  12. Deana C.

    The students LOVE it each morning when I pull a card from the basket. They love to hear today’s question and love to share their answers!

  13. Carol E.

    I use this resource in a couple ways. morning meeting and campfire circle. When we have morning meeting, I choose a few students to respond to the question I have pulled up. When I do campfire circle, it is at the end of the day and students get in a circle and all students share what the slide asks.

  14. Mary U.

    I have used this product remotely and in person. It is the best resource I have found for building community and student voice.

  15. Jenny L.

    Loved this resource. It made picking a morning questions easy. I also used the cards in a quiz, quiz trade. Students really liked answering questions and learning more about their classmates.

  16. Erika E S.

    This is just what I was looking for to incorporate into morning meeting. Thank you so much! Could I make a suggestion?…it might be helpful to have a table of contents containing the questions and the slide number to make it easy to find one without scrolling through all of them.

  17. Marigayden B.

    This was a life saver for my morning meetings! The questions were great and the kids were always eager to see what the question of the day was.

  18. David E.

    Great addition to our morning meeting! I always try and come up with prompts on the spot but this makes my life so much easier!

  19. Timothy Price

    Love this resource as our morning start routine. Students think about the prompt and then record a FlipGrid answering the prompt. Has been a lifesaver allowing me the opportunity to take roll, lunch count, check communication folders and check in with students as needed.

  20. Melanie Aromola

    This was perfect for my morning meeting as well as for a writing assignment. The students enjoyed the different questions.

  21. Nicole T.

    We eat breakfast each morning in the classroom. I like putting these up on the board as conversation starters for my students. It gets our minds thinking for the day.

  22. Casey S.

    I love these morning meeting questions for so many reasons! And WOW!!!! There are so many to choose from! I printed these off and laminated them. We do a ‘Quiz Quiz Trade’ once a week and I think I’ll have enough cards for the whole year! They are great, age appropriate questions that the kids really get into! I love hearing them discuss their answers! Creating a class community! Wonderful resource!

  23. Michele B.

    I am soooooooo happy that I purchased this. I now have a LARGE GX Board and this is so engaging for the kids. A great discussion and also I plan on using it as a writing prompt tool.

  24. Diane F.

    I have started posting one of these on the board as an entry task – they respond with a sticky note for now and we get started with our day. Yesterday afternoon, I pulled the chart that we had (with the sticky note responses) and discussed each response. It was a perfect use of the last 20 minutes of class. Eventually, I’d like to follow this discussion with a writing task. After we’ve talked and connected through this, they’ll have much more vocabulary and experiences to write about. These are a great idea!

  25. Eager to Learn

    I use this resource as a tool for daily writing topics. It is a way to have students complete daily quick writes and write about something fun.

  26. Lezley H.

    My students loved having dedicated time to talk, which helped them focus later! It was also great for those students who struggle with knowing what to share or who are more shy or newer to the group.

  27. Lauren Burke

    I use this for morning meeting with my class. They each feel the importance of having their voice heard as they answer the daily questions.

  28. Miss Cassie Gordon

    I always struggled coming up with morning meeting discussion topics, so this has saved my life! I love how some are silly and some are more serious so we can really bond as a class.

  29. Isela V.

    Very engaging and helpful with morning work. I was looking for something to start conversations and use as ice breakers in the morning because my group is so shy. Definitely helped and would recommend!

  30. GoldenBeads

    I appreciate the ease of having all the sharing topics I could want set up nicely and gathered in one place.
    I also appreciate the different formats which gives me versatility.


  31. Lona K.

    We love using this resource during our morning meetings in first grade. It is easy to use and age-appropriate. My students enjoy incorporating it into our classroom meetings! Thank you!

  32. Luminous Little Learners

    This was a good resource to help my add questions to my morning meeting without having to constantly brainstorm new ideas.

  33. Christine W.

    I used this both virtually and in class. Love the variety of thought provoking questions. Nice and simple layout. Thank you!

  34. A Moon View Classroom

    This was so helpful to get our day started! I had been making up questions every day but that changed after getting this product. It was a lifesaver, especially when I got so busy that I forgot to think of a question to ask that day.

  35. Susan B.

    I did this with my students during morning meeting both distance learning and in the classroom. My students really loved them. I loved the diversity and the bright colors. It was always fun to see what would come up next…. Thanks!

  36. Rebecca C.

    This is a perfect way to begin our morning meetings! It gets the kids talking and practicing those communication skills in a fun way!

  37. Josephine M.

    So many prompts! Very easy to use and a great way to start our day. Some prompts I skipped but overall we loved using this.

  38. April D.

    These were helpful discussion pieces for my students online and during summer school! They were fun and opened up the language opportunities for my students working on perfecting their English skills.

  39. Kaileigh B.

    This is such a great way to start the day with students! The discussions get them thinking and they are excited for the day.

  40. Dee-Ann P.

    Morning meetings are the best start to our day. In fact we have a morning meeting and then an afternoon meeting to start the afternoon and these prompts are through provoking and establish community.

  41. Kyla D.

    I loved using this resource to help me with the “Share” part of morning meeting. It engages students, allows them to share their thoughts and feelings and helps create our classroom community. 5 stars!

  42. Susan C.

    I used these slides when working in small groups with my 3rd and 4th graders. Very engaging and a great way for them to learn about their peers.

  43. Miss Green’s Designs

    This has been a life saver this year. I post a question every morning for my students morning work. They love the questions and it’s honestly been one of my most used TPT purchases of the year!!

  44. Sheila S.

    We use these every day during our morning meeting. They are a wonderful way to wake up our brains and get to know each other a little bit better. I love that all I have to do is pull it up on my screen!

  45. Jennifer K.

    I use this each day as journal writing prompts. We spend 5-10 minutes writing our answers and then have a turn and talk time to share with a neighbor. It works perfectly to squeeze in during a transition time.

  46. Danielle G.

    I was running out of ideas for what to discuss with my students in the morning, and this is a great resource to give me some fresh ones! Thank you!

  47. Brittany M.

    I use this in my small group centers to start their writing process. Changing the prompt Kees them on their toes and engaged.

  48. Taylor H.

    I used these as free-write prompts for my students! They found the topics really engaging and I’m excited to continue using this throughout the rest of the year!

  49. K-2 Crew

    I LOVE using this resource as a way to kick off my day with my students. It has been a fantastic constant within such a crazy and ever changing year. They look forward to a new question each day and I love seeing how some of the questions really get them to dig deep and think harder than just surface level questioning.

  50. Lori R.

    I love the ready-to-go journal prompts. Having these ready to go make it easy to add in some extra writing time anytime we have a few extra minutes in class.

  51. Susan Eden

    This resource as added to my writing. Several times a week, first thing in the morning, I share on my screen a writing prompt (there are 180) and have my students respond in about 5 minutes. We share out (5 each day). I love the variety of the prompts. I include several each week in Seesaw so my students have writing choices for their daily independent work.

  52. Classroom Decor Superstore

    I was struggling with my morning meeting time and making it meaningful. I bought this resource after a co worker showed it to me. I love it, and use is everyday. There are silly questions and ones that really start meaningful conversations in my classroom.

  53. Susan Wagner

    This is a great resource to use during morning meeting. I have it on my screen and the students will sometimes do a quick journal write, or start a discussion.

  54. Renee J.

    My students are really enjoying the Morning Meeting Slides. I project one on the screen each morning and we use it for a quick journal write and then we share our writing. It’s been a great way to help the students get comfortable with each other!

  55. Melissa B.

    My students can’t wait to see what the next question of the day is during our morning meeting! Thanks for creating such a fun and engaging resource!

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