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November Math Centers & Activities for 1st Grade

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    1st Grade Math Centers Bundle

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November Math Centers and Activities for 1st grade are perfect for the fall season. These math centers will be the perfect resource to keep your students learning and diving deep with their math skills through the entire season.

This resource is part of a year-long math centers unit. Save $$$$$ and check out the bundle by clicking here: DISCOUNTED 1ST GRADE CENTERS BUNDLE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!

There are 10 math centers that are aligned with the 1st grade standards. Each center comes in full color and black and white to meet your printing needs. Each center also comes with a direction sign, recording sheet, and answer key.

-Ordinal Numbers Puzzles (1st through 10th)
-Basic Addition Build a Turkey
-Basic Subtraction Serve It Up
-Skip Counting by 5's Yummy Numbers
-Telling Time Pumpkin Matching (time to the hour)
-Fact Families Welcome Home
-Shape Identification Spin & Cover (2D and 3D shapes)
-Balanced Equations Balancing Act
-Adding 3 Numbers Roll and Add
-Count and Compare Fall Values


28 reviews for November Math Centers & Activities for 1st Grade

  1. Leanda Key

    I have loved the monthly centers. I plan on buying the bundle set. My students are very engaged during center time with these activities.

  2. Marisa P.

    This is a wonderful resource for 1st grade. I am no longer using it only because I have moved grade levels, but it is great for both in person and distance learning. I used this primarily with my 1st graders via distance learning and they loved it.

  3. Mechelle Champion

    This was excellent addition practice for my students. They loved working the problems and matching them to the correct turkeys.

  4. Lindsay W.

    This resource ROCKS! This is the 2nd year I’ve used these turkeys. The kids love it because they can make it all their own. Thanks a million!

  5. Jenelle B.

    This is a great, fun themed resource for students to practice math concepts! I love the November themed activities and my students enjoyed them too!

  6. Anne C.

    These centers are an excellent resource and my students love them. They have helped make virtual learning challenging and fun for my little scholars. I can’t thank you enough for helping out teachers who are themselves learning best practices for teaching in an entirely different medium. This has been a life-saver!

  7. Mackenzie C.

    LOVE how there are activities for my F2F students to use (paper copies) and then the same activities for my students learning at home! Thank you for creating!

  8. Susanne S.

    My students loved using this resource! The worked on each activity in small groups and rotated in 20 minute intervals. Thank you for creating this resource.

  9. Diverse Little Learners

    These are great centers, my students really loved them and the November theme kept them engaged! Thank you!

  10. Cold Mountain Education Supplies

    It was a great way to introduce small/groups and centers.

  11. Mayra B.

    It was the perfect activity to review before their chapter test! The students were so engaged!

  12. Danielle Swanson

    These were a great addition to our Math Centers this month!

  13. Tashmyia A.

    This is a great resource thank you for creating it.

  14. Hakuna Matata

    I love a good themed math station, but I also love that several of these could be used any time of year.

  15. Diana C.

    Engaging addition practice for the month of November. Students enjoyed matching feathers to turkeys. Thank you!

  16. Teresa C.

    This resource was awesome! My students love working with it!

  17. Rachel H.

    Great resource to add to my teaching toolbox. Thanks so much

  18. Amber W.

    My students enjoy the second grade math centers but I wanted some for my approaching students and these are perfect.

  19. Emily R.

    My students love doing these activities during centers. I love doing them because they are easy to prep.

  20. Emily R.

    My students love doing these activities during centers. I love doing them because they are easy to prep.

  21. Jana P.

    I have loved everything I’ve purchased from you! Thank you for all your work!

  22. Keeping 1st Things First

    My students love these themed math activities. They are great for practicing necessary skills for 1st grade!

  23. Cathy H.

    I absolutely love this product. A great resource to use in the classroom. Students were very engaged.

  24. Kelsi R.

    Super helpful for students to do on their own or during small group during distance.

  25. Jasmine K.

    These were helpful during remote learning.

  26. Mint to Teach

    Great resource for my small groups! Thank you!

  27. Erin F.

    My students had lots of fun with this! Thanks!

  28. Megan Mitchell

    The students love these centers! Easy to make and use!

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